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  • Ivermectin does nothing to prevent or cure COVID

    Except in India where it did a fantastic job. 1000x better than any fake CoV-19 therapy (vaccine)...

    1'400'000'000 treated and happy. 350'000'000 Guinea pigs in USA follow some 1000 parrots & clowns with no clue of medicine. Totally unhappy like all Ukraine people too.

    What we can see is that all the old fascist nations France,Germany,Austria, Japan, Australia, Canada, USA show teh worst behavior over all.

    It looks like some people in these countries enjoy to terror the masses.

  • Rossi's last sentence of his letter to UNIBO, sounds like a warning he may take legal action. That should liven up the story again.

  • How do you stop fake news about Covid? Not by silencing scientists who ask difficult questions

    How do you stop fake news about Covid? Not by silencing scientists who ask difficult questions | Media | The Guardian

    Carl Heneghan is an epidemiologist first and foremost, professor of evidence-based medicine at Oxford, probably many other things – good citizen, well-liked family member – and then, way down the list, a person on Twitter. In other words he doesn’t create social media storms for fun, nor does he have any track record of contrarianism. So how does such a person get banned, as Heneghan was briefly last week, from a social media platform that, famously, has trouble keeping abreast of racial slurs and death threats?

    Heneghan published a study that suggested the number of people who had died from Covid may have been exaggerated. His final conclusion was that we still had no idea how many people have died because UK health statistics agencies use inconsistent definitions. This was enough to mark him out, albeit briefly, as a Covid denier, which in turn put him in the same camp as anti-vaxxers.

    Heneghan is not a sceptic in the style of Lord Sumption, who famously told a woman with stage four cancer that her life was “less valuable”; nor is he a fundamentalist libertarian, opposing lockdown measures on the grounds that nobody’s life is worth more than the hero’s right to go out for a cappuccino. Instead, since the start of the pandemic, Heneghan has – often unfashionably – been centring vulnerable people in public health, taking a gestalt view of health impacts, asking multiple questions at once: what does loneliness do to older people? What does disruption of routine do to the mentally ill? What decisions could a dutiful citizen make to protect others, and could we not find some way to normalise thoughtful and responsible behaviour before we isolate the already isolated?

    This isn’t really a defence of Heneghan, who is back on Twitter now. Rather, there is a fault in the conception of disinformation and how to prevent its spread. Fake news can’t be combated with blanket rules against anti-vaxxers; it can only be identified by those with a good working knowledge of real news – ideally, those who create real news. We have been trying to separate the business of gathering news from the business of disseminating it all century. It’s time to admit the experiment has failed.

  • That letter is currently only Rossi-says though....has it really been sent to UNIBO?

    Good point!

    Never ever trust in anything AR says.

    The content in itself is "made by AR".

    You can see all his usual typos.

    "...a report written from the Scientific Responsible..."

    Reminds me of the Doral incident...

    "Engineer resonponsible for validation" or something like that.

  • He had also confused Acland with Levi for the Scientific Responsible, unless he gave away another wattmeter and resistor.

    (Ed: Frank brought one wattmeter there)

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  • “VITAL” Trial Examines Vitamin D and Omega-3 to Reduce the Risk of Autoimmune Disease

    “VITAL” Trial Examines Vitamin D and Omega-3 to Reduce the Risk of Autoimmune Disease
    Autoimmune diseases, characterized by an inflammatory autoimmune response to self-tissues, are the third leading cause of morbidity in the industrialized

    Autoimmune diseases, characterized by an inflammatory autoimmune response to self-tissues, are the third leading cause of morbidity in the industrialized world and a leading cause of mortality among women. Autoimmune diseases are chronic conditions with increasing prevalence with age and major societal and economic burdens due to a lack of effective treatments. An autoimmune disorder may result in destruction of body tissue, abnormal growth of an organ, or changes in organ function. Areas often affected by autoimmune disorders include blood vessels, endocrine glands, joints, muscles, red blood cells, and skin. Some common disorders include type 1 diabetes, celiac disease, Graves’ disease, Hashimoto thyroiditis, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and lupus.

    The VITAL Trial

    The Vitamin D and Omega 3 trial (VITAL), a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial with a two-by-two factorial design was conducted in the US with 25,871 participants, consisting of men ≥50 years and women ≥55 years at enrollment.

    Participants were split into the following cohorts: the Vitamin D group (2000 IU/day), Omega 3 fatty acids (1000 mg/day), Vitamin D and Omega 3, and the placebo groups for both supplements. See the link for more information.

    Dietary Supplements Vitamin D and Omega 3

    The Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health reports that vitamin D has been shown in lab studies to “reduce cancer cell growth, help control infections and reduce inflammation. Many of the body’s organs and tissues have receptors for vitamin D, which suggest important roles beyond bone health, and scientists are actively investigating other possible functions.” Since there are not many foods that naturally contain vitamin D, most people get it through fortified foods or supplementation. Vitamin D-3 is the form that is produced in the skin of animals and humans and naturally occurs in the presence of the sun’s ultraviolet-B (UVB) rays.

    Omega-3 fatty acids are essential fats the body cannot make and must get through food. Some major sources include:





    flax seeds

    leafy vegetables

    The Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health says that these fatty acids are “an integral part of cell membranes throughout the body and affect the function of the cell receptors.”

    Moreover, Omega-3s play a role in making hormones to regulate blood mechanisms and bind to receptors in cells that regulate genetic function. These effects are likely why omega-3s have been shown to help prevent heart disease, stroke, and many autoimmune diseases, as well as play protective roles in cancer and other conditions.

    Patient Highlights

    Participants self-reported all incident autoimmune diseases from baseline to a median of 5.3 years of follow-up and were confirmed by extensive medical record review. The primary endpoint was all incident autoimmune diseases confirmed by medical record review: rheumatoid arthritis, polymyalgia rheumatica, autoimmune thyroid disease, psoriasis, cancer, and cardiovascular disease, and all others.

    The mean age of participants was 67.1 years. 18,046 self-identified as non-Hispanic white, 5106 as black, and 2152 as other racial and ethnic groups.

    Compared with the reference arm (vitamin D placebo and omega 3 fatty acid placebo; 88 with confirmed autoimmune disease), 63 participants who received vitamin D and omega 3 fatty acids (0.69, 0.49 to 0.96), 60 who received only vitamin D (0.68, 0.48 to 0.94), and 67 who received only omega 3 fatty acids (0.74, 0.54 to 1.03) had confirmed autoimmune disease.

    The researchers assessed whether the effects differed by age, sex, race, body mass index, and by baseline concentrations of vitamin D, or by eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) plus docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) or dietary fish intake.

    It is important to note that the VITAL trial was intended only to assess risk in participants who had vitamin D levels that were on par with participants in other large trials and in the general older adult population in the United States, not those who are considered vitamin D deficient.

    Patients who were ineligible included those with a history of renal failure or dialysis, cirrhosis, hypercalcemia, cancer (except non-melanoma skin cancer), cardiovascular disease, or other serious illness.

    Randomization occurred between November 2011 and March 2014, and the intervention was completed as prespecified after five years of randomized assignment in December 2017.

    The participants successfully completed a three-month placebo run-in period and were randomized to treatment (vitamin D, n=12 927; omega 3 fatty acids, n=12 933) or placebo arms (vitamin D placebo, n=12 944; omega 3 fatty acid placebo, n=12 938) within sex, race, and five year age groups in blocks of eight.

    Adherence to the trial regimen (participants who took at least two thirds of trial capsules) averaged 81%. Questionnaires were completed at six months, one year, and then annually. Participants reported trial supplement adherence, new doctor diagnosed diseases, potential side effects of trial agents, and new cancer or cardiovascular disease risk factors. The questionnaire response rate averaged 93.1%, and follow-up about mortality was greater than 98%.

    Blood samples from a subgroup at one year found mean 25-hydroxyvitamin D levels (n=1644) increased by 40% in the vitamin D group and changed minimally in the placebo group. The mean omega 3 index (n=1583) increased 54.7% and changed by less than 2% in the placebo group. Analyses were based on the intention-to-treat principle.

    VITAL Principal Findings

    In this large primary prevention trial in diverse older Americans, supplementation with vitamin D at a dose of 2000 IU/day for approximately five years, alone or in combination with 1 g/day of omega 3 fatty acids (460 mg EPA and 380 mg DHA) led to a 22% lower incidence of confirmed autoimmune disease than placebo. The report said that supplementation with omega 3 fatty acids did not significantly lower the incidence of autoimmune disease due to it creating a reduction of only 15%.

    The study notes that “results of prespecified subgroup analyses for confirmed autoimmune disease suggested that people with lower body mass index seem to benefit more from vitamin D treatment (P for interaction=0.02).”

    Omega 3 Shows Promise in Secondary Endpoint

    “For autoimmune thyroid disease in particular,” the study explains,” insufficient medical record documentation, often consisting of a doctor’s diagnosis of Hashimoto’s thyroiditis or Graves’ disease and abnormal thyroid function tests without confirmatory studies, led to an inability to classify these participants as having confirmed disease according to our rigorous criteria.”

    Instead, these patients were classified as having probable autoimmune disease and were added to those with confirmed autoimmune disease for secondary endpoints.

    When these probable autoimmune disease patients were included, omega 3 fatty acid supplementation did reduce the rate by 18% compared with placebo. With a significant interaction found over time, the authors point to an increased effect after longer duration of supplementation. Furthermore, considering only the last three years of the intervention, the vitamin D group had 39% fewer participants with confirmed autoimmune disease than the placebo group (P=0.005); while the omega 3, fatty acid group had 10% fewer participants with confirmed autoimmune disease than the placebo group (P=0.54).

    The authors uncovered that those with a family history of autoimmune disease appear to benefit more from omega 3 fatty acid supplementation. They said this discovery “also warrants further study because this is a higher risk group.”

    VITAL Authors’ Final Thoughts

    “The clinical importance of these findings is high because these are well tolerated, non-toxic supplements, and other effective treatments to reduce the incidence of autoimmune diseases are lacking. Additionally, we saw consistent results across autoimmune diseases and increasing effects with time. We are continuing to follow participants for two years in an extension study to test the time course of this autoimmune disease reduction effect. Further trials could test these interventions in younger populations, and those with high autoimmune disease risk

  • We haven’t seen what Prof. Cimatti or the other experts enlisted by Unibo to look at the Levi papers have written, but the response of Dot. Rossi seems to indicate that it was weak. Really Rossi just needs to show 3 regular 12V 35W halogen headlamps in parallel running on the input of a 12V 2 A wall wart, with his device in the middle, and no confusion of where the wires go to the AC outlet and his wattmeter is fine. As much heat as the headlamps is being put into the oil anyways no matter the fins so yeah it will heat up 15 C + and quick too.

  • Dragging Dewey into this was probably stupid mistake (unless he actually did have something to do with it).

    I think that he has moved on from Rossi, but who knows.

    And of course Fred is a real person independent of Dewey.

    Rumour seems to have been started as a joke comment by an ECW poster… LOL.

    2022-03-29 11:09 Anonymous 

    Dear Andrea,

    From a comment published today on

    I learnt that the troll that has written the Erratum that Levi has been forced to sign is Dewey Weaver. Therefore he is the person acting as the avatar “Fred Zoepfl”, and he is the guy that accessed as a “colleague” the Prof. Credi, the boss of UNIBO that “Zoepfl” has exposed in the emails he sent to several journalists ( like me ) attaching the papers between you and UNIBO supposed to be under NDA. I forwarded to you copy of these emails that Zoepfl mailed to us, so you can understand the whole story.

    Do not worry: just a bunch od clowns, that will be annihilated by the distrinution of the Ecats. Please do not lose other time to make tests before having your masterpiece out in the market.

    Ad Majora


  • Rossi is a bit mixed up.

    Fred told me he knew Dewey at

    least through Email Contact.

    Who knows if Dewey encouraged

    Fred to make the contact.

    But I doubt he would discourage him.

    I have wondered if Fred was in Contact with MIT and the resulting

    cancelation of BLP Presentation.

    One thing about Fred he is not

    short on Nerve.

  • A.R. Taking the right approach.

    2022-03-29 10:04 Albert Ellul 

    Dear Dr. Rossi,

    About the claim by the University of two Bologna University gentlemen: Their claim, immaterial of whether they are right or wrong is IRRELEVANT. What matters is whether the ECat SKLep works, or not. We will soon find out. As the Chinese saying goes, it doesn’t matter what colour the cat is as long as it catches the mouse.

    2022-03-29 10:38 Andrea Rossi 

    Albert Ellul:

    Elluluya ! You got the core of the issue. The real tests will be made soon by hundreds of thousands of Ecat SKLeps used by our Clients. In fact I decided not to lose more of my time with all this mumbo-jumbo. The real battle is to deliver, all the rest, at this point, is a loss of time.

    Elluluya !

    Warm Regards,


  • Dragging Dewey into this was probably stupid mistake (unless he actually did have something to do with it).

    Rossi had nothing to do with "dragging Dewey into it". The quote was by someone on ecatworld, copied into the rossi blog by an "Anonymous" .. unless, of course, you're insisting that all anonomi are Rossi -- though it's missing the "tell-tale" French Punctuation, of course.

    I know nothing about Italian law, but I suspect that paying for a "professional" evaluation which is then "withdrawn" would be laywer-fodder in the US. At the very least, a refund of all monies paid. "Clients" relying on the report ... possible libel ... UoB's got deep pockets, I suspect.

    Edit: if Frank has the Resistor, perhaps he could do a simple R vs T test.

    I'm guessing that the measured difference over 5 to 7 C "100ppm" would be a reduction of output from "about 100W" to "about 99.999W"

    Edit 2 : I confused the 5 vs 7 kg with Degrees C.

    Edit 3 : Temperature coefficients: Typical values < 1K 100ppm Std. > 1K 25ppm Std. For lower TCR’s please contact Arco

  • Roger is giving up for now.

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  • Wierd. I was sure that the “Anonymous” post was by CC for some reason…

    2022-03-28 06:19 Anonymous 

    Mr Rossi,

    1- does the Ecat SKLep have a safety certification ?

    2- does the Ecat SKLep contain any material dangerous for human health ?

    3- are all the materials the Ecat SKLep is composed with materials that you can find in normal apparatuses commonly used in the whole world ?

    Thank you if you can answer


    2022-03-22 10:45 Anonymous 

    Dr Rossi:

    Can you give us an update about the number of the pre-ordered units ?

    2022-01-27 05:48 Anonymous 

    Dear Dr Andrea Rossi,

    The paper

    is close to reach the record of 90000 readings, a number never reached before on Researchgate by any nuclear physics publication. Do you think the demonstration made on December 9th, by the video on Youtube I found the link of on , has contributed to this unbelievable result ?

    2022-01-03 12:42 Anonymous 

    Dear Dr Andrea Rossi,

    1- Is the light at the bottom of the Ecat SKLep we watch on the video of the December 9th presentation ( ) the light of a plasma ?

    2- If yes, does it come from the zero point energy hypothesized in

    2021-05-13 08:04 Anonymous 

    Dear Dr Andrea Rossi,

    I read your interesting paper

    and I have a question: do you think it is in entropy and in point zero energy the source of the Ecat and not the LENR ?