Vikebladet Vestposten: Frå segl til kald fusjon

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    A new article in a norwegian newspaper.…-kald-fusjon-12702999.ece

    Frå segl til kald fusjon

    Tilgangen på energi er i all praktisk forstand uavgrensa, kommenterer Ivar Mork

    Ein ofte repetert, tabloid påstand er at verda går med sjumilssteg mot ei energikrise som kan føre til samanbrot av det teknologidrivne samfunnet.

    I don't know if the journal is respected.
    It makes a review of Cold Fusion fiasco, then ask question about what is happening now, citing the work of Leif Holmild

  • AlainCo,

    Executive summary:
    The article is reasonably balanced. A short review of different energy sources and Holmid's ultra dense deuterium. The Norwegian scientist Sindre Zeiner-Gundersen (never heard of) has built a fusion reactor on Holmlid's ideas. He claims to get out so much energy that it can only be cold fusion.
    And yes, Fleischmann and Pons announcement to the press was called the biggest scandal of the century!
    That is probably a bit exaggerated.
    (Norwegian is rather similar to Swedish)