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  • French Population Study Reinforces Cardiovascular Risk Associated with mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines

    Age and sex-specific risks of myocarditis and pericarditis following Covid-19 messenger RNA vaccines

    Age and sex-specific risks of myocarditis and pericarditis following Covid-19 messenger RNA vaccines - Nature Communications
    There have been reports of myocarditis and pericarditis following mRNA COVID-9 vaccination. Here, the authors use nationwide data from France and find…


    Cases of myocarditis and pericarditis have been reported following the receipt of Covid-19 mRNA vaccines. As vaccination campaigns are still to be extended, we aimed to provide a comprehensive assessment of the association, by vaccine and across sex and age groups. Using nationwide hospital discharge and vaccine data, we analysed all 1612 cases of myocarditis and 1613 cases of pericarditis that occurred in France in the period from May 12, 2021 to October 31, 2021. We perform matched case-control studies and find increased risks of myocarditis and pericarditis during the first week following vaccination, and particularly after the second dose, with adjusted odds ratios of myocarditis of 8.1 (95% confidence interval [CI], 6.7 to 9.9) for the BNT162b2 and 30 (95% CI, 21 to 43) for the mRNA-1273 vaccine. The largest associations are observed for myocarditis following mRNA-1273 vaccination in persons aged 18 to 24 years. Estimates of excess cases attributable to vaccination also reveal a substantial burden of both myocarditis and pericarditis across other age groups and in both males and females.

  • Physician & Advocate for Early Treatment of COVID-19 Passes Away & Twitter Tried to Ban His Name in Perpetuity

    Physician & Advocate for Early Treatment of COVID-19 Passes Away & Twitter Tried to Ban His Name in Perpetuity
    Recently, dozens of physicians and nonprofit organizations committed to the early treatment of COVID-19, such as the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance…

    Recently, dozens of physicians and nonprofit organizations committed to the early treatment of COVID-19, such as the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC). The FLCCC mourned the loss of Dr. Vladimir Zelenko. A fierce advocate for early COVID-19 treatment, Dr. Zelenko was a friend and fellow supporter of COVID-19 early treatment protocols. He passed away recently due to a battle with cancer.

    The team at TrialSite joins the FLCCC and others to extend the deepest condolences and sympathies to the Zelenko family. Dr. Pierre Kory, President and Chief Medical Officer of FLCCC shared, “Dr. Zelenko stepped up and fought for access to early treatment when few others did. He had a huge impact, and his loss will be felt by many.”

    Zelenko developed what is known as the “Zelenko Protocol.” Despite fierce pressure and powerful detractors, he set about ensuring that no one need live in fear of COVID. Zelenko advocated strongly that COVID can be preventable and treatable and generously shared information to help people around the world recover their health. He will be sorely missed.

    Recently, TrialSite was made aware that Twitter banned the account of the Zelenko Freedom Foundation. Why would Twitter ban the account of a non-profit foundation that was recently founded by his physician while he was dying? This seems like a cruel and inhumane gesture as the doctor just passed away.

    Twitter has consistently engaged in practices to silence and suppress prominent doctors, scientists, and political opponents without just cause, but this most recent banning seems an even more cold-hearted and spiteful example of their biased censorship to date.

    The suppression of diverse hypotheses, and alternative narratives in the context of a complex, dynamic, and deadly unfolding pandemic may be yet another example supporting the case why the United States reported more deaths than any other nation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Analysis of Thromboembolic and Thrombocytopenic Events After the AZD1222, BNT162b2, and MRNA-1273 COVID-19 Vaccines in 3 Nordic Countries



    Importance Vaccinations are paramount to halt the COVID-19 pandemic, and safety data are essential to determine the risk-benefit ratio of each COVID-19 vaccine.

    Objective To evaluate the association between the AZD1222, BNT162b2, and mRNA-1273 vaccines and subsequent thromboembolic and thrombocytopenic events.

    Design, Setting, and Participants This self-controlled case series used individual-level data from national registries in Norway, Finland, and Denmark. Participants included individuals with hospital contacts because of coronary artery disease, coagulation disorders, or cerebrovascular disease between January 1, 2020, and May 16, 2021.

    Exposures AZD1222, BNT162b2, or mRNA-1273 vaccine.

    Main Outcomes and Measure Relative rate (RR) of hospital contacts for coronary artery disease, coagulation disorders, or cerebrovascular disease in a 28-day period following vaccination compared with the control period prior to vaccination.

    Results We found 265 339 hospital contacts, of whom 112 984 [43%] were for female patients, 246 092 [93%] were for patients born in 1971 or earlier, 116 931 [44%] were for coronary artery disease, 55 445 [21%] were for coagulation disorders, and 92 963 [35%] were for cerebrovascular disease. In the 28-day period following vaccination, there was an increased rate of coronary artery disease following mRNA-1273 vaccination (RR, 1.13 [95% CI, 1.02-1.25]), but not following AZD1222 vaccination (RR, 0.92 [95% CI, 0.82-1.03]) or BNT162b2 vaccination (RR, 0.96 [95% CI, 0.92-0.99]). There was an observed increased rate of coagulation disorders following all 3 vaccines (AZD1222: RR, 2.01 [95% CI, 1.75-2.31]; BNT162b2: RR, 1.12 [95% CI, 1.07-1.19]; and mRNA-1273: RR, 1.26 [95% CI, 1.07-1.47]). There was also an observed increased rate of cerebrovascular disease following all 3 vaccines (AZD1222: RR, 1.32 [95% CI, 1.16-1.52]; BNT162b2: RR, 1.09 [95% CI, 1.05-1.13]; and mRNA-1273: RR, 1.21 [95% CI, 1.09-1.35]). For individual diseases within the main outcomes, 2 notably high rates were observed: 12.04 (95% CI, 5.37-26.99) for cerebral venous thrombosis and 4.29 (95% CI, 2.96-6.20) for thrombocytopenia, corresponding to 1.6 (95% CI, 0.6-2.6) and 4.9 (95% CI, 2.9-6.9) excess events per 100 000 doses, respectively, following AZD1222 vaccination.

    Conclusions and Relevance In this self-controlled case series, there was an increased rate of hospital contacts because of coagulation disorders and cerebrovascular disease, especially for thrombocytopenia and cerebral venous thrombosis, following vaccination with AZD1222. Although increased rates of several thromboembolic and thrombocytopenic outcomes following BNT162b2 and mRNA-1273 vaccination were observed, these increases were less than the rates observed after AZD1222, and sensitivity analyses were not consistent. Confirmatory analysis on the 2 mRNA vaccines by other methods are warranted.

  • Since your are a moderator --- maybe some rules would be helpful. Is this thread moderated or not? If so, how will it be cut off if someone breaks from the dialog? I assume that you can talk about anything in the playground without being heard by adults. So what is the purpose exactly? And how many posts that are contrary before the thread is closed? I noticed on several sites that the conversation has been cut short. Where are the fences?
    A lot of people do not want to be slinging poop. And are only interested with the debate. The science of LENR. Are you guys sure about this?

    Cold Fusion Controversy

    CMNS Active Radiation Shielding

    (thin film solid state atomic energy sheathing for spacecraft)

    Creates a supra-conductive magnetic field that directs space radiation along contolled channels and vectors away from the ship.

  • Do mask mandates work? Bay Area COVID data says no. (

    In early June, during an uptick in COVID-19 cases, Alameda County was the only Bay Area county to bring back an indoor mask mandate.

    At the time, county Health Officer Dr. Nicholas Moss said, “Putting our masks back on gives us the best opportunity to limit the impact of a prolonged wave on our communities.”

    But regional case data provides no discernible evidence that the rule, which was lifted June 25, succeeded at that goal.

  • GRMattson

    I guess it could depend on impact pressure and angle and strength of departing velocities... Though I am a layman with a layman's imagination.

    For years I have been studying Liviu Popa Simil and his CMNS works and patents expecting them to be of significance.

    This gentleman has standing creating active radiation shielding in the fission power industry. These concepts are extended into his early CMNS research.

    I continue to follow his recent work in Plasma AC and DC transformers. In good standing with the DoE and ARPA-E, Liviu may continue to contribute to advanced CMNS energy technologies such as Active Radiation Shielding.

    Radiation Guiding in Active Nano-Structures for Shielding and Nuclear Reaction Control Systems


    The American Nuclear Society is an international, not-for-profit organization of scientists, engineers, and industry professionals that promote the field of nuclear engineering and related disciplines. ANS is composed of three communities: professional divisions, local sections/plant branches, and student sections.


    Nanotube Potential Future in Nuclear Power


    MRS Online Proceedings Library (OPL) , Volume 1081: Symposium P – Carbon Nanotubes and Related Low-Dimensional Materials , 2008 , 1081-P15-15

    DOI: https//

    Copyright © Materials Research Society 2008

    Published online by Cambridge University Press: 01 February 2011

    Liviu Popa-Simil


    The nanotubes presents high potential of applications in nuclear power, integrating them both in advanced fuels developments nano-breeding and in nano-shielding. The carbon nanotubes may be successfully used to create fuel wires used in high temperature applications and near perfect burning generating new procedures in nuclear reactor waste management while reducing the waste by two orders of magnitude. The modified nanowire may hold various other materials as conductors and insulators being useful in direct conversion of the nuclear energy into electricity, by including in the center a sequence of high and low electron density conductors. As direct conversion structures they can handle all the required functions into a nuclear reactor or energy harvesting blanket to assure high power density, high efficiency and minimal waste. Another very challenging application is the usage of nanotube to channel low energy nuclear radiation and guide it, similar to the GHz wave-guides or to hundreds of THz optic fibers. The operation domain of the nanotubes is placed mainly in the domain of UV to X rays, being the role of composite structures or nanowire channeling to cover the gamma ray domain. The carbon nanotubes may become useful cold neutrons transport devices with directive capabilities as short bending or focusing. The theoretical approaches and simulations predicted these new application capabilities of nanowires for nuclear materials with exceptional properties.


    Cambridge University Press is the publishing business of the University of Cambridge. Granted letters patent by King Henry VIII in 1534, it is the oldest university press in the world. It is also the Queen's Printer.


    Nanotube Potential Future in Nuclear Power | MRS Online Proceedings Library (OPL) | Cambridge Core
    Nanotube Potential Future in Nuclear Power - Volume 1081



    Pseudo-Capacitor Structure for Direct Nuclear Energy Conversion

    US20100061503A1 - Pseudo-capacitor structure for direct nuclear energy conversion - Google Patents


    Direct nuclear energy conversion into electricity device based on nano-hetero-structures with applications in nuclear reactors and radioisotope batteries. The nano structure may be made by a repeated customized sequence of nano-layers generically called “CIci” The structure may also be made by a series of structures evolved from CIci as nanoplasmon, nanowire, nano-tube. The Structure relies on knock on electron avalanche produced by stopping radiation that is generated by the high electron density conductor material “C” that tunnels through insulator “I” and accumulates in the low density conductor “c”. The “C” material is producing no electrons to cross the associate insulator “i” therefore remains negatively charged by the electron shower, and discharges through a resistor connected to th “C” later. The nanoplasmon structure exhibits thermal direct conversion properties by radiation switched mechanism that is generated by the plasmon-phonon resonance. The device has ultra-capacitive properties when made with carbon nanotubes. The device is useful for a direct conversion nano-battery or for nuclear reactor direct conversion structure. It may also be used as a radiation energy harvesting device when made with actinides for neutro-capture and amplification.

    Three Phase Alternating Current to Three Phase Alternating Current Electrical Transformer

    US20180124909A1 - Three phase alternating current to three phase alternating current electrical transformer - Google Patents



    This invention was made with Government support under Award No. DE-AR0000677, awarded by the Advanced Research Projects Agency—Energy (ARPA-E), U.S. Department of Energy. The Government has certain rights in this invention.


    An apparatus and corresponding systems and methods for managing electric power, particularly a transformer system and method, and more specifically a transformer for transforming three-phase alternating current. An example apparatus includes a chamber configured to contain plasma. The apparatus includes input electrodes disposed at least partially within the chamber, and configured to receive a first three-phase AC current input into the chamber. The input electrodes are configured to cause the input AC current to induce motion in the plasma. Motion induced in the plasma transforms current flowing there-through. Output electrodes extend from the chamber, which output electrodes may be rotated in a controlled manner. The output electrodes conduct a second three-phase alternating current, from the induced motion in the plasma, for delivery from the chamber.

    Sister patent

    DC to DC Electrical Transformer


    An electrical transformer system using helical electrodes applied to a plasma. Systems and methods transform DC voltages and currents to different DC voltages and currents. Instead of using wires and iron cores similar to known transformers, the present DC to DC transformer system exploits plasma, helical electrodes, an axial magnetic field and radial magnetic field coils, with a control system to specify a radial magnetic field at the edge of a specified magnitude. A DC input voltage is applied, and an output is taken from electrodes at opposite the ends of the central apparatus. The system and apparatus contains a radial magnetic field embedded in the helical electrodes; the secondary current is taken from either solid or split (slotted) electrodes. Methods are disclosed for changing the output voltage and current relative to the input values. The system can function as either a stepup or a stepdown transformer.

  • consequently maligned Texas cardiologist has been through a whirlwind during the pandemic with great ups- and-downs. Now a rising media star mostly via right-wing outlets such as Fox News that allow for a more critical view of the pandemic countermeasure response (at least for now), McCullough estimates that over 35% of the American public are aligning with his point of view. That's serious influence


    That is what I mean about US politicisation of science.

    Personally., I'd rather science is NOT decided by talk show popularity.

  • Another example of how the quality peer-reviewed scientific literature is not as a whole biassed. There is no tendency to underestimate risks of new vaccines - far from it. As it should be.

    If your (politically or tribally informed) worldview is that vaccines are uniquely bad for people, or that COIVID vaccines are a worldwide conspiracy, and the scientific establishment is covering it up, you need a whole load of other ideas to make this consistent including widespread censorship of science.

    I suggest it is more plausible that what gets censored is non-science - which is the whole point of peer review. Of course peer review is never perfect. Good stuff gets rejected, bad stuff gets through. Good stuff always has a chance to get accepted in a different journal, so that is not too high a cost for the benefit of removing a lot (not all) of the rest, and through "minor changes" improving the quality and tightening up what does get published. Again, not a perfect process, but overall helpful.

    This is so far away from the antivaxxer propaganda, which unsourced argument to support and agenda and has no relationship to science, that it is a joke.

    Unfortunately some folks here can't (or more maybe won't) attempt to differentiate the two.

    I often think that right-wing characters tend to be optimistic, left-wing pessimistic. The trashing of science and scientists is most profoundly pessimistic, yet seems to attach more to the right-wing - although in the past it has been associated with extremes on both sides of the spectrum.

    Scientists are people, and journals, universities are institutions. I know from personal experience that both are corruptible. In either, giving up hope and the struggle to make things better by rejecting from the outside is wrong.

    If you don't hear of a few examples of bad behaviour then either there is censorship or no-one is looking. We need to look for this stuff always, because that is how we keep things clean.

    The antivaxxers claim to be uniquely privileged to see corruption so blatant it is 100X larger than the stuff we do find, and do so using social media distribution of published material which obviously (when you look at it) is propaganda or opinion - not science. All this does is cloud the waters so the genuine decisions about risk and benefit are more difficult to make. Adding in Fox news, talk shows, and political appointments, as in the US - is a whole other layer of this harmful process.

  • Stop the War on Doctors | RealClearHealth

    "People are tired of arrogant public officials and compromised institutions who believe they have all the answers but constantly get it wrong and make no apologies as they steamroll those who don’t support the current narrative."

    Another good example.

    Pierre Kory is as we all know a founder of FLCC and strong advocate of ivermectin for the treatment of COVID. As the big RCTs are now coming in we find for sure that it has no (or at most very little) benefit. Kory was arguing that RCTs were not needed because the benefits were so obvious they needed no proof.

    He was wrong. Definitely, absolutely. Even though whether ivermectin has some very small benefit or harm is not yet known it is not the transformative drug that FLCC claimed. Black swans happen, but swans are usually white. And this swan had been color-checked 100s of times and the elusive black spots vanish when examined in more detail.

    I don't criticise Kory for being wrong, or even fanatically wrong. That is part of science, and medicine, you get isolated fanatics. Just occasionally it does good. In medicine getting things wrong kills people, but that is not the fault of the doctors who being human will make mistakes or just sometimes do the wrong thing because everyone is mistaken.

    I criticise Kory, as here, for his arrogance in blaming everyone else and assuming therefore they must be corrupt or badly-meaning.

    And this meme from him has power - corrupting public discourse. Look at Shane here who accepts it as a true part of the US debate on institutions. I expect US medical institutions are all wrong. The extreme privatisation of medicine in the US is a great example of where the capitalist system just does not work. Not that it in principle could not work - but as currently run and regulated there are too many conflicts of interest between profit motive and proper behaviour, with nothing to correct that. Hooking up Kory's weird complaints to this is a distraction, and a harmful one, for anyone seeking health reform in the US.

  • How damaging micro waves can be. Accident in a 5G tower destroyed an engineers live.

    Are Microwaves Being Weaponized - And Against Whom?
    When a 39-year-old engineer repaired a malfunctioning part at a radar installation, it was not just another day at the office. Instead, it became a…

    But there is more. The same radiation is clandestine used by the US state to "protect" buildings and destroy anybody that is somehow opposing...

    The same for the Havanna syndrome, that was triggered by idiots managing US secrete service. These folks usually use burst mode transmission to send secrete messages to the embassy. But the new senders have been to strong and damaged the own personal...

    Why should the same effect happen in all US embassies worldwide more or less at the same time...

  • Something from the happy side. As I enjoy drinking coffee!!

    Massive Study Links Coffee to Lower Death Risk – Is Coffee the Antidote to Sugar Addiction?
    While COVID-19 has taken a toll on everyone's health, a blockbuster study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine found that coffee drinkers enjoyed up to…

    Coffee without sugar 4 cups a day reduces your mortality by 30%!!!

    It can also help to reverse your diabetes II damage.

  • Paxlovid Being Distributed on NYC Streets Despite Rebound Phenomenon

    Paxlovid Being Distributed on NYC Streets Despite Rebound Phenomenon
    Paxlovid, the antiviral Covid drug authorized for emergency use by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), has been touted by Pfizer as a treatment for…

    Paxlovid, the antiviral Covid drug authorized for emergency use by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), has been touted by Pfizer as a treatment for coronavirus even though several studies have shown its effectiveness is not what the pharmaceutical giant claims. In fact, Pfizer discontinued its own study after it was discovered Paxlovid worked well for patients over 65 but didn’t work well for heathier patients who had contracted the Covid-19 virus. Pfizer’s own study demonstrated that Paxlovid failed to show a benefit as a preventative therapy. However, that didn’t stop the company from praising the medication as a viable treatment. The hype appears to have paid off.

    New York City Giving Out Paxlovid to Covid Positive Cases

    Under a new program called “Test-to-Treat,” New York City will be giving Paxlovid to people who test positive for Covid-19. This will be done through mobile testing vans managed by NYC’s Test and Trace Corps which is employing clinicians who can immediately prescribe the anti-Covid drug after a positive test. “This new public health service will help all New Yorkers get access to life-saving treatments,” said Mayor Eric Adams. “COVID may still be a fact of life, but it doesn’t have to be the cause of death. That is what we’ll continue to say: it’s preventable, it’s treatable, and caught early, that treatment is really part of what’s keeping us moving forward.” The Test-to-Treat Program is partnering with local pharmacies to distribute the medication. This is part of the national Test-to-Treat Program pushed by President Joe Biden in May. Paxlovid was included in the national plan even though the drug hadn’t been thoroughly tested. At that time, the United States government had purchased more than a million courses of Paxlovid. By the end of July, New York City plans to have more than 30 mobile Test-to-Treat sites around the city.

  • What real data shows... Not lancet or big pharma...

    Israel: Severe hospital cases boostered::unvaxx > 10::1.

    We did hope not to see it. But it looks like the vaccines will indirectly kill about 10% of the people age > 65...

    UK current rate about 1000 excess deaths/week. Of course only the compromised are at high risk.

    Main reason. Spike antibodies are highly immune suppressive. So we see a huge number of cancer cases. Of course you will not read in it in the FM/R/F/B mainstream press.

  • Test to damage. Happy kidney/liver transplantation days coming soon...

    Pfizer Asks for Formal Approval of Drug Paxlovid Amid ‘COVID Rebound’ Reports

    Pfizer Asks for Formal Approval of Drug Paxlovid Amid 'COVID Rebound' Reports
    Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer asked federal officials to formally approve its Paxlovid treatment for COVID-19 although the Centers for ...

    Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer asked federal officials to formally approve its Paxlovid treatment for COVID-19 although the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) last month issued an alert to health care providers that the drug can cause “COVID rebound” symptoms.

    I'm willing to bet the alphabet agencies approve this crap overwhelmingly. As long as this shit is being passed out to any tom dick or harry it will have a huge impact on labor distribution of goods as well as the the medical issues