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  • I see a broad indication of vaccine damage among some clown posters here in this thread, that believe they can impress people by endlessly linking fake studies. Such behavior is also a sign of early dementia.

    As we know the free spike protein - delivered and replicated by CoV-19 gene therapy (called vaccine) causes micro blood cloths, what will potentially damage all tissue where it stays for some time. Typically capillaries.

    This spreading into all tissues has been shown by a Pfizer report made in Japan. Further the very same spike can freely enter the nucleus and hamper Mitosis, what can lead to deformed cells, worst end up in cancer.

    The amount/number of spike proteins injected/replicated is far higher than a natural virus load!

  • Looks like Singapore, already famous for sending anti-maskers for a two-week mental health evaluation, is ahead of the curve again:

    Covid-19: Singaporeans who remain “unvaccinated by choice” must fund own treatment, says government

    Singapore’s government will no longer fund covid treatment after 8 December for citizens and residents who choose to remain unvaccinated, its government has said.

    Until now all of Singapore’s citizens and residents, except those who have recently arrived from abroad, have had their covid treatment fully funded by the government. Under the new plan unvaccinated people will lose this privilege from 8 December, and those who are partially vaccinated will lose it from 31 December. Those ineligible for vaccination, such as children and medically exempt people, will continue to have their covid treatment costs publicly covered.

    The city state of six million people is one of the world’s most vaccinated countries, with 85% of its population fully vaccinated and 18% having already received a third, booster dose. Its mix of strong border controls and early lockdowns kept the pandemic largely at bay for 18 months: until the end of September 2021 the most covid deaths it had recorded in a single day was three.

    It then saw a surge in cases that led to abandonment of its “zero covid” approach in favour of a “living with covid” policy of slow reopening, at least for vaccinated people. But with almost no herd immunity, the unvaccinated population is still highly susceptible. Singapore’s health ministry said that fully vaccinated people were admitted to hospital over the past week at a rate of 0.5 per 100 000 and that deaths in this group were 0.1 per 100 000. But unvaccinated people were admitted at a rate of 5.2 per 100 000, and deaths were 0.9 per 100 000.

    About 1725 people are currently admitted to hospital with covid, of whom 67 are critically ill and intubated. Singapore’s intensive care facilities are at 68.5% occupancy.

    The ministry said in a statement announcing the new policy, “Currently, unvaccinated persons make up a sizeable majority of those who require intensive inpatient care, and disproportionately contribute to the strain on our healthcare resources.”1

    A vaccination drive beginning in early August brought the number of unvaccinated people over 65 down from 175 000 to below 64 000. “If not for this reduction, our hospitals and ICUs today would have been already overwhelmed,” said Ong Ye Kung, health minister.

    In practice, he noted, few Singaporeans would have to pay for covid treatment out of their own pockets, as strong legal incentives encourage most citizens to have extensive private health coverage.

    “Our hospitals really much prefer not to have to bill these patients at all, but we have to send this important signal, to urge everyone to get vaccinated if you are eligible,” the minister said.

    Covid-19: Singaporeans who remain “unvaccinated by choice” must fund own treatment, says government
    Singapore’s government will no longer fund covid treatment after 8 December for citizens and residents who choose to remain unvaccinated, its government has…

  • Yawn. Next you’ll be claiming thats its discrimination against gun owners, when they are told not to bring firearms into school.

    Yawn. No I won't be claiming that. Although if just vaccinated people were allowed to carry guns, then that would indeed be discrimination.

    Last I checked, viruses are spread by people who are sick. Not vaccinated or unvaccinated, not obese or thin, not social extroverts on lonely shut-ins... People who are infected spread viruses. I think it is reasonable to ask sick people to stay home, that is why in many countries there is a Covid questionnaire in public places. Don't come in if you have a fever, runny nose etc. These are reasonable precautions.

    But to follow your analogy, if being sick with Covid is the "gun" ( ie you are infectious ) then no you should not come in. But when we start trying to predict who is carrying a gun and start segregating people because we think they are more likely to carry a gun. That's profiling and is discrimination.

    Then of course, there are the so called asymptomatic spreaders. ( I guess this is like concealed weapons in your analogy ). Who is more likely to be an asymptomatic spreader someone with Covid that has taken a serum to help reduce the severity of the disease or someone who hasn't. I have my opinion on that but let's wait for the science,

  • People who are infected spread viruses. I think it is reasonable to ask sick people to stay home, that is why in many countries there is a Covid questionnaire in public places. Don't come in if you have a fever, runny nose etc. These are reasonable precautions.

    Surely you realize that in the initial phase of an infection, the patient does not know he is infected. That is why COVID spreads. If every patient was aware he was sick the moment he was infected, we could stop the pandemic in a few weeks. Furthermore, the vaccine greatly reduces the likelihood you will get sick. That is why it is much safer to be in an enclosed space with vaccinated people than unvaccinated people.

  • Then of course, there are the so called asymptomatic spreaders. ( I guess this is like concealed weapons in your analogy ). Who is more likely to be an asymptomatic spreader someone with Covid that has taken a serum to help reduce the severity of the disease or someone who hasn't. I have my opinion on that but let's wait for the science,

    The science is pretty much done… Most sources suggest an unvaxxed person is around ten times more likely to have covid than someone who isn’t. (For example, Singapore say this, in the article I posted above).

    (Sure, you can do weird antivaxxer maths, like Wyttenbach does, in order to prove how much of an idiot he is whatever incorrect nonsense he pleases, but ultimately he disagrees with every health authority in the western world, and 99.5% of medical doctors)

    Luckily Ivermectin is cheaper than ventilation tubes

    Ah. Another one. Figures.

    Perhaps their medical bills could be paid by sending the corpse to the knackers yard for melting down into glue?

  • Almost all genes code for proteins. Only about 1 percent of DNA is comprised of these genes.

    This is a rather outdated idea. Probably you are basing it on notions of “junk DNA”, learnt long ago.

    The modern interpretation is that there are 20,000 or so coding genes, and about the same number of non-coding genes. (The non-coding genes are much longer, hence the 99%).

    New human gene tally reignites debate
    Some fifteen years after the human genome was sequenced, researchers still can’t agree on how many genes it contains.

    Think of it this way: a gene is just an inheritable unit - and you share most of your “junk DNA” with most other animals. QED…

  • I think I mentioned the worm theory in this forum.

    As I understand US/UK/AUS people are not allowed to get Ivermectin because they have no worms !!!!

    And India folks get no longer Covid because the magic formula "worm + Ivermectin" protects them much better than vaccines....

    So suggestion. Give all US/UK/AUS folks a worm. This is much cheaper than all the cleanup after a vaccine....

  • Nah. Almost all genes code for proteins. Only about 1 percent of DNA is comprised of these genes.

    As always antivaxxers argue semantics on which they pin whatever the current antivax meme is.

    Non-coding DNA | BioNinja

    Examples [of non-coding DNA] include satellite DNA, telomeres, introns, ncRNA genes and gene regulatory sequences

    The 98.5% of non-coding DNA is inherited and (much of it) affects the next generation phenotype. It is replicated as cells divide. It performs a wide variety of functions.

    The semantic issue is whether you call this non-coding DNA "genes". It seems most people call ncRNA coding sequences "genes", and I have not found answers to what faction of ncRNA exists relative to genes that code for proteins.

    Anyway - all of this is off the point.

    W does not distinguish between DNA, mRNA, and protein when he says genes are proteins. Genes are DNA (not RNA or protein) - the inherited bit - and some code for proteins, some code for RNA not protein (the RNA can have a useful function without itself being translated into protein), also a large amount of DNA is inherited and functional but not (normally) called genes. Though that rather goes against the popular sense of genes being the thing that are inherited and determine phenotype. There is lots of other DNA that is inherited, determines phenotype, and not normally called "genes" nor turned into proteins.

    (I have not mentioned the distinction between mitochondrial DNA and nuclear DNA).

    So why this confusion between protein, RNA, and DNA? It is because in W's mind the Pfizer mRNA vaccine is made by a genocidal semitic company trying to destroy the human race with the help of an elite mafia comprising most of the world including me. I'm rather flattered to be considered part of the elite - never myself thought of that as meaning more than those who are best at things - though also not considered myself as such.

    In order for W's fantasies to remain as cognitively coherent as possible mRNA itself needs to very, very dangerous. As does the spike vaccine. As do obscure people like me on not-much read forums like this one making arguments against his thesis.

    And Mark U shares in some of this (not AFAIK the stuff about Jews). He believes strongly that governments, with the help of many of the powerful institutions in society, are bad and looks for evidence of this wherever he can find it. He also believes vaccines are bad and looks for evidence of that wherever he can find it. Science is particularly happily situated for him because he knows many of the scientists are either persuaded or actively complicit in the global conspiracy, he is not a scientific expert himself (or he would realise the absurdity of many of his memes) and so he can happily choose the 1% of scientists with ideas vaguely in line with his prejudices.

    I find those whole anti-science anti-mainstream mindset fascinating.

    Many of the people here are convinced LENR is real and reckon mainstream science is wrong in not realising that. But they do not start with the idea that mainstream science is mostly wrong, part of a conspiracy, and find examples to fit that!


  • Influential UK Gov. Scientists Declare Pandemic Persists Until 2026

    Influential UK Gov. Scientists Declare Pandemic Persists Until 2026
    While Ireland’s people were told of a pending semi-lockdown, the United Kingdom’s Boris Johnson insisted over the weekend that Britons should enjoy the

    While Ireland’s people were told of a pending semi-lockdown, the United Kingdom’s Boris Johnson insisted over the weekend that Britons should enjoy the holidays as “normally as possible.” Johnson emphasized that people need not cancel their holiday events as the other pandemic measures such as targeted travel restrictions are in place. But ominous signals emanate from the scientific heads of this globally influential place. First, more than likely, new COVID-19 infections are driven by the Omicron variant of concern (VoC), as 75 new cases over the weekend involve the super-mutant. According to multiple media sources, a great majority of all new infections afflict fully vaccinated persons. Of the 75 new cases just identified in England, the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) identified on Friday over half of the infections occurred in fully vaccinated persons. By Friday, a total of 134 Omicron cases were identified in the UK, but undoubtedly, this is a mere fraction of total cases. While the UK continues to cope with a period of high numbers of SARS-CoV-2 infections, government-employed scientists revealed in a recent meeting the need for pandemic-like measures until at least 2026. Meaning, government health officials appear to brace the public for a continuation of emergency conditions for five more years.

    COVID-19 UK

    The UK’s most highly circulated news online version of Daily Mail reported on the coming clash of Christmas and Omicron—will life ever come back to normal? While social, cultural, and economic pressures direct much activity toward a semi-normal state, the reality is that the UK is in the middle of a horrendous wave of infections since the summer.

    As can be seen in the table below, new cases based on the seven-day average, shot up over six-fold from June 1, 2021, to July 1, 2020, and the cases have risen steadily, despite the growing vaccination rate.

    Although the worst death rates in the UK were during the very early stages of the pandemic, they have generally increased since the summer due mostly to the rise in cases associated with the Delta variant. Undoubtedly, other explanations are relevant.

    What follows is a table showing both new COVID-19 cases and deaths based on the 7-day average.

    UK COVID Cases/Deaths & Vaccination %s June 1, 2021-December 5, 2021

    Date Daily Cases Daily Death 1 Dose 2 Doses

    6/01/21 3304 6 58.9% 38.8%

    7/01/21 20556 16 67% 49.5%

    8/01/21 26108 80 69.7% 57.2%

    9/01/21 33475 106 71.6% 64%

    10/01/21 34254 115 72.8% 66.9%

    11/01/21 41077 161 74.4% 69%

    12/05/21 45353 119 76% 69.2%

    Data Source: Our World in Data

    Note, for vaccination rates, over 80% of “eligible”(e.g., adults 18 and up) people in the UK have been fully vaccinated.

    Omicron still represents just a tiny number of cases—not even significant for the rate of growth while analyses point to high levels of transmissibility. According to a recent survey of reports, the cases overwhelmingly are mild thus far—hopefully, that won’t change. But again, a majority of the infections represent breakthrough infections—full vaccinated persons. Thus, the concern that was expressed by Moderna’s CEO Stéphane Bancel to the Financial Times that this is likely to be less effective against the Omicron variant.

    Dr. Stephen Hoge, interviewed yesterday on CNN , clarified the CEO’s comment. He suggested the word choice may have not been optimal. It seems likely that the Omicron variant will make a dent in all vaccine efforts, which was seen with the experience with the Delta variant.

    Omicron Numbers

    The concern of meteoric surges of cases is high with Omicron, even with a fraction of a percent of total cases seen. And, there is the reason for alarm as new studies indicate the potential that not only are breakthrough infections a concern, but also reinfections, as it would appear according to at least one report covered by TrialSite yesterday, that the super-mutant can evade natural immunity.

    Of the 75 new cases just identified in England, the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) identified on Friday over half of the infections occurred in fully vaccinated persons. By Friday a total of 134 Omicron cases were identified in the UK but undoubtedly, this is a mere fraction of total cases.

    Ominous Message

    According to the UK’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) and subgroup NERVTAG, this new VoC represents significant trouble, as this mutant may trigger larger numbers of infections than even the previous variants. But much is still not known and again, the cases thus far appear milder. In fact, at SAGE’s 97th meeting on COVID today the group, chaired by Chris Witty, England’s Chief Medical Officer, and Patrick Vallance, Chief Science Officer, acknowledged the infectiousness of the variant while emphasizing its effect on vaccination isn’t yet known.

    Ominously, the SAGE subgroup involved with pandemic modeling, called Spi-M, issued a statement in another meeting warning that the current pandemic would impose continuous pressures on the national health system called NHS for another five years before the transition to an endemic stage. That’s right: one could interpret from this statement that government health officials are preparing to maintain pandemic condition governance in place for five more years.

    This means that according to this influential scientific group within the UK, the endemic stage is defined as when the pathogen is likened to a seasonal illness much like a cold or flu due to a combination of vaccination and natural immunity.

    Spi-M declared the necessity for continuous “monitoring” as well as “active measures” through 2026 without sharing any details. Of note, the reporters for MailOnline including Kate Dennett, Joe Davies, and Emily Craig reported that Spi-M representatives don’t possess enough information yet to understand the degree to which the new mutant can evade vaccination.

    A Careful Season

    While the UK prepares to celebrate the holiday season, which includes lots of social revelries, drinks, friends and family, and good times, in reality, ’tis the season to be careful.’ While the UK government sees no choice but to impose a massive 50+ million booster mandate by the end of January 2022, other measures are critically important. Social distancing and masks probably should be considered along with more rapid testing and proactive early care to inhibit viral infection progression.

    Various repurposed therapies such as Fluvoxamine work according to recent studies, and low-cost treatments such as ivermectin are still under investigation both in America and the UK. If the latter studies show any positive impact, they should be embraced immediately much like dexamethasone was—Fluvoxamine should have already been embraced. Unfortunately, no company has stepped up to lead the charge—yet for dexamethasone, this wasn’t required.

    Monoclonal antibodies appear to work well in many cases, and governments could focus on collaborating with industry to make them more available at a lower cost. Merck’s antiviral drug is now available in the UK although a thorough review of the absolute relative risk (ARR) shows the new drug to be barely effective—and there are possible risks associated with the drug. But nonetheless, it may have a place, and on November 7, UK Health Security Agency Chief Medical Advisor Susan Hopkins declared that the antiviral would be available within a month—so approximately in the next week or two, according to an account in Reuters. Pfizer’s PAXLOVID looks promising and should successfully go through the regulatory process in the UK.

    Last month, Pfizer announced a deal with the United Nations offering a license to the Medicines Patent Pool. This makes PAXLOVID available for manufacture and commercialization in 95 countries but precludes large nations with COVID-19 outbreaks—notably Brazil, the nation with the second most COVID-19 deaths next to America.

    Sacrifice of All Other Health?

    In the meantime, the MailOnline reports that the NHS will put all elective surgeries on hold as the national booster deadline takes priority. With an elective care waiting list of 6 million persons needing one form of surgery or another, that must, unfortunately, go on hold for delivery of 50 million booster doses by January. What are the health care costs to this move?

    The implications for general health care are severe, considering everything from cardiovascular (one of the top killers) to all sorts of other important health care surgeries.

    What is the broader health concern in the UK? What causes most deaths for example? According to the Office for National Statistics, September 2021, the 44,474 deaths in England alone represent a 19.4% increase for this month based on the average number derived from the previous five years (2015 to 2019). A similar trend can be seen in Wales (19.8% increase). Noteworthy, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease accounted for the leading cause of death at 11.2% in the UK, and ischemic heart diseases in Wales (9.6%). COVID-19 represented the third leading cause of death, accounting for 6.6% of deaths in England and 8.5% for Wales in September.

    Yet a mass, systematic, and intense booster program that displaces elective health care activity has been identified as the only way to proceed in this pandemic—at least in the UK.

    Another 75 cases of Omicron Covid are found in England
    The individuals who have tested positive, and their contacts, have been asked to self-isolate, and work is under way to identify any links to travel, the UK…

  • And India folks get no longer Covid because the magic formula "worm + Ivermectin" protects them much better than vaccines....

    India has no COVID now because it got hit earlier on very hard by waves of the disease and there was then enough immunity (helped I guess by high temperatures and lack of indoor AC) to reduce transmission < 1. It is also now pretty well vaccinated. Whereas the UK (COVID stable) has vaccination, less natural immunity from previous waves because we locked down, and people huddled together in badly ventilated spaces.

    And don't believe those official Indian death figures! In some cases for political reasons, and everywhere for lack of access to health systems and tests, the COVID death rate is vastly underestimated. you can see the uptick in the excess deaths...

    BTW - I expect India to be hit again by omicron - since delta immunity will not prevent that. We will; see, it is just starting to be detected in testing, but remember that only some of the tests can detect it and there are all those undetected "colds".

    Omicron in India Updates: Two more cases of Omicron variant of Covid-19 detected in Mumbai
    Omicron in India: The cases of Omicron variant of coronavirus rose to 21 in India after the new variant was found in 17 more people on Sunday. Among the new…

    I hope to God that omicron is less dangerous than delta. We will know soon.


  • Pfizer shares did a deep dive today due to early information that Omicron is a very mild virus that has no need for a non fitting gene Therapy. Game over....

    What did a clown post here? Vaccinated cannot spread ?? The best and almost complete data comes from UK- great job. The Group of vaccinated gets 2x more often CoV-19. So as a consequence of 80% vaccination .. 90% of all spreaders are fully vaccinated....

    Swiss data is a complete mess. On same page we get 50% of all cases from vaccinated.When they decode it for vaccines then only 25% of cases are from vaccinated...

    Covid-⁠19 Schweiz | Coronavirus | Dashboard
    Covid-⁠19 Pandemie Schweiz und Liechtenstein: Fallzahlen, Virusvarianten, Hospitalisationen, Re-⁠Wert, Spitalkapazitäten, internationale Lage, Zahlen zu Tests,…

    So, Pfizer, Moderna must pay a nice sum to hide negative news...

  • Open letter to Dr. Fauci

    Open letter to Dr. Fauci
    Note that views expressed in this opinion article are the writer’s personal views and not necessarily those of Michelle RabinDear Dr. Fauci I

    by Michelle Rabin

    Dear Dr. Fauci

    I would like to call your attention to something that I believe would benefit every American citizen during this pandemic. It is regarding following the science to which you espouse to consistently adhere. I would like to bring to your attention to a peer reviewed paper published in the European Journal of Epidemiology.

    Their findings are nothing short of shocking to those of us who are hearing the continuing urgency for vaccination. “Increases in COVID-19 are unrelated to levels of vaccination across 68 countries and 2947 counties in the United States”. The article goes on to draw some [interesting] conclusions:

    The sole reliance on vaccination as a primary strategy to mitigate COVID-19 and its adverse consequences needs to be re-examined, especially considering the Delta (B.1.617.2) variant and the likelihood of future variants. Other pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions may need to be put in place alongside increasing vaccination rates. Such course correction, especially with regards to the policy narrative, becomes paramount with emerging scientific evidence on real world effectiveness of the vaccines.

    This is reflective of our public health agencies sole reliance on pharmaceutical interventions which goes above and beyond this global pandemic. The findings of this research is quite shocking and yet I haven’t heard any mention of this from you or other public health agencies. Please consider the author’s profound conclusions:

    At the country-level, there appears to be no discernible relationship between percentage of population fully vaccinated and new Covid-19 cases in the last 7 days. In fact, the trend line suggests a marginally positive association which that countries with higher percentage of population fully vaccinated have higher Covid-19 cases per 1 million people. Notably, Israel with over 60% of their population fully vaccinated had the highest Covid-19 case per 1 million people in the last 7 days. The lack of a meaningful association between percentage population fully vaccinated and new Covid-19 cases is further exemplified, for instance, by comparison of Iceland and Portugal. Both countries have over 75% of their population fully vaccinated and have more Covid-19 cases per 1 million people than countries such as Vietnam and South Africa that have around 10% of their population fully vaccinated.

    I believe there is in fact something that can be done that would provide a significant benefit to Americans around the country as well as people around the world.

    Unfortunately, medical censorship has made it almost impossible for this important information to get any attention in mainstream media as it would be defined as “disinformation” and promptly taken down from social media platforms.

    There is scientific evidence that certain nutraceuticals are beneficial against Covid-19 infections. The supplements that I’m suggesting for your consideration are…

    Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Zinc, Melatonin and Quercetin. You can find the scientific literature on each below:

    Vitamin C

    Vitamin D and here

    Zinc and here


    Quercetin as a combination with Vitamin C

    Can you imagine for a moment if every American was taking these supplements daily and how that might be helpful if one’s body was exposed to Covid-19? The science supports the fact that these vitamins would provide help to the body if one were infected with this novel virus. As we know, low income individuals are often more vulnerable to severe Covid-19 infection. It has been hypothesized that perhaps this is due to the lower level of overall health and less than adequate health care that they often have available to them. In addition, we’ve come to understand that the unhealthy environments that they often find themselves living in produce toxic burdens that their bodies have to contend with.

    Unfortunately, low income families might not have sufficient funds for everyone in their family to supplement with these important vitamins. I propose that these vitamins be defined as “standard of care” for prophylaxis and treatment against Covid. That would require health insurance companies to cover the costs of these nutraceuticals. If money wasn’t a factor, I believe most people would want to do something simple, like taking a few supplements, if they understood that in doing so, they could very well reduce the severity of Covid-19 should they become infected.

    I remember hearing you on a show with Jennifer Garner on Instagram Live, when you were saying that you personally took Vitamin D. “If you are deficient in vitamin D, that does have an impact on your susceptibility to infection. So I would not mind recommending, and I do it myself taking vitamin D supplements,”

    The science tells us that there is an association between Vitamin D deficiency and the likelihood of becoming infected with Covid-19.

    Unfortunately, according to an NIH published paper:

    The overall prevalence rate of vitamin D deficiency was 41.6%, with the highest rate seen in blacks (82.1%), followed by Hispanics (69.2%). Vitamin D deficiency was significantly more common among those who had no college education, were obese, with a poor health status, hypertension, low high-density lipoprotein cholesterol level, or not consuming milk daily (all P < .001). Multivariate analyses showed that being from a non-white race, not college educated, obese, having low high-density lipoprotein cholesterol, poor health, and no daily milk consumption were all significantly, independently associated with vitamin D deficiency (all P < .05). In summary, vitamin D deficiency was common in the US population, especially among blacks and Hispanics. Given that vitamin D deficiency is linked to some of the important risk factors of leading causes of death in the United States, it is important that health professionals are aware of this connection and offer dietary and other intervention strategies to correct vitamin D deficiency, especially in minority groups.

    Don’t you believe it would be in everyone’s best interest to take supplemental Vitamin D3 along with the previously mentioned supplements? Shouldn’t this initiative be part of our public health policy? No, the pharmaceutical companies won’t be making any profits on these nutraceuticals but lives can be saved by defining them as “standard of care”.

    I urge you to take whatever action is necessary to provide these value added resources to every community, by defining nutraceuticals as “standard of care” in the prevention and treatment of Covid-19. I believe that would increase the likelihood that everyone is doing what’s in their best interest to protect against this serious virus

    COVID-19 Mortality Risk Correlates Inversely with Vitamin D3 Status, and a Mortality Rate Close to Zero Could Theoretically Be Achieved at 50 ng/mL 25(OH)D3: Results of a Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis - PubMed
    The datasets provide strong evidence that low D3 is a predictor rather than just a side effect of the infection. Despite ongoing vaccinations, we recommend…

    Evidence that Vitamin D Supplementation Could Reduce Risk of Influenza and COVID-19 Infections and Deaths - PubMed
    The world is in the grip of the COVID-19 pandemic. Public health measures that can reduce the risk of infection and death in addition to quarantines are…

    Zn(2+) inhibits coronavirus and arterivirus RNA polymerase activity in vitro and zinc ionophores block the replication of these viruses in cell culture - PubMed
    Increasing the intracellular Zn(2+) concentration with zinc-ionophores like pyrithione (PT) can efficiently impair the replication of a variety of RNA viruses,…

    Zinc and COVID-19: Basis of Current Clinical Trials
    Coronavirus disease-2019 (COVID-19) pandemic continues to threaten patients, societies, and economic and healthcare systems around the world. Like many other…

    Therapeutic Algorithm for Use of Melatonin in Patients With COVID-19
    The coronavirus, COVID-19, has infected hundreds of thousands and killed tens of thousands of individuals worldwide. This highly infectious condition continues…

    Quercetin and Vitamin C: An Experimental, Synergistic Therapy for the Prevention and Treatment of SARS-CoV-2 Related Disease (COVID-19)
    Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus-2 (SARS-CoV-2) represents an emergent global threat which is straining worldwide healthcare capacity. As of May…

    Prevalence and correlates of vitamin D deficiency in US adults - PubMed
    Mounting evidence suggests that vitamin D deficiency could be linked to several chronic diseases, including cardiovascular disease and cancer. The purpose of…