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  • Is the steam coming out of the skeptopaths' ears, wet, or dry like girls when they lie with them?

    This is as much a low blow as a plausible scenario: skeptopaths have no intuition and are crazed egotists. Both of those traits do not a good lover make.

  • No because the IR sensor power is "power in 7-13u band". The total power is (obviously) power in all bands

    :D You are really writing your OWN Physics! Dear I should call you to invent some fairy tales for my kids .

    No No we don't need your help in the lab ! We have our instruments and computer programs !

    In fact a malicious observer could say that you are mixing up information in an completely incorrect way so to confuse people that is not expert of the field.

    In reality my dear you are just telling fairy tales and jokes. Keep on ! :thumbup:

  • Thinking of steam produced by the E-Cat Reactor back in 2011,
    like Krivit mentioned:
    "There's more steam coming from an average coffee-maker" or something like that.
    Now, in 2016, we have more superheated, dry steam coming from an E-Cat reactor?
    I would definitely like to see it!

    I love this video and in part 2 of the sequel you can see real transmutation.

    Video: "How the master transmutes an average coffee maker into a nuclear power plant, just using his magical calculations

    Parallels to the 1 MW plant are not intentional and would of course be purely coincidental.

  • Priceless Renzss!! With an assist from the pinball wizard no less.

    But wait, if you order right now, you get not only one steamcat but two (just pay separate shipping and handling...Fsomething or Fsomethingsomething). Massively robotized factories are ready to take your money. Be the first in your city to pay a deposit for the steamcat today!

    dislaimer...not all ideas about steam are the same. not all steam temperatures are the same. water volumes are subject to sudden draining without notice, inspection or measurement, ignore pressures, they have nothing to do with anything you silly folks who pay attention to useless things such as truth, measurements and engineering details.

    Do not be confused by cheap European, Chinese or American imitations. Insist on only genuine steamcats.

  • Quote from Hank

    It is sad there are so many people who'd rather play games that get to the truth.

    This comment is not directed at randombit but a large number of users on this forum on all sides.


    While there is a lot of noise here the one strand of this that has a definitive answer is the analysis of how to do IR thermography. In this analysis you can read what I and paradigmnoia say, and compare it with what randombit0 says. It should from content be quite clear that I and paradigmnoia are not playing games, whereas randombit0 is either very forgetful, or lying.

    Remember we are arguing not speculation, but the maths for how you determine temperature and total output power in any system with an IR camera. That is what makes this strand of the argument much more definite than anything else.

    You may choose to apply it as you will to the wider argument. But that randombit0 is very forgetful or lying remains a fact. Whereas, for example whether randombit 0 is Rossi (seems unlikely to me) or some random troll is pure speculation.

  • Rather than discussing the subject, the E-Cat believers (I hope that's an acceptable term in the Playground) complain about how sceptics (sometimes for some unknown reason called pseudosceptics) refer to believers:

    But I'm simply tired of name calling, insults, mocking, and snide remarks being constantly tossed around.

    or what motivation they have for criticising theories and experimental procedures

    I am yet to be convinced of your true motivations along with many other individuals on this forum. That is not an insult -- simply a fact about what is going across my mind.

    I agree that one should minimize name calling etc,, but to question the motivation of somebody that invests a lot of work into finding the truth is indeed an insult! Criticism is an important tool to promote progress. You may get to the goal by a random walk (it does happen), but avoiding dead ends is more efficient!

    Talking about dead ends:

    More and more groups seem to be getting results from Ni-LiAlH4-Li.

    This is a no-starter if it involves the Li-2 alpha reaction. It is very well known that the 9 MeV alphas will cause several reactions in the reactor. The reactions will generate penetrating neutrons or gammas which would be very easy to detect. (Search for Stelson in the forum for details.)

  • I agree that one should minimize name calling etc,, but to question the motivation of somebody that invests a lot of work into finding the truth is indeed an insult!
    Criticism is an important tool to promote progress. You may get to the
    goal by a random walk (it does happen), but avoiding dead ends is more

    Surely you know that not only groupthink motivates certain individuals to devote time and energy for character assassination, obfuscation and general disruption

    There are a lot of signs pointing to some kind of paradigm shift in energy production -and even materialistic-based view of the world-, and some lobbies are very much mad about this

    For example, take a good look at Dewey Weaver's posts: do they sound like they come from a well-off investor, with fulfilling days of work, or like some automated bot parsing arguments to produce sarcastic dismissals?

  • Quote from Alan

    I am having a bit of a logic problem Thomas. Bear in mind that I am an engineer of the old school who knows something about chemistry and physics - but not as much as I need to. A serious but hopefully simple question requiring a hopefully simple answer..If we assume that the the reactor is a perfect black body (emissivity 1.0) and it is not perfect (emissivity >1) and when doing the sums based on emissivity 1.0 you still get a COP of more than unity, does that not suggest that the system is producing XS heat - since it may be radiating heat that the IR camera cannot measure?

    Hi Alan,

    you maybe need to follow the previous thread where I and P answered this in mind-numbing detail.

    v short answer: no

    short answer: emissivity is used for two completely different purposes, to determine temperature, and to determine total power, given temperature.

    Levi is right that if the two e values for these two purposes are the same, then even e=1 gives cop > 1.

    But the temperature emissivity is restricted to ir band (camera sensor) and not the same as the power emissivity which is integrated over the whole spectrum.

    For alumina, ir band e is high, total power e is low. So your argument fails because with e=1 you get the temperature roughly right, but overestimate the output power at that temperature by a factor of 2 (in this case). With e=0.4 (the lugano report value) you get the temperature much higher, an effect which predominates over the output power lower, and so cop=3. With the correct values you get ~cop=1 although there are large errors in the experiment so you can never prove cop is not something different. But then with no measurement at all you can never prove copy is not very high, so this is a silly argument!