me356: Reactor parameters [part 2]

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    We don't know what me356 is on.

    Maybe he really has what he says, and is now trying to verify it to be 99,99% sure he had no measurement issues.
    According to some members here, Rossi better should have done this as well.

    And even if me356 should have fooled us, we lost nothing except some hope and time. There happen worse things on this planet each second.

  • /* I'm shocked that so many people on this forum don't care if they are teased and taunted. I think part of the reason is that they don't seriously desire replication to happen. They are here for entertainment. */

    This is exactly my opinion as well. Modern people are douches, they're just visiting these forums like another TV shows and their mindset just demonstrates it. It's me356's full right to escape from this forum at his very best - but why we should apologize him for such a behavior? But I wouldn't ask me356 for anything: if he wants to return with some sensible information, he will be welcomed here in the same way, like every other poster with no history. Maybe he mastered the LiAlH4 technology, maybe not - so far his mastership didn't help anyone here.

    /*even if me356 should have fooled us, we lost nothing except some hope and time */

    It may be enough for people who value their time and feelings. The douches who are only wasting their time here can still feel satisfied with it, though...

  • Mabee the man found out what he had and got him tied up in that old cabin Hank was talking about. Must of got ahold of mfmp too kind of quiet there, also ecat news has not had much news, wow a giant conspiracy. Would be cool if he just let the people that follow him so much and kind of look up to him know he was ok. just pics would make me happy I like the stuff he builds it always looks like something you can buy at a store very nice work! I don't even care if it works anymore

  • /* Why do you still feel bothered by him? */

    Because he feels upset with him, this is not so difficult to understand. On the other hand I can also understand the attitude of me356, despite I don't appreciate it. The pathoskeptical deniers aren't the only enemy of the cold fusion, the second most significant one is the greediness of people involved. Once they get just one step ahead, they will embargo all useful information until someone else will not advance them and so on...

  • Progress with my reactors is on the good way. Now it is not that easy to melt it and even if it happen, the outer shell will survive.

    I have also found new directions where to go. Observed phenomenons are so strange that I can't understand, how something like this is possible.
    Well, I understand it now, but with logical thinking it is not easy. Similar as that you can park submarine in a matchbox.

    So I am very amazed. Some things related with LENR are looking like a cheating in physics.

    Also I can observe transmutations even by optical analysis now. So I will send some fuel for lab analysis, although I am perfectly sure what it is.

  • Even though it is very interesting to us all, please read my post a few minutes ago, before disclosing too much.... Dear Me356.

    The best to you and best of luck and good fortune to you. Our biosphere AND our civilization may yet survive.

  • Rossi now believes that light and photonics is where the solution to LENR lies since he is amazed by the blue light that his reactor produces.

    Can you look at the spectrum of light that your reactor is producing and look at the emission lines. I am interested if the light is coherent(like a laser) being a single sharp emission line in the blue or green part of the spectrum and if that line demonstrates Mollow triplets

    If such a emission line is found, it will indicated that the SPP is the main actor in the LENR cause.

  • Transmutation chemical elements easily determined optically.
    This is nothing surprising.
    I have for many years on experiments LENR observe the effect.
    If you are using an electric discharge, it is always going transmutation of chemical elements at the interface "solid-gas" on a solid surface.
    A prerequisite transmutation between gas and solid material is the existence of chemical bonding, but an electric field is not limited to the process chemistry and transmutation occurs.

    If there is interest, here is my article.

    E.N. Maksimov, Khristianovich’s Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics SB RAS, Novosibirsk, Russia
    " The article discusses aspects of the influence of heterogeneous chemical reactions occurring in the "active sites" of electrode surface in the "solid - gas" phase and impact on transmutation of the electrode material in the low-energy nuclear reaction (LENR). An hypothetical mechanism of a new class of interatomic interaction, nuclear - chemical reactions (NCR), the result of which is a synthesis of "new" chemical elements."

  • I can't tell the details, although I would like to share my excitement.

    In some experiments, with a certain materials and in a certain conditions, one can establish a transfer channel. It can be considered as "a black hole".
    This mean, that in just few miliseconds even 1L of hydrogen can just "disappear" and is irreversibly transformed to other kind of energy (including neutron radiation).
    We can completely exclude lithium or similar compounds that can create a hydrides.

    This behavior can be performed repeatedly, if correct conditions are set.

    Enormous COP can be achieved (100 and more).

  • me356,
    you are right to be careful although the details will eventually be discovered. What you have described could easily be converted into a diy thermonuclear weapon. Gunpowder was the last discovery that I can think of that created such a dramatic shift of destructive power from nation-states to individuals