To discus the 'science' behind the dispute between Rossi and Industrial Heat

  • Good one Shane D - crash in turn two - you may be out of the race. Why don't you engage GW and see what you can learn?

    We know the main "customer" personnel. They all get to visit with the judge soon. Big fake everything that was rep'd and warranted by Rossi and Johnson. I wonder what happens to a lawyer's bar license when he signs a fake agreement like that then guarantees it?

  • I am so interested in finding out about the "customer". Every time a question is asked about the "customer", Rossi-supporters have to rely on elaborate excuses as pseudo-answers and of course when questioned about the ridiculous level of secrecy, they always turn to the old standby excuse that the "customer" required privacy. The "customer" never would have had a notion there would at some point be a lawsuit and reason to stay so secret. I can't wait to see the absurd story the Rossi legal team will have to concoct to explain the fake customer.

  • I'm following this with great interest. It's fun because I have some technical background and can follow some of the technical discussions. But the main reason I follow
    this is due to my fear of an environmental breakdown. I think that we do need to try explore the cold fusion indications and spend much more on trying the impossible.
    than we do today. Why should we be fools to believe in the impossible you may ask? Well I can read equations like no one else and QM seams to be a temporarily theory
    which models the world quite nicely but in an overly complex way with some really strange features. There is room for miracles. My hypothesis is that Randell Mills is on
    to something. I can't follow him when he change reference systems, but not all calculations needs that trick and you can get the ionization energies of one electron ions to
    3 digits accuracy without the trick. Knowing this and that I really like the modelling approach, that is to base everything on electromagnetism and have an explicit explanation
    what spin is, I have some hopes that we will get a lot of knew knowledge in the next decades and perhaps help solve out environmental problems. What I note though is that
    the whole science system is stuck and maintained in a very conservative way and science is not moving as fast as I would like it to be in order to address my fear. To move
    fast you need free thinkers and tinkerers, some will be insane and some will use the system in not intended ways, but history tells us that some will actually bring revolutions
    to our way of thinking. It's time to get out of maintenance mode of science and let creativity loose and stop being afraid of our reputation and what our peers thinks.
    Professionally today I'm programming both at day work and also on some open source projects, a doer you may say but in logic and not science. I have no fear of my reputation
    and feel very free to think what I like and speak what I like, more people should enjoy that. I read in the posts here that IH, Rossis partner was not allowed to see the customer setup,
    that's crazy. I also read what IH have spoken in public and of cause I'm sympathetic to what they are promoting. And I do understand that one that is close to them can get into
    a quite vigalantic mode and start spinning here and elsewhere to speak for their sake. It is understandable.

  • I just had a thought... what if IH wanted a license for the ecat in certain areas not to actually sell ecats but to exclude all sales in the area they control. Then when Rossi wasnt looking buy up all the other LENR companies, use Rossi IP but not pay royalties for LENR products. They get the IP and say the new EDog power system was independently developed from Rossi IP. They get the secret, they can keep Rossi from competing due to license....sound likely?

  • I'm following this with great interest. It's fun because I have some technical background and can follow some of the technical discussions.

    Stefan, unfortunately all we can do at this point is wait for someone to succeed in finding a combination that not only proves LENR theory but shows it to be viable. Rossi has proven absolutely nothing to me personally in this area. Rossi, while preparing for litigation has already moved from the E-Cat to the QuarkX, yet we are still to see any proof of operation. I lost faith in Rossi quite a while back due to his inconsistencies, secrecy and failed promises, but I honestly do accept people who do not want to give up the Rossi fight in possibly the 11th hour. What I do not accept is the outlandish excuses for every point that skeptics present that puts Rossi in a bad light or shows possible misdoings on his part. There are a couple videos floating around that show some pretty obvious shenanigans during one of Rossi's demonstrations I call the "Magic Steam Video" lol. It is a pretty ridiculous video to an intelligent mind...I see right through Rossi's tricks.

  • Alan - the only last words we've heard lately appear to be from the "customer" who is suddenly nowhere to be found. Rossi and his attorney guaranteed that JM Products was an independent entity with a real heat requirement. They don't call...they don't…

    Well, IH obviously met the customer at the plant and received payments during the test. So I suspect this is only spin. IH knows the customer and IH knows the customer got the heat they were asking. However this does not fit in to the current IH agenda where a negative MW is desperately needed. All this is obvious.

    BTW. Everyone seems to forget that the customer was not part of the license agreement incl 2nd amendment. It was only a bonus. Everything needed was the ERV. And IH also had paid engineers on site during the whole test. IH only made very vague statements on not receiving IP before the complaint materialized. Then suddenly it all went ballistic for them. Meditate on that for a while Mr. Weaver.

  • stephenrenz,

    Yeah, that is what I mean. There has been a trend since many years to remove the control of what can be researched on from the academic person
    to controlled institutes, the main official reason is of cause to improve the yield of the research money. I realized when I took my phd that there is
    no future in that environment for someone like me who likes to explore many things and not know what the result would be at the start of the journey.
    I like to ponder frantically at everything. But would I get a grant doing that - no it had to be a strong purpose e.g. this improves the understanding of
    radio communication etc. E.g. it had to be an obvious yield - did the research I see improve the yield. No not what I saw, it basically restricted the
    outcome too much and was too stringent to allow creative results of higher level. Also I often seen people spit on CF research stating the poor methods that's
    been used cause I like to read what the strong critics say. And my analysis is of cause that this guy get's what's his paying for, and that he uses that fact
    as an argument in his case - is, well, stupid.

    At the start of IH entering this affair there was some hope that there was something in Rossis claims - they should have known if it worked by doing proper
    due diligence from the beginning. But after the Lugano I thought that other paths needs to be taken.

    Yeah it's a bit pity you can't have 100:s of good laboratories around the world poundering for the unknown and need to wait for a some technical entities working in
    this on a shoe string. There are a few entities that stand out though in this regard and that's Mills BrLP and Brillouin, they have good equipment and skills
    - there we have a nice duality, either a massive scam involving many people or a real miracle.

  • Sifferkoll - from where do obtain your "facts"? Rossi and his attorney flew to Raleigh claiming to represent a real British company that needed real heat. They did not pass the smell test in Raleigh and, as a result of that meeting, IH made an extra special contract for both Rossi and Johnson to sign. They signed it then had the unmitigated audacity to follow through and establish a fake "customer" operation behind a half wall in Miami. The evidence against them is devastating. Govt agencies witnessed the "customer"'s radiator and Rossi / his attorney will have some explaining to do in front of the judge very soon. The ruse is over. Rossi is fleeing to Sweden. He will be held accountable no matter where he ends up.

  • Dewey,

    Swedish radio have done a quite serious stunt on Rossi. I didn't like it because they equalized all Cold Fusion results
    with trying to develop a perpetum mobile - and equate rossi with the whole field. In all it was a bit like the people of the
    street should decide what an academic should work on. Anyway I'm sure he would get a warm welcome by some
    investigating journalists. I think it would be a good idea to try getting them being more balanced in their judgements and
    don't equate everybody in the field with charlatans.