Solar Hydrogen Trends Claim Hydrogen Production Process is LENR/Transmutation

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    [feedquote='E-Cat World','']Menlo Park, California based company Solar Hydrogen Trends have issued a press release which provides comments from its Chief Scientist, Konstantin Balakiryan about the process involved in their claimed process of converting 1 liter of water into 1kg of hydrogen. The title of the press release is ‘Solar Hydrogen Trends Inc. Chief Scientist Konstantin Balakiryan […][/feedquote]

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    Jack Aganyan of Solar Hydrogen Trends Inc., contacted me and gave a reference to that articcle on PESN…_SHT-Symphony-7A-Secrets/

    Basically they confirm that they claim transformation of oxygen into hydrogen by LENr transmutation.
    They propose a theory, that I cannot judge.

    My only knowledge is that normally oxygen to hydrogen should consume energy, not produce it.

    They however propose something that i interpret as a one-way reaction, a neutron decay into proton (with electron and antineutrino)...

    Basically, with the experience of Cold Fusion, I think theoretical question are premature, and that theory is not an excuse for a lack of experimental success, nor a reason to dismiss experimental success.

    I don't imagine that this process violate basic rules of energy, but I won't be surprised, either that experiments show artifacts or faults, or that theory is wrong, or that we don't understand that in fact the usual laws of physics are respected despite our simplified vision (remember the reality of the wind-turbine car going faster than the wind)...
    So basically, we need first experimental reports with details, then respected third party report.

    I'm ready to be surprised... :rolleyes:

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    Sterling allan participated a test and raise the red flag :thumbdown:…-production-breakthrough/

    More and more reason to stick to E-cat, real third party tests (where testers can install instruments, change setup, control knobs), and serious reference like Elforsk...
    The time will be bad when LENR will appear to be the next El-Dorado and a long lane of carpet bagger will try to fool the desperate investors.

    We should not forget also that what real science have validated about LENR, is anomalous heat and transmutation in hydrides. nothing more.

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    Hakop Jack Aganyan informed me of that article of Sterling, who is now reporting more positive news.
    However if I understand well, it is simply claim by SHT that a big corp did a thrid party test...
    The claim is huge, but nothing is verifiable.
    It is visibly not the numerously reproduced Hydride LENR, so it seems urgent to wait and see.

    If it works well, they will find an Elforsk or a Cherokee. Or else it can last long.


    New 3rd-party test results on SHT show over 1000x overunity
    Hakop Aganyan (Jack) of Solar Hydrogen Trends, Inc (SHT) in Pasadena, California, USA told me they had another third party test done of their hydrogen-generating technology by one of the top 20 or 30 engineering firms in the world, who does testing for billion-dollar corporations. That firm has more than 100 engineers just in their gas-flow measurement division, he said. "They build power plants and bridges."

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    Hakop Jack Aganyan just send me this mail about his product...
    As with Sterling, no report published, no name published.
    Need checking, especially because it is not the LENR we know. As he say, serious investor can ask the details. Serious "due dilligence" is what serious investors have to do.

    As people know I am supporting the LENR in hydride technology based on F&P breakthrough, convinced by massive scientific results...
    SHT technology seems very very different, and there is no report AFAIK about similar lab result.
    You are warned.

    The good point is that with LENR tests story we have a long record of what to do, what not to do, and all the way it can get wrong.
    In short for testers, ok for blackbox, but no pony show.
    you have to build the test bench, control the wires and the pipes, install your instruments, choose your protocol.
    and prefer good professional from physicists. It is harder to fool a boiler specialist than a nuclear physicist.

    Tighten you belt. ^^