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  • This arrived in my morning “Medium” daily selection e-mail, and I thought interesting to share here, but not LENR related, and frankly, exotic enough to belong to the Playground thread, as a ray of “antigravity” that is measured to be 64x faster than light and not loose energy after passing through concrete houses and traveling 1,2 Km., it’s kind of Sci Fi, but the researcher claims and experiments are published.…ty-generator-8749bbdc8378

    They say the stones markings are from a fabric weave but I have wondered if the pattern was more of a wave as it expands thought-out.

  • playground fun.

    Even though it looks like I've been posting various projects its all related to building the ball

    plating materials with inorganics to insulation and release carbon and gasses like icecream in a baked dough routine to keep the lower core from going.

    the inner ball versus the outer skin. alchemy to breakdown the materials within. the different casings feeding the materials to the focus point and use RF to cold bond all the ingredients with time to seek new orbits and return to a solid.

    what the new orbits will be or how reactive, what the decay rate will be using a cold bond method and using insulated very active material throughout the ball... reactive to magnetic fields ect Its still a long way to go.

    but its fun to think about.

  • ... "Finally, again on the researching of prior art - often an inventor or discoverer did something in a less than "clinical" fashion, and this haphazard method is where the key lies! But they often do not realize this, nor do the blind followers. (so while you pointed to a replication - I'm sure done very professionally and faithfully - it may have missed the key almost entirely, because something was less than ideal, and actually caused the conditions to make the material, or process of creating the experiment - unknowingly)."

    RE: Successful attempts in university of Bengaluru / India

    Fogbank example