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    2022-01-13 11:18 Frank Acland

    Dear Andrea,

    Let’s assume hit the 1 million orders needed to start production. Obviously you will need funds to start production.

    Since you are not taking up-front payments from customers, do you have the necessary funds to mass produce Ecats, before customer payments start coming in?

    Thank you and best wishes,

    Frank Acland

    2022-01-13 12:00 Andrea Rossi

    Frank Acland:


    Warm Regards,


    2022-01-12 19:26 Frank Acland

    Dear Andrea,

    When you start to mass produce your Ecat SKLeps, will they be assembled:

    1. Completely by machines?

    2. Completely by hand?

    3. Mostly by machines and partially by hand?

    4. Mostly by had and partially by machines?

    Best wishes,

    Frank Acland

    2022-01-13 04:04 Andrea Rossi

    Frank Acland:

    1. yes

    Warm Regards,


  • Just a sample of the brilliance on display on ECW.

    Rossi is saving the world not just global warming, but from nuclear weapons and mutations.

    Axil Axil 4 hours ago

    It is likely that the Reaction is producing electroweak bosons. These as of yet undiscovered particles amplify the weak force and stabilize any radioactive material that they encounter. When the Reaction is ramped up to full worldwide utilization, the production of these electroweak bosons will be so great that the radioactive material on the earth will be neutralized and rendered inert.

    This implies that nuclear fission will not function anymore and the atomic and hydrogen bombs will be made inert and nonfunctional.This is a peek into the future that is to come. It is also likely that the diseases caused by radiation and mutagenesis will also disappear.

  • It is likely that the bullshit is only ankle deep.

  • Major Molnupiravir Study Led by University of Oxford Full Throttle While Ivermectin Study Languishes?

    Major Molnupiravir Study Led by University of Oxford Full Throttle While Ivermectin Study Languishes?
    A major antiviral study opened in Wales, part of the United Kingdom, involving the delivery of antiviral tablets via mail to the study participants’

    A major antiviral study opened in Wales, part of the United Kingdom, involving the delivery of antiviral tablets via mail to the study participants’ homes. The Panoramic study (Platform adaptive trial of novel antivirals for early treatment of Covid-19 in the community) is the first clinical trial of its kind. It is led by Oxford University and delivered in Wales by Public Health Wales, Health and Care Research Wales, and Cardiff University. The study is led by Dr. Andrew Carson-Stevens.

    The Study: Seamlessly Integrated with Wales Public Health

    People in Wales will be eligible to take part in the UK-wide study if they are over 50 or between 18 and 49 years old, have an underlying health condition, test positive for COVID-19, and if they’ve had symptoms for fewer than 5 days. The study enrolls 3,372 patients across 32 trial sites. Arrangements are in place for Health and Care Research Wales to contact people in the eligible groups if they test positive for COVID-19 and to invite them to participate in the PANORAMIC study. Further information about the trial can be found at the PANORAMIC study website.

    Since the early part of last year, a range of therapeutic interventions have been studied as potential treatments for COVID-19 and some have been shown to improve outcomes. Several treatments have been effective in preventing deterioration of patients hospitalized with COVID-19, and now represent the standard of care in every hospital in Wales.

    As the number of effective treatments for hospitalized patients has increased, attention has turned to identifying and treating people at the highest risk earlier to prevent hospitalization. As such, alongside the PANORAMIC study, the study team is planning to ensure those at the very highest risk from COVID-19 can access earlier treatment.

    Beginning next week, the NHS will make the neutralizing monoclonal antibody combination casirivimab and imdevimab, marketed in the UK under the brand name Reapprove (Regeneron), and the antiviral molnupiravir (Merck), available within five days of symptom onset and a positive PCR test, where people are at the highest risk of COVID-19.

    This will include amongst others, people who have solid tumor or hematological cancers, who are immunosuppressed, who have HIV, and those with some genetic and rare neurological conditions.

    People in the eligible treatment groups will shortly begin receiving letters advising what they should do if they have symptoms and test positive for COVID-19. More information about COVID-19 treatments is available at COVID-19 treatments.

    The Study Drug

    While other low-cost generic studies are purportedly on hold due to drug supply issues (e.g., the ivermectin-based PRINCIPLE study), this study uses Merck’s molnupiravir, also referred to as Lagevrio. TrialSite has reported that the actual effectiveness of this drug is barely 3% based on ARR; moreover, the drug does potentially represent safety challenges for pregnant females, for example.

    TrialSite reached out to University of Oxford investigators about the ivermectin supply issues, but no one ever responded.

    Principal Investigator

    Recently covered by local media Wales Online, this study is led by Dr. Andrew Carson-Stevens, principal investigator for Wales for the Panoramic study and Health and Care Research Wales specialty lead for primary care. He said, “This is such an important development in how we treat and manage Covid-19, especially to those most vulnerable, and I’m so proud that Wales will play an integral part.”

    What kinds of Trial Sites?

    This study includes the following trial site, organizational participants:

    ∙ GP practices

    ∙ NHS 111

    ∙ Test and Trace, Care Homes

    ∙ Pharmacies and other NHS and social care service providers

    What organizations Back the Study?

    The study is sponsored by the University of Oxford (also supporting the ivermectin study mentioned earlier that’s been delayed); as well as partners such as the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR); Department of Health & Social Care, and the NHS. TrialSite’s piece on the ivermectin delay can be accessed here.

    Lead Research/Investigator (for Wales)

    Dr. Andrew Carson-Stevens, Clinical Reader of Patient Safety and Quality Improvement

    Homepage — PANORAMIC

  • Short summary of what the European news discusses today.

    1) We will face the Omicron wall...


    - Oh yes 3x over last max (delta in most) peak or even a bit more, but:

    - ICU going down despite much higher peak

    - Hospital load going down

    - death rate much lower.

    - 10x cases are not detected so all rates from statistics must be divided by 10.

    2) Vaccination did help...

    Reality with Omicron:

    - Not at all. The more vaxx in a country (max has Spain, NL, Denmark, Israel,FR) the higher the Omicron peak

    - As Israel shows (about 50'000 cases yesterday) vaccination rate has no influence on Omicron cases.

    - Boosters seem to make things just a bit worse. (Luckily Omicron is extremely mild

    - The more vaxx the more death from Omicron - delayed death effect

    - Countries like UK,Switzerland, Florida with no outdoor masks and a lot of let it go do best.

    3) We don't like if people say Omicron is a mild virus. CoV-19 is a serious illness... (To many idiots are interviewed in TV)


    - Omicron is a new corona virus. It is no longer seen as a member of the CoV-19 family. It will be renamed once the fear monger lost the last ground...Omicron is at least 100x less severe than delta. So mortality will be at least 10x lower than with flu.

    4) We will need yearly boosters


    - This is just a big pharma dream

    - Ivermectin works extremely well for Omicron. For delta you did need 2x dose compared to gamma/alpha. For Omicron its over after 3 days with normal dose.

    - Only very sensitive people will need a vaccine. Certainly not a RNA gene therapy. This will be used again earliest - may be in 15 years. It will go back to cancer chemo.

    Positive in today's German TV discussion. People now know German data does not exist at all...

    No joke. Also in Switzerland doctors had to fax death certificates...Why not use telex again??

    No data means:: You can cheat maximally and claim what you want to see.

  • Here again an unfudged data link for Zürich region (1/6 of CH) :…ahlen_Kanton_ZH_total.csv

    Daily Omicron cases/day 4500 cases: 215/59/36peak hospital/ICU/Ventilation

    With Alpha 700 cases: 538/101/79

    With Delta 1 September 300 cases: 188/63/49 post summer holiday fun event

    With Delta 2 December 2021 1350 cases: 235/52/40

    You simply see that it is > 10x less than with alpha. Same for worst delta peek September

  • Untrue.

    Vaccination helps A LOT to reduce serious disease from omicron. There are a lot of studies showing this - specifically from the UK which does not have muhc political interference in its science in this area - it is not a party political football. You have shown no serious analysis showing the reverse - just Wyttenfacts and antivaxxer "the vaccine will kill us" propaganda.

    Since almost everyone will get omicron how much it helps against infection does not matter for individual risk (though it does matter for how sharp the peak is, and the affect on health systems). However, it is clear that recent boosters reduce transmission risk (see Denmark data that RB posted a while ago for example).


  • Again - raw figures here posted without precise details and with zero serious analysis. What's the point.? I lose patience with such unprofessional behaviour because it takes me a lot of time to look everything up, correct mistakes, work out the various issues (simpson's paradox, baseline errors, temporal correlations with vaccination and covid, etc, etc). W's posted Israeli graphs are neatly posted in Hebrew which makes it impossible for me to locate them (each graph on the dashboard is actually about 8 graphs - with different parameters for each one, none of which info W provides).

    This data is raw data from some antivaxxer website - I cannot tell from it exactly which data it contains - it is a good deal worse than the Israel dashboard which W quotes when he wants to but says is fudged when he does not like it? The problem with such raw data is you need to know precisely what it is in order to start analysing the issues.

    In this case comparing cases with ICU etc you need to consider the time lag and relate that to the case increase rate... In fact you need to do that for each of these snapshots.

    Then you need to consider the demographics affected. In the UK the omicron wave is almots excelusively affecting young people (first).

    Finally you need to consider proportion vaccinated at these 3 times, and also proportion who are COVID survivors (the vulnerable have died!).

    All these must be included before jumping to conclusions

    It is annoying. W is not worth it, much as I'd like to help.

  • (see Denmark data that RB posted a while ago for example).


    Ontario data January 1

    3,442 Omicron-+cases, 9,201 Delta-+ cases, and 471,545 test-negative.controls…12.30.21268565v1.full.pdf
    Our results demonstrate that the effectiveness of 2 doses of COVID-19 vaccines against infection

    (irrespective of symptoms or severity) is substantially lower for Omicron than Delta,

    and that VE against Omicron infection was only 37% ≥7 days following a third dose.

    We also observed negative VE against Omicron among those who had received 2 doses compared to unvaccinated individuals.

    Negative VE versus unvaccinated??? hmmm? for the doubly vaccinated?

    37%? Formerly, govs would not accept a vaccine if it had <50% VE,,,, what has changed?

  • I seems its a good time to keep up with the playground.

    even if the data is .....

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  • Bad news for the vaccine terrorists:…iden-vaccine-mandate.html

    Supreme court blocks Bidens vaccine mandate.

    What a crazy world.

    Not vaccinated ... hospitals fire you as the Supreme Court ruled against regular employers, they let stand the mandate on healthcare workers.

    There is a serious health care worker shortage!

    Answer...???? Hire back unvaccinated workers who test negative??? HELL NO!

    But to allow vaccinated people who are COVID POSITIVE to come back to work!

    What a crazy, crazy, crazy world! This is kin to putting the Covid positive patients INTO nursing homes again! Complete insanity.

    We all know here that vaccinated, Covid positive people certainly CAN and DO transmit the virus.

    Yet they are allowed to work in a hospital, but a non-positive, non-vaccinated person cannot!

    Complete insanity.

    Health officials let COVID-infected staff stay on the job
    Health authorities around the U.S. are increasingly taking the extraordinary step of allowing nurses and other workers infected with the coronavirus to stay on…

    Now this article states that it is OMICRON "causing the shortage" .... fake news of course

    Not Omicron according to this article:

    Front-line health care worker shortage due to COVID-19 vaccine mandates, burnout
    Hospital staffing shortages due to COVID-19 vaccination disputes have continued across the US this month, leaving patients untreated amid surges of the virus’…

    Oh wait... this is from October! Well before Omicron started! hmmmm...


    whoops... October again! No Omicron here!

    Here in January however, people fired simply due to vaccine status.

    This world is going insane..... and the media spin it to their agenda....

  • I wish more of them painted cars before they used respirator masks,-studied PPMs and air filtration systems.

    but it seems most are told what to think with little hands on understanding.

    just 5 minutes with an airless sprayer bulldog or a monarch and one of the junk masks they tell everyone to use will put them in a spin and they would understand instantly.

  • Indiana Bill Prohibits Health Providers from Discouraging Ivermectin Use

    Indiana Bill Prohibits Health Providers from Discouraging Ivermectin Use
    Indiana’s General Assembly introduced a bill to support increased patient access to ivermectin for off-label treatment of SARS-CoV-2 or COVID-19. Bill

    Indiana’s General Assembly introduced a bill to support increased patient access to ivermectin for off-label treatment of SARS-CoV-2 or COVID-19.

    Bill provides access to Ivermectin, protects vaccine mandate exemptions

    Indiana House Bill 1372 would enable health providers to prescribe ivermectin for the treatment of coronavirus and prohibit bans of the medication. The bill would also prevent the Medical Licensing Board of Indiana, the Indiana State Board of Nursing, and the Indiana Board of Pharmacy from sanctioning doctors for prescribing ivermectin.

    The 2022 bill also prohibits employers in Indiana from enforcing vaccine mandates if a person rejects vaccination against COVID for religious or health reasons.

    Ivermectin: Opposed by FDA, championed by WHO and Nobel Prize

    Ivermectin is an anti-parasitic drug the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has labeled as dangerous when taken improperly for treatment of COVID despite its inclusion on the World Health Organization’s list of essential medicines and garnering its inventors a 2015 Nobel Prize in Medicine. The FDA claims ivermectin is not effective and has not authorized or approved the drug’s use for treatment against coronavirus. As ivermectin is used to treat animals as well as humans, government officials and news media organizations have dismissed the drug as a horse de-wormer.

    Patients sue for ivermectin access

    Despite these pronouncements, ivermectin has been used to treat covid and a series of patient lawsuits have forced hospitals to treat sick relatives with ivermectin over health providers’ objections.

    The state’s medical community has pushed back against the Indiana bill. The bill is also opposed by Indiana Democrats, Governor Eric Holcomb, and a variety of business groups.

    Ivermectin is the subject of ongoing research, including a number of sophisticated clinical trials.

    This week the Indiana Department of Health reported a record had been set for covid hospitalizations as well as a new seven-day average of over 15,000 cases

    Indiana HB1372 | 2022 | Regular Session
    Summary (2022-01-13) Dispensing ivermectin. [Representative Jacob added as coauthor]

  • At least in the music world everything is 'Hunky Dory' as David Bowie would have said. We have (at long last gotten rid of the repetitive beat ecstacy culture) and is now replaced with Britney Spears smoking marijuana instead now she has given her parents the BOOT!) Even our UK musik scene is starting to indulge in LSD-like psychodelia. Don't BOGART that joint, my friends, (from Easy Rider) :) 8) it turns out that CANNABIDIOLS are good for treating COVID!!!

  • it's back!!!!!

    Does A New Study Really Show That Hydroxychloroquine Might Be Effective Against Omicron?

    Does A New Study Really Show That Hydroxychloroquine Might Be Effective Against Omicron?
    Hydroxychloroquine, the anti-malaria drug controversially touted as a cure for COVID despite a lack of robust evidence, is creating renewed interest as a

    Hydroxychloroquine, the anti-malaria drug controversially touted as a cure for COVID despite a lack of robust evidence, is creating renewed interest as a potential treatment for omicron.

    The discussion has been sparked by a new study from the University of Glasgow, which is yet to be published in a scientific journal, that looks at how antibodies from vaccines block omicron from entering cells. The researchers conclude, as many others have, that antibodies (the proteins that neutralise the virus) against previous variants or induced by vaccines are less effective against omicron. What’s interesting, though, is that the study finds that omicron may have changed the way it enters cells.

    SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID, is coated in a lipid bilayer (a thin membrane made of two layers) just like our cells. When the virus enters our cells, the bilayers fuse like oil droplets on the surface of water, termed “membrane fusion”.

    Membrane fusion occurs after the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein has attached to the ACE2 receptor on the cell surface, but can happen in two different places (see diagram below). Membrane fusion can occur on the cell’s surface, or it can can occur after the SARS-CoV-2 virus has been engulfed in an endosome.

    The two ways coronavirus enters your cells

    How coronavirus fuses with a cell.

    SARS-CoV-2 fusion can be activated by either or both of two pathways. Omicron may prefer the first way, via endosomes. PLOS Pathogens, CC BY

    An endosome occurs when the cell’s membrane folds back in on itself, creating a bubble of outside material inside the cell in order to take up nutrients. Normally the cell will then sort through the material and keep useful nutrients while discarding others. However, many viruses exploit endosomes as a way to enter cells.

    This means that SARS-CoV-2 has two ways to enter cells: from the surface or via an endosome. The University of Glasgow study shows that omicron has picked up mutations that improve its ability to enter our cells via endosomes – and this is where hydroxychloroquine comes into play.

    Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) is a drug that accumulates in endosomes and decreases their acidity, which disrupts their function. Making endosomes less acidic reduces membrane fusion, thereby reducing SARS-CoV-2’s ability to enter cells. So HCQ could act as an antiviral.

    This is possibly how HCQ acts as an anti-malarial and anti-inflammatory drug (although some researchers dispute this). It’s important to note that the new study does not test HCQ’s effect on omicron.

    Hydroxychloroquine has had a difficult pandemic

    HCQ has become notorious during the pandemic. The first study claiming HCQ is effective against COVID was criticised by science fraud expert Elisabeth Bik, who questioned the ethics, timelines for the trials, a lack of randomisation for patients and missing data.

    Didier Raoult, the lead author of the work, then filed a criminal complaint against Bik for moral harassment, blackmail and extortion. During this, the French president, Emmanuel Macron, promoted HCQ – I assume in support of a fellow Frenchman, while use of the drug was also supported by Donald Trump, for reasons only clear to Donald Trump.

    More bizarrely, a study published in the Lancet suggested that HCQ treatment actually increased fatalities, though this latter study has been accused of data fraud as well. Throughout all of this, other researchers have failed to find any positive benefits for HCQ, or strong indications for side-effects. HCQ has so far been an example of science at its worst.

    But will hydroxychloroquine be effective against omicron? I struggle to see the benefits of treating omicron infections with HCQ. In the University of Glasgow study, the researchers show that omicron enters cells via endosomes more so than other variants, but they do not show that omicron is limited to using endosomes. It can still enter from the cell surface. Using HCQ to stop omicron entering via endosomes would therefore only marginally limit the virus from entering cells.

    To show that HCQ is effective against omicron, scientists need to infect cells with omicron in the presence and absence of HCQ and shows a significant reduction in infectivity. If this shows that HCQ is effective against omicron, it would be sensible to test HCQ in a clinical trial.

    However, unlike in March 2020 when HCQ was first suggested as a treatment, we have plenty of drugs to treat COVID including antivirals, such as molnupiravir and remdesivir, anti-inflammatories, such as dexamethasone, and antibody therapies.

    Ben Krishna, Postdoctoral Researcher, Immunology and Virology, University of Cambridge

    This article is republished from The Conversation under a Creative Commons license. Read the original article.

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