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  • Maybe he is tired, people often get piss'd off when tired. I am sure he would wish everyone here happy holidays. He will be back. Even if its to justify a perceived slander or to correct a mistake. I am confident that he will. It is the nature of people that spend their lives helping others. Besides he loves a good argument. Or else as you say he just can not handle the heat. :blackeye: But I guess we will never know.

  • I am dense as I have said before. Per the above post what is Abd's "situation?" I am missing something. I thought he took a break (one way or the other) but I never thought of it beyond that. Is he now banned? and if so when does it expire?

    I have to make a correction to my previous posts as it turns out that Abd is actually permanently banned.…d-banned-from-lenr-forum/

    A blog seems like a better format for him, but hopefully he doesn't feel too lonely out there!

  • It’s my speculation that our Emperor Napoleon was confined to his online Elba (rapidly becoming his St Helena) due to his attempts to organise a boycott of this forum.

    And I wonder how similar his tale of being banned from vortex-L is to this situation, if one were bothered to delve into it deeper.

    Also congratulations to the joker going by the handle of 'zeus45' on that site: Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

  • I would kindly ask the forum decision makers to come together and allow Abd-Lomax to keep being able to post here at lenr-forum.

    It would be hypocritical of me to me to criticize a very common forum practice/action such as time limited ban (that I would agree with depending on circumstance). In this case, a permaban is misused and is both unwarranted and uncalled for. I have never once seen this user post banned words or images given his prolixity aside.

    But it is important for me to speak out clearly,as he is not here to troll. This is far from what his posts are. I find them meaningful, substantial and informative. His help with the Rossi/IH case is invaluable.

    I would imagine he gets the point by now. So in the same vein I would kindly ask you to also understand this point has been plainly made and make a public statement that the ban has been lifted. Make it clear one way or the other. If he has a software login issue, I would ask that it be addressed. If this is being addressed and in process I apologize as I understand that things take time.

  • Eric Walker : Don't cheat me: I asked you for an e-mail adress, where you can send the various papers. I certainly will not recap all he posts with the references...

    Hi Wyttenbach, not my intention to cheat you. If you can point to the post where you asked for an email address, then my apologies (I don't recall the request, but sometimes I miss things).

    You do not need to mail me any papers. Some citations of journal/Arxiv/JCMNS/Vixra/PDF articles will be sufficient. You have provided links to summaries in the past, but what I'm hoping for is one or more experimental writeups, focusing on a single experiment, and not summarizing over a long period of time.

  • Knock Knock:

    A: Who is there?
    B: A ham sandwich that sometimes has way way too much ham.
    A: A way way ham sandwich who?

    C: A ham sandwich that has a lot of ham (maybe too much streaming ham at time about the Rossi case ) but does not have any bologna.

    //Maybe it is time to review bans, it is a New Year. :saint:

  • Don't be such a wuss!

    High-value contributors here have more latitude to be obnoxious and bullying than low-value contributors. I have just let a low-value contributor know that if he continues to personalize things and be a bully, this will be a problem for him. And it will. He's a guest here.

    I am not particularly fond of MrSelfSutain's posts; I have him blocked. But at least he does not let things get too personal.

    ETA: I did not have myself in mind in the first group.

  • There have been a few times lately when it seems that you are letting this moderator role go to your head. Back off a little please.

    I can see how that might seem to be the case to you. But we're trying to raise the level of conversation here. For many months it's been a lot like a petty cat fight. By contrast, I've seen what lists and forums are like when people are respectful to one another, and it's very different than it's been here. I am quite happy with where things are headed, but they will not get there without some unpopular decisions. I do not mind that you and Jed disagree with some of the actions I've taken.

  • Well, I miss Alan's: "green spaghetti monster" warnings. They were effective, and did not get peoples dander up. Lately though, too much "parent to child", talking down, talk.

    I agree about being vigilant so LF stays healthy, but there is a way to moderate, and then there is THE way to moderate.

    Last I say on the matter.

    Not quite! Alan.

  • Eric Walker,
    I try to subscribe to keep (my attitude and comments) up beat and with a thick skin approach. You are right in that we are getting petty and too personal a bit when it is just not needed.
    Also I am glad that you have been posting legal documents from "the case".

    Some users do not have other places to go though. They have been triple banned (elsewhere) and even their ghost ids have been banned. This forum has some good people who care about what the others think, we should all strive to keep it civil. Regarding bans, I would like to ask that we limit bans to maybe 6 months or so but to put a definite limit on it. We run the risk of "tossing out" both the good and the bad. It is not hard to tell who can not behave in a public forum versus those who can understand a warning.

    One thing about Rossi is that he is a polarizing figure, and we could be looking at the end game soon, and we need all the eyes on it that feel that they can contribute to the dialogue. I find this place (LF) interesting as so many folks from different parts of the world can come together quickly to show insight on issues that interest us all. I find that in technical environments people are not just more intelligent but more complex (difficult) as well.

  • We run the risk of "tossing out" both the good and the bad. It is not hard to tell who can not behave in a public forum versus those who can understand a warning.

    There's only a small handful of people recently active who have anything remotely to be concerned about. There's no one who is active at the moment that I would guess would be permanently banned (although I cannot speak for other mods). There are a small number of people here whose behavior is problematic, and we're gradually figuring out ways to handle that in a proportional manner. It's a learning process. A series of temporary bans is definitely on the table.

    This place is definitely not Vortex, where almost anything goes. If that's what one's expectations are calibrated to, I suggest one call to mind other forums and lists, where the expectations are higher.

  • Both Shane, both Rigel, Walker and Rothwell have indeed their bit of truth.

    My observation (which can be indeed wrong) is, Mr. Walker is chiropractic by profession, he's family oriented and otherwise he is pro-social - so that he doesn't mind, when the forum occasionally gets Facebook character and it changes into twaddling social club, if only everyone loves and upvotes each other. Whereas me and Jed in particular are scientists, who are forced to read well minded but naive thoughts again and again and separate them from pure informational noise.

    IMO the present tension is given by general lack of stimulating experiments and outputs at the LENR scene and subsequent frustration of posters here. The era of big hopes and expectations is over and now we are forced to follow the thin layer of progress, before it will get self-censored and hidden for public again. Under such a situation the twaddlers and free thinkers are logically gaining more space here.

    Of course one doesn't want to have another Physics Exchange forum, which is strictly moderated toward establishment - but to build clueless social club of twaddlers is the viable option neither. The role of moderators here is to separate the posts and mutual interaction of these two groups. The low information density / off topic posts and speculations without sources should be sieved into their corresponding threads and the downvoting should serve for this purpose as a clue for moderators.