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  • One day a man, dressed like a homeless, came at my door, presenting himself as professor in medieval archeology.

    "Your garden is on an ancient Templar abbey, with part of a treasure of total 1MnEur of gold spread on the 3 neighboring houses including yours...

    I propose you an agreement , you fund my tools and I give you all the gold on your land"

    I am managing a small business of 20000$, and have saved few hundreds...

    I like lottery, history, and money and why not believe this strange man... after all professors are often strangely dressed...

    We agree on

    1- I give him 10$ so he show me a coin

    3- Then I pay him 100$ if he explains how to find gold in my garden, with a license to keep all the gold for me.

    4- Later if he can try to sell few coins to a gold trader with a public billing I agree to pay him 890$

    I pay him 10$, and later he came back with a tiny showel, dig mysteriously, find what looks like a coin.

    My wife looks at it, and it seems genuine but it is done so quickly that nothing is sure.

    He gave me strange maps of treasure, with depth, signs to follow... I pay 100$.

    I test for month in vain in my garden.

    Later he came back with a friend who certify one of the coin is good gold... later we discover that he does not know how to differentiate nitric acide and chloridric acid...

    Then he dig into my garden in a tent, say he find a nice handful of coin, that I never see myself, present me a gold trader, show me the bill for the trade, and finally publish the report of a satisfying sale...

    But things seems more frightening as all seems fake, from the tent, the client, the coin, ... I ask him what he is playing with, so he reassure me, because maybe I simply don't understand academics ...

    He sue me for 890$

    Finally I did not pay, because OK to pay 110$ to see, but once I've seen there is nothing, I just want this bum put in jail... I'm a nasty capitalist, a bit moralist too.

    Pardon me Lord.

    Moderating myself. Moved to The Playground, because too nasty story.

  • Anyone notice in 207-47 the exchange between Rossi and Bass, where Rossi wants him (Bass) to come up with a transformer that converts 5-20 watts, to 5 million Vs?

    Bass expands a bit on that, in 207-48, pg 130.

    My totally wild conjecture is this:

    Andrea Rossi was trying to perform some type of nuclear transmutation or isotopic shifting on the series of substances he "processed" in the JM Products container on the other side of the wall. In fact, in one of the depositions, James Bass states that "energy conversion" was taking place in the trailer via an "endothermic" process. Now, I'm NOT saying that a nuclear process took place in the JM Products container or not -- we have zero evidence of what actually happened to the platinum sponge, nickel, and then the mixture of graphite and industrial diamonds. However, the fact the containers they were put into are referenced as "reactors" (I realize chemical processes can happen in reactors) and the high voltages Rossi was applying make me think he was trying to perform a very unique nuclear process.

    In one part of the deposition of James Bass -- remember that we only got to see the bits and pieces IH desired to present -- he mentions that electric fields are needed for the Rossi Effect. This perfectly matches with my current thinking. My tentative hypothesis is that Rossi was subjecting the substances (platinum sponge, nickel, and then graphite/diamonds) to a combination of heat, perhaps catalysts, and electric fields to induce nuclear changes.

    He was probably hoping to produce either valuable or useful materials from the "reactors" in the JM Products container.

  • remember that we only got to see the bits and pieces IH desired to present

    I do not believe this is correct. The court decides what is posted and not posted, not Rossi or IH. Either can request a seal on testimony, but the court has to grant it first and then only grants it under very certain and rare circumstances. So I do not believe your insinuation that IH is covering up or only showing the "bits and pieces" that benefit them is correct at all. Same for Rossi.

    I have wondered why there are gaps in the documents as well. Sometime rather large gaps. The record has shown that the court has been very restrictive on sealing testimony. I believe the gaps are simply some component of the recorder's process. Perhaps others know?

  • Certain have earned the privileged -- in the eyes of moderation -- of mocking other users and calling them vermin, cockroaches, know-nothings, knuckle heads, new agers, and an assortment of other names. Everyone here must accept it and move on. Seriously, the moderation has the right to selectively enforce whatever policies they desire. None of us should comment or criticize them for differential treatment: there are no set and standard rules of conduct on LENR Forum. None. Zip. Zero. We should just verbally repeat to ourselves the worst insults we can imagine to desensitize ourselves or leave of our own accord.

    Do you watch, "The Walking Dead?"

    We have to accept we are all Negan for as long as we post here.

  • Pleeeeease Eric, save us from this defensive speech... Your bias is acknowledged, that is fine. We all have it to some degree.

  • Ah. Like quite a lot of others in this thread (including myself at one time or another i must admit)

    So what are these other things you were writing about in your answer to peter?

    Since there are people who are allowed to throw shit and ad homs around since they are "close to the players" amongst other things I wonder what these other things are.

  • Since there are people who are allowed to throw shit and ad homs around since they are "close to the players" amongst other things I wonder what these other things are.

    As I said, I wish no one engaged in ad hom. Even people who are close to the action put themselves at risk by doing so. But deciding on who adds value to this forum and how much is always a judgment call. People who do nothing more than shitposting add no value and will not last long here.

  • To be fair to Eric, this job isn't easy, and a certain amount of appealing for better behaviour via email and other off -forum methods to the more egregious offenders has been tried by me and other team members with mixed results. I support what Eric has done today, and will support (almost absolutely totally definitely;)) what he might do tomorrow. There will be no bullying here if I can help it.

  • I am Negan.

    As Negan, I accept that some users in the Savior compound have a right to mock, belittle, insult, and call other users names while others do not. This is the new of life that all must accept

    As someone who is allowed to reside at the Savior compound, I do not question Negan's willingness to apply differential treatment. This is the aftermath of the LENR Apocalypse. Not all users are created equal under Negan. Although I am Negan, I do not make Negan's decisions for him.

    As Negan, I recognize his elect upper class has power over the underlings of the underlings. They are officially on "Easy Street" because Negan says so.

    If we do not pay proper tribute to Negan, we risk the threat of his ban hammer, which is clearly visible in the above image.