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    I'm guessing he was not here in the day when suggesting similarities between a storms on Jupiter and the art work on a church wall in Jerusalem in an open e-mail ect would get you band from the internet. So I now post more carefully checking my post logged in and logged out to see what they forbid.

    Just suggesting similarities will get you band.

    But some of it they will just delete for you.

  • Seatrout

    You recently gave a post where you stopped doing an experiment because it was too dangerous. No explanation why. Earlier you had a video where you said to turn off the volume. Well, being a bit of a maverick, I listened. I heard a baby crying. That raised a red flag. You're doing potentially dangerous experiments in the presence of your family. Not recommended. Stop thinking just of yourself and start thinking of others. Safety first.

    I spent a year or more reading threads on this site. Yours never caught my attention. As far as this site is concerned old members die and new viewers show up. You need to keep the new ones abreasted of what you're doing. Internet problems? You could start your own blog. Call it Bla bla bla Science.

    Let's have some fun. When I became a member here I took issue with Randell Mills calling his hydrinos dark matter, and gave my own theory for dark matter. You can find my theory on the BLP thread. But there's a piece missing. See if you can figure out the missing piece. Anyone can take a crack at it. I'll give you a few days. Have fun!🤠

  • Monkeypox isn’t the disease we should be worried about.

    Monkeypox isn’t the disease we should be worried about | John Vidal
    Climate change is likely to exacerbate the rapid spread of viruses and pathogens, says John Vidal, former Guardian environment editor

    It is no coincidence that since 1940, 335 new and potentially fatal diseases have emerged globally, over a period when the human population has trebled, the climate has changed and more meat is being eaten. Disease ecologists say that nothing increases the risk of a crossover of a pathogen from one species to another like the uncontrolled expansion of farming, and the exploitation by humans of wild species.

    It is now payback time for nature. The more human numbers have grown and we have encroached on wild spaces or imposed unnatural conditions on other species, the more we have created the ideal environments for viruses and pathogens to spill across species, mutate and spread. HIV, Ebola, Lassa fever and monkey pox in Africa; Sars and Covid-19 in China; Chagas, Machupo and Hantavirus in Latin America; Hendra in Australia; Mers in Saudi Arabia – all have all emerged in the past 75 years just as we have accelerated deforestation, moved to cities, come closer to animals and created a global economy.

    Most worrying for humans is not monkeypox, plague or even Ebola, which sound dangerous and exotic but are actually more or less controllable now with vaccines. Instead, the threat of a new bird flu, just as likely to come out of a farm in New York or England as one in China or Bolivia, now stalks humanity. Chicken is now the rich world’s most popular meat and tens of millions of near-genetically identical birds prone to catastrophic disease are being mass-reared at any one time, often in unhygienic conditions, and are able to mix with wild birds. It is only a matter of decades before a new highly pathogenic avian influenza strain evolves to be easily transmissible between humans.

  • Surgisphere II: Repeated refusals to disclose the death and hospitalization rates for the TOGETHER trial, ivermectin vs. placebo

    TrialSiteNews | Where Life Sciences Research Meets the World
    Negative results for ivermectin were presented in a single PowerPoint slide on August 6, 2021. These matched no results in the study report published seven…

    The TOGETHER trial tracked deaths and hospitalizations for COVID-19 treatment using ivermectin vs. placebo in one of its arms[1], but reported a primary outcome that had “uncertain clinical meaningfulness,” as the FDA described[2], echoing concerns expressed by the NIH[3]. Despite repeated requests from scientists, including in a May 10 letter akin to that which cracked the Surgisphere scientific misconduct scandal of June 2020[4], study coauthors have repeatedly refused to disclose the four numbers for comparative per protocol death and hospitalization rates (see below). These two outcomes were those that the FDA found, in contrast, “most clinically meaningful.”[5] In the absence of those four numbers, one direct calculation from the trial’s reported partial results yields 60% and 62% reductions, respectively, in deaths (p=0.002) and hospitalizations (p=1.7e-12) for ivermectin treatment[6].

    The back story of how study coauthors obscured and then refused to disclose these key outcomes began on August 6, 2021, when one of them, Dr. Edward Mills, hastened to announce negative results for the ivermectin arm of the TOGETHER trial via a PowerPoint presentation[7]. That was seven months before details were finally reported in a New England Journal of Medicine paper of March 30[8]. But those negative results of August 6, 2021 appeared in just one PowerPoint slide (p. 21 of the presentation)—and the March 30 study report matched none of its results, with considerable discrepancies for each[9]. That same PowerPoint slide also exposed a striking dissimulation: the study report obfuscated a highly irregular 58% placebo drop-out rate and associated outcomes.

  • So lets unpick this.

    "WHO did not recommend masks and lockdowns because science has always been against it".

    Rubbish, why do masks get used in medicine if they are of no use against pathogens?

    The question was whether masks are useful against the Covid 19 pathogen and when it first appeared we did know know the infection rates or fatality rates or much else. So where was the scientific case not to use masks for Covid 19?

    Similarly with lockdowns, they are a useful tool with certain pathogens but how useful or critical they might be with Covid 19 and its different variants could not be decided till science provided some data. I think that the original lockdowns were, to some extent, knee-jerk reactions but that does not mean they were of no value.

    "trolls like you will go on for ever..."

    In the post you comment on I have put no political arguments forward.

    I have not taken an extreme position for vaccines (e.g. forcing people to have them) or against vaccines (unlike you).

    I would hazard that what I am saying is very mainstream and nothing controversial.

    If putting a mainstream, uncontroversial statement is now classed as trolling then we are in trouble.

    In fact Wyttenbach if anyone is trolling it is you!

    You seem to have a lot of time for your trolling, based on the number of postings that you do.

    I have not kept up too much on the details of the ever growing conspiracies on here but I seem to remember some of the claims; maybe somebody could point out if I have any of these wrong, or if I have missed any biggies.

    + The virus was created by shadowy actors from the USA (possibly senior Democratic politicians and Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci) in a lab in China.

    + The CDC is in a secret league with the big pharmacy companies around the world.

    + This secret league includes an iron grip on the main sources of medical publishing such as The Lancet etc. none of these can be trusted.

    + Somehow the Russian invasion of Ukraine is linked into all this, allegedly because of further secret experiments in secret labs in Ukraine.

    + The vaccines are actually toxic and millions of people are already starting to die from them.


  • A baby would make the video 21 to 38 years old. and as I have told everyone in years past. I read up, pic a mod i trust and add to a PM. more then in the open.

    If at some point its relevant to the mod he will share it. i just keep building the same thing in new ways.

    Stop and work on a car from time to time. and not to tell people what to think.

    I'm not into Dark M like most are not into my projects. most are bossy in life. I let them be

    Internet problems lol look around...

    have a good day.

  • + The CDC is in a secret league with the big pharmacy companies around the world.

    + This secret league includes an iron grip on the main sources of medical publishing such as The Lancet etc. none of these can be trusted.

    It's no secret or theory:

    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: protecting the private good?

    Medical journals are corrupted by dependence on drug companies

    Payments by US pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers to US medical journal editors: retrospective observational study

  • How COVID disrupted other infections

    Infectious diseases are popping up in unusual ways — unseasonable surges in flu, for example, and the emergence of monkeypox in places where it’s not often found. “These viruses are not different than they were before, but we are,” notes health journalist Helen Branswell in a US-focused overview of how health protections that slowed the spread of COVID-19 have shifted the normal patterns of other infections.

    STAT | 8 min read

  • The most destructive species on the planet are ourselves, human beings. All we have done scientifically for the last century is to find ways of blaming other external 'objective' reasons to blame for our current problems, from new diseases to global warming. Nature is striking back to reduce the World Population with COVID, WAR and Mass Extinction.

  • As reports of ‘Paxlovid rebound’ increase, Covid researchers scramble for answers

    As reports of ‘Paxlovid rebound’ increase, Covid researchers scramble for answers
    Early on, clinicians ruled out the most concerning possibility for Paxlovid rebound: that the virus was evolving resistance to the drug, a prospect that could…

    Already, there’s been debate over how to address a rebound. Pfizer’s CEO, Albert Bourla, has suggested that patients who experience one take another course of the drug, while the Food and Drug Administration has put out guidance telling physicians the opposite. On Tuesday morning, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued its first official guidance, reiterating the FDA’s advice against re-treatment and telling rebounding patients to isolate for at least five days and mask for at least 10, as the agency currently advises for new infections.

    And yet, nearly a month after National Institute of Health officials said they needed to get “an urgent handle on the issue,” researchers are still struggling to understand the phenomenon, largely because no one has any idea how common it is or any way to track it.

  • Layered Nickelates and

    Un-classical Physics


    Prof. Botana is one of the most influential theorists in the field of unconventional superconductivity, particularly in layered nickelates....


    "We try to understand what are called quantum materials—materials where everything classical that we learned in our undergraduate studies falls apart and no one understands why they do the fun things they do," Botana joked. -end quotes

    Finding superconductivity in nickelates
    The study of superconductivity is littered with disappointments, dead ends, and serendipitous discoveries, according to Antia Botana, professor of physics at…

  • Paxcrap, the newest super spreader!

    People who rebound with COVID-19 after Paxlovid may be highly contagious, new studies suggest

    The findings come as federal regulators issue warning about Paxlovid rebound

    People who rebound with COVID-19 after Paxlovid may be highly contagious, new studies suggest - The Boston Globe
    The findings come as federal regulators issued a warning about Paxlovid rebounds.

    Federal health regulators on Tuesday issued a warning that COVID-19 patients who have taken the antiviral treatment Paxlovid may experience a rebound and test positive again two to eight days after initial recovery.

    The warning comes more than a month after droves of patients began swapping accounts on social media of COVID rebounds after taking Paxlovid.

    The alert from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said it continues to recommend Paxlovid for patients at high risk for serious complications from infection. It also said that people with a recurrence of COVID-19 symptoms, or a new positive test after having tested negative, should isolate again for at least five days. It added that people should wear a mask for a total of 10 days after rebound symptoms start.

    Rapid Relapse of Symptomatic Omicron SARS-CoV-2 Infection Following Early Suppression with Nirmatrelvir/Ritonavir

    Rapid Relapse of Symptomatic Omicron SARS-CoV-2 Infection Following Early Suppression with Nirmatrelvir/Ritonavir
    We describe relapse of COVID-19 symptoms and SARS-CoV-2 viral load following nirmatrelvir/ritonavir (NM/R) in 10 non-immunocompromised patients aged 31 to…

  • Honduras Real-World Study Suggests Important Role for Repurposed Drugs During COVID-19 Pandemic

    TrialSiteNews | Where Life Sciences Research Meets the World
    A team of physician-scientists affiliated with academic medical centers in the Central American nation of Honduras and the United States conducted an…

    A team of physician-scientists affiliated with academic medical centers in the Central American nation of Honduras and the United States conducted an observational cohort study involving the collection, organization, and analysis of real-world data from electronic medical records associated with a hospital’s outpatient clinic from November 2020 until October 2021. Specifically, the investigators, represented by a corresponding author affiliated with a major U.S. health system, tapped into, and analyzed patient data from the outpatient clinic at the Hospital Centro Medico Sanpedrano (CEMESA) in San Pedro Sula, Cortes, Honduras. A retrospective investigation, no institutional review board authorization of informed consent was necessary. The study included not only all patients aged 15 and above that were tested positive for COVID-19 via SARS-CoV-2 antigen or Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) tests but also close contacts who developed the signs and symptoms of COVID-19. The physicians embraced a “multidrug multifaceted treatment protocol” involving repurposed drugs to treat SARS-CoV-2, the virus behind COVID-19. Segmenting the study population of 415 patients into groups, those patients within seven days of SARS-CoV-2 onset and mild symptoms were given Ivermectin, Aspirin, Colchicine, Fluvoxamine, and Famotidine. By day 7, patients received Prednisolone and Apixaban if CT-chest showed signs of pulmonary infiltrates and elevated inflammatory markers. With the results reported in the peer-reviewed Epidemiology International Journal, Medwin Publishers, the investigators demonstrated that the low-cost, repurposed drug regimen focusing on treating the various symptomatic changes associated with COVID-19 brought success to the patients. Those patients administered the repurposed regimen fared markedly better than those patients given the standard of care recommended by World Health Organization (WHO). The study results demonstrate the urgency associated with the need for early treatment protocols for COVID-19, particularly in low-and middle-income countries (LMICs) where expensive therapies such as monoclonal antibodies or Ritonavir/Nirmatrelvir are difficult to access.

  • Perimeter leakage of face masks and its effect on the mask's efficacy featured


    Recent studies have shown that the effectiveness of the face masks depends not only on the mask material but also on their fit on faces. The mask porosity and fit dictate the amount of filtered flow and perimeter leakage. Lower porosity is usually associated with better filtration; however, lower porosity results in higher perimeter leakage. The resulting leakage jets generated from different types of faces and different mask porosities are of particular interest. Direct numerical simulations of the flow dynamics of respiratory events while wearing a face mask can be used to quantify the distribution of the perimeter leaks. Here, we present a novel model for porous membranes (i.e., masks) and use it to study the leakage pattern of a fabric face mask on a realistic face obtained from a population study. The reduction in perimeter leakage with higher porosities indicates that there would be an optimal porosity such that the total leakage and maximum leakage velocities are reduced. The current model can be used to inform the quantification of face mask effectiveness and guide future mask designs that reduce or redirect the leakage jets to limit the dispersion of respiratory aerosols

    Face Shape Influences Mask Fit, Suggests Problems with Double Masking Against COVID-19

    Face Shape Influences Mask Fit, Suggests Problems with Double Masking Against COVID-19 - AIP Publishing LLC
    Article: Perimeter leakage of face-masks and its effect on the mask’s efficacy DOI: 10.1063/5.0086320 WASHINGTON, May 3 2022 – In its updated guidance at the…

  • Tennessee Makes Ivermectin Available by Pharmacies while Stops Most Vaccine Mandates

    TrialSiteNews | Where Life Sciences Research Meets the World
    As TrialSite has reported, the State of Tennessee’s legislature has taken a different approach than many others during the tail end of the pandemic when…

    As TrialSite has reported, the State of Tennessee’s legislature has taken a different approach than many others during the tail end of the pandemic when it comes to vaccination and medical options for early-onset treatment. With the passage of SB 2188, a Tennessee pharmacist is now authorized to offer a COVID-19 patient ivermectin with no fear of disciplinary action against any prescribers of the drug typically used as an anti-parasitic—whether that be pharmacist or licensed provider. And anti-COVID-19 vaccine discriminatory laws were passed. For example, many businesses now can’t force an individual in the state to provide proof of vaccination. Yet another makes it against the law for the governor or state agency from making any orders requiring vaccine mandates.

    This Year at the State Legislature: Vaccine Mandates Out, Ivermectin In

    This Year at the State Legislature: Vaccine Mandates Out, Ivermectin In
    Health-related laws this session centered on vaccination requirements, limiting local health department power

  • Long COVID risk falls only slightly after vaccination, huge study shows

    Long COVID risk falls only slightly after vaccination, huge study shows
    Results suggest that vaccines offer less protection against lingering symptoms than expected.

    Vaccination against SARS-CoV-2 lowers the risk of long COVID after infection by only about 15%, according to a study of more than 13 million people1. That’s the largest cohort that has yet been used to examine how much vaccines protect against the condition, but it is unlikely to end the uncertainty.

    Long COVID — illness that persists for weeks or months after infection with SARS-CoV-2 — has proved difficult to study, not least because the array of symptoms makes it hard to define. Even finding out how common it is has been challenging. Some studies2,3 have suggested that it occurs in as many as 30% of people infected with the virus. But a November study4 of about 4.5 million people treated at US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) hospitals suggests that the number is 7% overall and lower than that for those who were not hospitalized.

    Another mystery has been whether long COVID is less likely to occur after a breakthrough infection — one in a person who has been vaccinated. In a 25 May study1 in Nature Medicine, nephrologist Ziyad Al-Aly at VA Saint Louis Health Care System in St Louis, Missouri, and his colleagues — the same team that authored the November study — looked at VA health records from January to December 2021, including those of about 34,000 vaccinated people who had breakthrough SARS-CoV-2 infections, 113,000 people who had been infected but not vaccinated and more than 13 million people who had not been infected.

  • Fun playground...

    The hydrogen economy might morph into the hydride or better yet the superhydride...

    Could CMNS energy (solid state) technologies be considered a class of superhydride energy tech?

    Might this article lend insight into oossible CMNS superconductivity phenomena within various CMNS layered lattice nanostructures?

    Yttrium, Lutetium, Cerium and other rare Earth's yet also common tin, Sulphur and zirconium are theorized and discussed.


    In addition, alkali-earth, rare-earth, and other superhydrides are theoretically suggested to possibly possess high temperature SC at high pressures 6,7,8,9,10,11. Those metal superhydrides favor to form hydrogen rich coordination such as clathrate-like cage structures at high pressure where the metal ions are located in the center of the H clathrates and act as carrier donor. The occupation of the unfilled anti-bonding σ* orbitals of the H2 molecules by the electrons from the metal ions would enhance to dissociate the H2 molecules hence form H clathrates. Since the discovery of SC in sulfur hydrides, other superhydrides have been experimentally reported to have SC, including LaH, YH9, CeH9, ThH, zirconium polyhydrides, tin hydrides, YH4, and LuH3 etc.

    Superconductivity Above 200 K Discovered in Superhydrides of Calcium

    Superconductivity above 200 K discovered in superhydrides of calcium - Nature Communications
    The discovery of superconductivity in hydrides at critical temperature (Tc) near room temperature receives intensive attentions. Here the authors report…


    Searching for superconductivity with Tc near room temperature is of great interest both for fundamental science & many potential applications. Here we report the experimental discovery of superconductivity with maximum critical temperature (Tc) above 210 K in calcium superhydrides, the new alkali earth hydrides experimentally showing superconductivity above 200 K in addition to sulfur hydride & rare-earth hydride system. The materials are synthesized at the synergetic conditions of 160~190 GPa and ~2000 K using diamond anvil cell combined with in-situ laser heating technique. The superconductivity was studied through in-situ high pressure electric conductance measurements in an applied magnetic field for the sample quenched from high temperature while maintained at high pressures. The upper critical field Hc(0) was estimated to be ~268 T while the GL coherent length is ~11 Å. The in-situ synchrotron X-ray diffraction measurements suggest that the synthesized calcium hydrides are primarily composed of CaH6 while there may also exist other calcium hydrides with different hydrogen contents.

  • It's the 2011 plan of a mentally ill again recycled in 2022.