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  • Since Abd can not post here - I would like to call attention to this if I may. (mods please remove this post but I doubt you will as I think you respect honesty)

    His article entitled "Get out of the new road if you can’t lend a hand" is worth a good read. While I understand that he writes at length which does not fit in with the narrative here , I respect his depth even if I do not always agree with it. So a link to his blog. For now it is on his main page, but since he is prolific that will change shortly.

    I always listen to folks here and then decide. I recommend we always get a point of view.

    I have tried to contact him to ask questions but his blog does not provide an out of band email address. He would be well advised to see if wordpress is hampering his style. Since his older emails do not work and wordpress contact buttons do not seem to work either, I will assume he will read this. He follows us and we should look at his point of view, unless we challenge it.

  • So Alan inserts himself again - and into the Playground no less.

    What wisdom do you have to share with us about your decision to alter the conversation this time Alan? The Lugano reactor was Durapot 810 alumina cement, not anywhere close to the 99% alumina that was reported by Levi in the official report. Where would you like to start Alan?

  • Alan - You may need to think about being influenced by listening to so many cats. I am here to defend my peeps who are constantly under attack from the Planet Rossi remnant and have been since April 2016. There are not as many of them as there were before and their passive aggressive / misleading with lies style apparently doesn't bother you in the least.

    Are you so impacted by this exchange that a 99% pure alumina test result from a respectable professor at a respectable university from a the test reactor that was no where close to that purity is not fair game in the Playground of all places?

  • Alan - We know that the Bologna University folks have kept their integrity so there are no questions or concerns there - I have no doubt that they tested and reported on material that was delivered to them by Levi. Taking it from there, what part of the story would you like adjust from a Durapot 810 reactor at Lugano to 99% pure alumina material test result with Levi as the middleman per his own words?

    • Official Post

    Everybody should calm down. There is no innocent.

    The few who have not been accused, in private or in public, of being paid by IH or by Rossi by someone they trusted for long should feel lucky.

    For those who are surprised to be flamed, to have absurd arguments opposed to their solid facts, the end of a groupthink is more violent than the beginning. Mindguards are like the last fighters in Fort Alamo.

    Anyway the silent majority appreciate moderation, and read the calm claims. Evidences and attachement would be more appreciated than humour.

  • Alan,

    No I wrote a long post (not the one I deleted) to say that he should not ascribe age related illness to another contributor.

    I did not say it in kind words either. But he rationalizes saying its his training. So it must be right.

    Other than that, I read down into other words in the blog actually. Since his vocabulary is that of a writer; I tossed in "ludibrio, aut aliquid ioco" which to save some translation is "something said in jest or mockery" it was in reference to his earlier comment of calling something jape. He does not know anyones health status, but his response I will knowingly state back, will be that the other contributor has said that himself, and often.

    He argues long past the need to. Naturally I would like him to come back, just as some others would.

    Something was said that night between two forum members, and poof he was gone. I just did not see where he violated the rules. So how would I know if I did? moderating is a hard job, I have said I could not do it. I meant it. But you have moderate, I recommend leaving the playground alone, let the kids fall off the swings then dust themselves off and get back on again.

  • I agree with the call for peace. There is no benefit in provoking each other. And, for the most part, there's very little benefit in debating the various issues discussed in this thread when we are lacking the complete perspective, the full collection of evidence, and countless facts. I for one don't want to argue, even though I make the mistake of doing so from time to time. All of our nerves would be less frayed if we just decided to wait until the trial begins. It is obvious to me that we won't even see 1% of the evidence until that happens. If the so called "Plant Rossi" people (I absolutely hate that term because it lumps everyone together) want to present themselves as rational and reasonable, they should set the example for EVERYONE'S behavior by refraining from taunting, name calling, flame baiting, etc.

  • Fine with me.

    Let's bury the hatchet and see what happens next.

    All in all it has been a wild ride already, hasn't it?

  • Since one of the things I find as a common thread among us LENR folk is that we are interested in the planet. This is a link on the Larsen Ice Shelf which is 100 miles long by 1/2 mile deep and the size of the US state of Delaware. Since the link is the New York Times it may be paywalled for some. Try the second link. The break is roughly 625 sq. miles.




  • Comments about an allegedly wrong test are fine, but unfounded speculation about how that might have happened which involves suggestions of deceptive behaviour by someone not on trial is not.

    If your friend the prof is an upstanding citizen as you say, then someone else must be playing games with fake samples. Do you think the material magically transmuted? Do you think it got lost in the mail and another sample showed up by coincidence? It seems to me this is strong evidence of hanky-panky. What else could it be?

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