U.S. House Armed Services Committee Calls for New Report on LENR in FY2017 National Defense Authorization Act

  • Potentially exciting news from the US with Congress's Armed Services Committee requesting a new Report on the growing activities in LENR R&D in its FY2017 National Defense Authorization Act.


    The committee is aware of recent positive developments in developing low-energy nuclear reactions (LENR), which produce ultra- clean, low-cost renewable energy that have strong national security implications. For example, according to the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), if LENR works it will be a ‘‘disruptive technology that could revolutionize energy production and storage.’’ The committee is also aware of the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency’s (DARPA) findings that other countries including China and India are moving forward with LENR programs of their own and that Japan has actually created its own investment fund to promote such technology. DIA has also assessed that Japan and Italy are leaders in the field and that Russia, China, Israel, and India are now devoting significant resources to LENR development. To better understand the national security implications of these de- velopments, the committee directs the Secretary of Defense to provide a briefing on the military utility of recent U.S. industrial base LENR advancements to the House Committee on Armed Services by September 22, 2016. This briefing should examine the current state of research in the United States, how that compares to work being done internationally, and an assessment of the type of military applications where this technology could potentially be useful.

    The details and full language is up on the House Committee's website (see p.87/123)

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  • What spurred them on? The competition of India and China and Russia for LENR would be my guess. Fear and greed, coming to the fore once again. It's not many of the Reps who like this study, it's the lobbyist interest in something more to develop, exploit, and profit from, at taxpayer expense. What could be more attractive. Still the very fact that more awareness of LENR is surfacing, is the most encouraging news!

  • Politician are easily fooled, but there there is an assymmetry.
    there is a clear preference to consensus, to "cold fusion is not real", which is a safe harbour position.

    that someone in public support cold fusion, requires a huge risk taken.

    In fact here it seems to be DIA who push some tech watch effort, and recently DIA, like French intelligence, gone ballistic against the politicians because they ignored reality, ignored DIA reports, asked report to be deformed, leading to massive civilian, US, and economic loses in Ukraine, Syria, Libya...

  • Dear David Nygren and Colleagues,

    thanks for sending the document and allowing comments on such (important) information.

    * It is, apparently, quite strange that the Army People are more open-minded than the usual, routine-workers, Scientist.
    According to my own experience, the same situation appened in Italy about LENR and/or other kinds of "explorative/innovative" researches.

    We have to accept the evidences.

    * I just recall one scientific fact, quite recent (<20 years old), from Astrophysical studies.
    The "Normal Matter" is only the 4.9% of total.
    The others are Dark Matter (26.8%) and Dark Energy(68.3%).

    * All our physical models and speculations are made considering ONLY the 4.9% of the total.
    Could be the LENR the evidence of some of other 95.1%?

    * My opinion is that the Ultra Dense Rydberg Matter (like the Leif Holmlid studies in Sweden) is a good candidate for a part of 95.1%.
    I just anticipated that we are making several experiments, since April 2015, according to the Holmlid models.
    Some of the expriment gave interesting/intriguing results. In next days we will start the self-replication experiment, with some improvements, we hope, about the amount of active Rydberg Matter involved.

    Thanks for Yor time and attention,

    Francesco CELANI

  • [...] My opinion is that the Ultra Dense Rydberg Matter (like the Leif Holmlid studies in Sweden) is a good candidate for a part of 95.1%.

    Although this is probably sort of off-topic in this thread, you might be interested knowing that in 2002 Badiei and Holmlid proposed that Rydberg Matter (not the ultra-dense form discovered later on) could be a good candidate for the "missing" dark matter in space (see: Rydberg matter in space: low-density condensed dark matter - source here).

  • I view this as a good thing. In the past it was DoE (Dep't of Energy) who reported on LENR status, and they have shown no interest in anything but hot fusion (ITER, NIF, etc). This new development directs the Secretary of Defense to report on the current status of various LENR efforts both within the US and around the world. To paraphrase their text: "If LENR looks real, we need to know if it would be a benefit to US military, and would it be a problem to the US military if other countries advance beyond the US" and make this report by 22 September 2016.

    It would be nice if the civilian agency charged with energy research supported LENR, but that has not been happening. Maybe some competition from the military will help them see the light. .... or maybe not.

  • Brillouin Energy was invited to Congress this past Nov. 2015 to showcase their two systems:


    We don't have a list of those representatives who attended, but word of the event probably made the rounds. With Carl Page there to represent BE, a convincing speech by Dr. McKubre, everything was there to lend some needed credibility to LENR.

    Not saying this fully explains the renewed emphasis of the DOD on LENR, but it had to have helped.

  • We need to start a tidal wave of Rossi Effect replications online before they can even think about how to control the LENR community and keep this technology in the bottle.

    Getting the information and know how out there immediately is the only way to…

    Yes Hank, I feel the same way and I am also frustrated with ME356, not openly willing to share while all replicaters feel the urge to find the Rossi effect ASAP. I hope ME will share this quite soon, as he promissed.

  • My posting is redundant. If any moderator can move it to the thread -
    U.S. House Armed Services Committee Calls for New Report on LENR in FY2017 National Defense Authorization Act
    - it would save some space.
    It is worth noting, though, that a (circa 2012) youtube video
    that I can no longer find interviewed a (female) Italian physicist discussing
    apparently successful LENR experiments which Carlo Rubbia praised - then
    abruptly went silent on. That video ended with Emilio Del Guidice conjecturing
    that Rubbia, et al, worried that it could make weakly fissionable metals more
    reactive. Also refer to the youtube video where James Martinez is chastised by NASA --

  • September 22nd has come and gone and October is nearly 1/3 gone as well, so where is the report? Does it matter that it hasn't surfaced?
    What's coming down the road behind LENR? How will Photoswitching, TE-PV, and the growing number of Metamaterials with new and exciting properties play with LENR. How many of them share characteristics with LENR?


  • No one seems to know what happened. They (DOD) certainly aren't talking to the LENR community ... or the LENR community members contacted have been sworn to secrecy.

    My hypothesis: they kept the report classified so we will not find out about it until FOIA requests are put through in a few years.

  • Not exactly related to this thread, but still somewhat;

    Bill Gates wrote a blogpost the other day, putting focus on "Provide everyone on earth with affordable energy without contributing to climate change":


    A clip of the text:

    There is enormous potential to develop technologies that will make energy cheaper and reduce our energy imports without contributing to climate change or air pollution. In the next eight years, we could start the transition to a new type of clean fuel that doesn’t emit carbon, deploy batteries that let electric cars run far longer on a single charge, and produce dramatic drops in the total cost of renewables.

    (Underline added by me)

    Does he know anything we don't? Let the speculations begin! :)