me356: Reactor parameters [part 2]

  • May I suggest that discussion of the positives and negatives of the release of LENR information be moved to a different thread and this thread be allowed to concentrate on the technical aspects of @me356 reactors. The technical questions are being drowned out by all of the political, ideological, and psychological chatter. I would like to repeat two questions that got lost:

    My understanding from your postings is that you've become quite skilled at teaching the Ni to "breath" by getting it to absorb Hydrogen quickly through repeated loading and unloading cycles. Is this all that is required to get the mouse started or is there some other critical step (em stimulation for instance)?

    @me356 : Are you still using IGBTs to feed the heater wires ? If yes, is there a specific reason to use IGBT instead of MOSFET ?

    Are you able to provide any answers on these questions?

    Thank you

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    I can even predict that In France there will be a clear demand for that, as there is against Uber, UberPop,AirBnb.

    But people will be upsets and the politicians, even if supported by all elites=economicRent=media will be fired by people.
    If they manage to block the democracy as they try everyday, people will emigrate to richer countries where LENR is legal.

  • Regarding Parkhomov, I could be wrong about this but believe there are presently two distracting problems:
    1. He made up data to bridge the DA gap outs - that was a mistake.
    2. He has not been able to successfully demonstrate a replication XP run that works for any witnesses.

    I understand that he has submitted an updated paper that has new information which is under review. It is also my understanding that the new information is useful and encouraging. We'll see when that comes out.

    Regarding me356 - Pulling for you mate! Please stay safe and true to your cause.
    - Dewey

  • Hank, I fully understand your frustration but honestly I don't think that the way you extort Me356 to release his receipe is going to lead us anywhere. If he wants Bob to double-check his results and possibly prepare a release in a concerted effort with the MFMP - after they have successfully replicated his reactor at least once and sorted out possible safety issues that would be an excellent way to roll-out this information well worth waiting another two or three weeks. I just wish that he would be more explicit about this.

    @Me: Do you plan to give the recipe to the MFMP for replication before publishing it? If not, I see little reason to further withhold your information other than ulterior motives. Your statements in that regard seem somewhat contradictory to me, which worries me a little. As far as your political concerns go - each and every technology ever invented has the potential to be used for warfare and other bad things and probably has been used in that way. Given the current situation, where very real wars (not patent wars) are fought over fossile fuels and the ever-increasing greenhouse gas emissions may result in unforeseen catastrophes, hitting the poorest peoples the hardest, there couldn't possibly be a higher benefit/risk-ratio for humanity from any technology than that LENR+ offers right now. It is my conviction that every year, month, even day crucial information about this technology enabling its widespread adaption is unduely withhold from the public will ultimately cause much more harm and suffering than the transient disruption and instabilites during its introduction. So please don't be too fixated on the divider here while forgetting about the denominator.

  • Hank,

    While I share some of your frustrations I do not think that bullying Me356 to disclose his process is a constructive strategy.
    There is a tunnel vision around the so called Rossi effect "witch as far as I know is not synonymous with high output lenr". all I know is that he is the only one claiming kilowatt output but he is not doing a better job than Me356 disclosing or prooving anything I don't think Me356 is replicating the ecat.
    And I think any motivated replicator have enough material on the thread from hints to make up their mind on Me356 work.

    For Me356 if your fear to publish your results is that someone will misuse it, hurt themselves or someone else than I am afraid that is too late no matter what you will publish it will be misused, transformed do not underestimate human capacity for destruction .
    It will be hard for anyone to control this technology if what you have is real.
    If you are trying to make a return on your investment let me tell you that the patent path is a dead end. a proof of concept is all it will take for you to see products in months that will make yours look like an antiquity.
    Your idea on selling kits is a good one but you will not succeed alone without a community around you not customers . Rossi is in this trap and believe me he will be forgotten very soon because the race is on. Your best chance for success is to tap in the best resources you have available here and those that your results will attract you will stay relevant and your work will be rewarded beyond your imagination no matter what are your motivations . Perhaps you will have better ideas than those you have for a safe product.
    I work in advance AGI far more dangerous than anything lenr can be but believe me everything is published.

  • I understand that the topic of this forum is not human behaviour so if the moderator retain to delete this comment is fine. New Wars? Wow. Those are seriously the concerns that you think about while considering the possibilty of share informations?…

    I share his concern. I consulted others about it. The answer I got back was that kitchen knives are dangerous, so too are guns, so too are LOTS of other modern inventions, including nuclear weapons. However, an even bigger danger is CLIMATE CHANGE because of the ever-increasing CO2 concentration in the earth's atmosphere. It has risen from ~330 ppm when I was at school to ~400 ppm now, and the rate of increase is accelerating, not stabilizing.

    We, the human race, MUST therefore employ LENR (instead of burning so much coal & gas) but do it in secure, carefully controlled locations, e.g. power stations.
    LENR technology is already here - some of it has already been patented. EPO is satisfied proof of principle exists, although not yet fully disclosed. We must learn to live with it and use it to generate the electricity needed for our modern style of life in a far more environmentally friendly manner.

  • /* Interesting observation today - To start the secondary reaction (Cat), Lithium should be in contact with Nickel or in "a direct visibility". If there is some material, that will block products of the Mouse process, it will not work or it can be significantly throttled. */

    There exists theoretical explanation for it - what reacts there is a thin surface layer of condensed Lithium, which is oriented by surface tension forces.

  • The down side of MP revealing all is that the info becomes open source. Anybody can use that insight at no cost. Companies will not find it in their interest to lay out 100 million for IP. When info becomes open source, we are at the tender mercies of orthodox science and the politics therein. It is possible that science will suppress cold fusion.

    On the other hand, if LENR knowhow is closely held, governments will classify it so that it becomes a central part of weapons systems. There is a chance that somebody can come up with a blocking patent that stops commercial cold fusion in its tracks.

    This choice is not an easy one for MP356 and others to make. There are pluses and minuses on both sides.

    I have a feeling that the release of a commercial product will be the correct and fastest way to get LENR out there into the world. It might not be in LENR’s interest to step on Rossi’s patent collection.

    On the other hand, a prolonged battle over patent rights that lasts for decades will not be any good to futher the progress of LENR either. Maybe free release of LENR knowhow following open source might avoid this disaster. Yes, shaping the future is uncertain work.

  • Hank
    Why don't you try to make your metals breath " load and unload" hydrogen and face them to stimulate each other.
    You can use another temporary radiation source as a trigger.
    I would suggest using a catalyst and electrolyte as a separator like a fuel cell for more efficiency and avoid heat requirement for ionization.
    Can be easily placed in a home made cloud chamber.

    I guess line of sight is not suggesting anything brutal coming out of the mouse.

    AL this pressure, temperature, LiAlH4 other hydrogen source details are in my opinion nothing but helpers for the breathing process this where the process is happening .

  • Me365 made perfectly clear how and when he is going to publish his results. If you dont like it I bet you can put users on an ignore list somewhere in the forum settings. This thread should be about the technical aspects of his reactors, where he posts the observations he wants to share and we can discuss them.

    I totally understand the arguments why he is going to proceed with publications like he said. If I were him I would delay the publication even longer until at least one replicator has achieved similar results with equipment/chemicals from another supplier to be absolutly sure that the recipe is bullet proof. More failed replications can also act as additional nails in the coffin for LENR. In my eyes sharing a bullet proof reactor design with a minimalistic pretreatment of the fuel is the best way to push LENR. The risk for damaging the open replication community by sharing information that perhaps won´t work is way too high.

    Regarding the fast iterations Me365 seems to be doing (which is pretty impressive) on his reactor designs I´m confident to hear from him and from MFMP replicating him in the course of this year. And that would be quite awsome if you compare it to the progress full time researchers have achieved in the past.

    So please relax and enjoy the progress updates from Me365 (if he is ever looking into this forum again).

  • Hank, I wouldn't want to see you leave this forum and thread you have a lot to give us, please give it a little time if you can, I think much more will become clear hopefully in days or weeks rather than months and years, which is amazing given where we were before. Me356 results are already a huge relief after recent news we had last months. He seems to be working his socks off. I think it will come through.

    I liked your initiative with trying to summarize the recepie and ask for replicators to review and add to it. It's a good idea for a thread and also to add a questions to replicators thread to ask questions like the ones you asked above. Perhaps they can answer there or suggest ideas to try and resolve issues others are having and also highlight dangers and safety and lessons learnt.

    I hope MFMP can replicate and verify one of Me356 simpler tests someday.

  • @Hank Mills
    Teasing and taunting is perhaps not unlike posting pages of "useful" suggestions that were gleaned and jumbled together from many sources and may or may not have actually worked in the first place, or be relevant to any single system.
    Or threatening to delete all your posts and leave if your demands are not satisfied.

    What purpose do you intend to put any recipe me356 may post at some point? Post pages of more stuff, write a book?

    There seems to be a lot of the "Royal We" in "we should do this" or "we should do that".
    When what seems to be meant is "everybody else should do this for me while I sit at my desk".
    Talk minus action = zero.

    Maybe not everyone should or can do physical experiments. Fine. Then just wait until the info is given out by those that can and do.
    Lead, follow, or get the ____ out of the way.

  • Hank Mills: Please read my posts again. I have clearly written I will publish the results and required data for replication. Very probably more than you wish. But it will be just not immediately. Nothing more.

    If you can't wait, please do not read my posts until you will see such announcement. I understand very well that waiting is pain. But with hurry you will not win too much.
    Exactly I dont want that such recipe is in hands of people that are in hurry - they want immediately great results.

    I can say, that with known Parkhomov-like design it is more complicated to make it work. So even that I will publish how to make it work, you will need few additional equipments (to make it work on will). Or you have to meet very critical conditions that is really hard to achieve (for example with Parkhomov reactor).
    Unfortunately even that you will get reactor that is working (e.g. for me or other replicator), you might be unable to start it. (This is very curious for LENR). Just one thing can be different and it will not absolutely work. On the other hand, one who know how this thing is working, can start it with a hammer.

    I have mentioned some reasons why it is not good to share the details. But this does not absolutely mean it will not happen.

    My time is very expensive and each minute I can work is extremely valuable for me. So I want to make sure that my effort will be not throwed away.
    Also I am putting a big respect to these people that are working really patiently, no matter what is happening. This include MFMP, Andrea Rossi and few other scientists I know.
    But special thanks belongs to my friend Andrew that is working hard even that social circumstances are not good at all.

    Regarding the question about IGBT: Yes, I still use IGBTs but also MOSFETs (depending on the operation). I also use triac boards. But this is not necessity. In LENR you can replace one thing with another relatively easily. This makes it very good because you are not limited with a certain materials and techniques.

  • Hank Mills: To make it work, you will need Lithium in vicinity or in a direct contact with Nickel. If LiAlH4 is used only for supplying hydrogen, you can use whatever else, but the reaction will be just Ni-H. Yes, removing aluminium will make the reaction stronger.