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  • Do they if they didn't pay for it yet?

    If there has been a successful GPT according to the agreement. Then IH has broken the agreement by not paying. And then I don't think they can keep the license unless they pay 89 millions.

    If the GPT was a failure or in any way not in compliance with the agreement then IH owns the license after paying 11.5 millions. The agreement is very clear that the cost for the license is 100.5 millions but if the GPT fail the cost for the license is reduced to 11.5 millions.

    And since IH and Rossi/Leonardo don't agree about if the GPT was a failure or not this will be settled in court. But until their is a judgment in court IH still owns the license.

  • OT: I am sure that most people here know about CRISPR-CAS9. In NZ they are discussing using it to extinguish the house mouse by modifying DNA to create only males. Thus erradicating a mammal. I may not be a mouse, but I am male. Hello weapon system. Linky to MIT review.

  • n NZ they are discussing using it to extinguish the house mouse by modifying DNA to create only males.

    As I remember the Australian are also responsible of the disease, mixomatosis, that extinguishedthe rabbit in France (temporarilly, some resisted - anyway it was food bonus for many poor people there and thus a tragedy).

    It seems the worst bio-warfare are caused by people trying to remove foreign species from their mythic ecosystem, whether it is mouse or rabbit. I'm afraid the cannon are targetted to the wrong side, if not by the trouble-makers themselves to the one who can solve it.

  • These crazy scientists will undoubtedly attempt to use to some virus vector, which would finally render not only mices, but whole human civilization infertile. After all, it's not so long time, we could read about attempts of Brazilian scientists to make mosquitoes infertile - and what we have by now? The Zika virus which emerged from nowhere and which also makes men infertile. Should we believe in coincidence all the time?

  • I just remind that the worst danger is not technology but conservationism.

    The link remind the difference between tradition (always recent and evolving) and fundamentalism (mythic).

    If someone can save humanity from the delirium of some crazy conservationist, it will be CRISPR.

    I know my position is not consensual.

    Just to say LENR will be on their kill-list, like autonomous cars are already.

  • AlainCo,

    Thanks it was a good read, any life changing technology has the power to be abused, since forever. CRISPR will do to mammals what root grafting did to trees hundreds of years ago. Depends on if it is misused. Sorry that I did not crop this multi-fruit tree but it is beautiful.


  • Zephir,

    I was hoping that we could have a frank discussion and come to some agreement. I am an old chap PDP/VAX/UNIX device drivers. I really do not care what you did other places, though that Susan thing was wrong.I think you would admit that now. Anyway after a lifetime of looking at patterns, you start seeing patterns in almost everything. Example upvoting, or how Rossi is sloppy in his alts.

    But for example, once you see how a person gets upvotes then you see just one more pattern. After a while the patterns start to add up.

    I like the person that you hunted, and I asked you kindly not to hunt him on my home turf. Pattern wise I noticed when you were attacked your vocabulary started to mimic the way you were attacked. Then you used the same words. I am complimented that we think alike, I found one of my complete word for word sentences under your monkier. I assume that you liked the idea.

    I could be wrong, we could just think the exact same wording. I borrow others words sometimes, I may borrow yours from time to time. So it is all good.

    You should also understand there is no anonymity on the internet, regardless on how you nest. All it takes is one slip and the pattern locks in. You can deny that you are you. Who cares? Once a pattern is recognized and you follow it down it is quite easy to correlate. Once you have a fair range of who/what/where you change tactics. Some people are strategic (they make good bosses) and some are tactical (they make good techs). I am the later. I am wondering on your script. Do you need to input the usernames or do you attach a dictionary? I just would think if you had to think of userids that it would be time consuming. I hope that you see this as peace offering. Just exchange of tech info. As a offering I could help you hide better (CVE) or tell how to hunt better (NMAP, tcpdumps and wireshark or other specialized tools. Or I could just send up a pizza to your flat.

    Do you wish to continue? -peace

  • ABD Watch

    After I wrote a previous post, the notorious LENR outlaw, enemy of brevity, and self-proclaimed 'King of the Trolls' Abd ul-Rahman Lomax wrote two pompous articles where he felt the need to describe me as a "Troll" over 30 times. Well, praise from Caesar is praise indeed, but I respectfully decline this proffered "knighthood" as I am ultimately not worthy of place in his kingdom. Whilst we are somewhat similar in that we enjoy commenting on the foibles of others, I manage to do this without using offensive terms about peoples mental faculties, such as "idiot", or "senile".

    Indeed, my relative lack of trolling prestige can actually be quantified:

    • Number of websites and/or shady cults Zeus46 is known to be banned from: 0
    • Number of websites and/or shady cults Lomax is known to be banned from: 4*

    I believe he wants to bestow his highest troll honours upon me for my services in trying to improve his website. Surprisingly enough, he seems to agree with some of the points of the last "ABD watch" post. He mentions how some of "his friends" concur that his magnum dopii are bit on the lengthy side, and he also appears to agree that the inescapable biographical sign-off under each article is perhaps a little OTT.

    One definite improvement that he made to his website after reading my advice, was to add a topic heading called "LENR-forum admin", so one can tally up exactly how lengthy are his bleatings about the hen-pecked moderation team here. It turns out that (so far) there are eight posts that refer to this subject... Which strangely enough is almost double those that come under the headings of both "LENR theory" and "Scientific Method" combined... ie. Once again, a mockery is made of the website's strapline: "Supporting Low Energy Nuclear Reaction Research". I hope those who he tapped up for funds knew what they were getting themselves into?

    Now without further ado... Here's more highlights and/or lowlights from

    • Abd finally embraces the phrase "", possibly because it matches with the size of his ego, apparent to myself at least, after he compared himself to Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi and Malcolm X. I can only assume this orbit-velocity ego prevents him from admitting to his narcissistic tendencies - A prime example being his preference to blame his blog software for the continued omnipresence of his end-of-article personal puff-pieces.
    • Abd's first use of the F-word... On LENR-forum that word only been uttered 25 times (Ignoring 'accidental' misspellings of Fukushima). Unsurprisingly, the potty-mouthed Abd was responsible for 10 of these. Interestingly, the second-placed coprophone was Keieueue (3 times), then Pathoskeptic (2)... Which by an astounding coincidence, is the same as their given 'order of merit' in Abd's 'Troll Hall of Fame'. Who'd have thought?
    • A turgid post correctly described by Abd as a "Blizzard of Blo(g)viation"... Possibly he meant that to describe LENR-forum, but LENR-forum is a forum. The only blog here is his.
    • A hilarious comment by Peter Gluck purposefully misquoting Winston Churchill. No doubt Gluck recognises the Ceausescu-style policy of trying to have your opponents permanently committed to the loony bin.
    • Finally, despite the below-shoulder-length hair visible on his avatar, and his oft-mentioned moderation duties on the famously Grateful Dead fan infested W.E.L.L. forum, Abd has previously denied his the use of hallucinogenic drugs... Which puts me at a loss to explain his confusion over the persona of the lame pastiche calling themselves "zeus45". Indeed, The only "evidence" that Abd offers for his theory that Zeus45 and I are the same person, is that a fourth person (yes, really) had a comment referring to "" (population 1) deleted from said website. Apparently he thinks my subsequent use of the phase means I must have known about this first post. Which somehow suggests that all of us are really just one person. Unfortunately for Abd, I actually pinched it from an earlier, and apparently-now-deleted, comment on ego-out.
    • Abd also claims that "I" (ie. the two Zeus') are "lying" about this, despite "me" saying things that are "literally true". I currently find Abd's disconnected logic on this incredibly confusing. However I have a sneaking suspicion it will all become clearer later on, as I ponder on this unintentional koan whilst watching a strangely abstract sunrise from Glastonbury's healing fields. Turn on, tune in; right Abd?

    Best regards,


    * Some may consider a ban from a shady "cult" (sic) for trying to usurp the leader by "teaching without knowledge" as an early example of innate Napoleonic tendencies. I however, prefer not to draw a firm conclusion from this.

  • zeus46 - you and Abd seem not to like each other. Abd is, I can see, extremely annoying - partly because he is usually right and rubs people's nose in it. I'm sorry he is not here but disagree with his idea that lenr-forum admins are either incompetent or hopelessly biassed.

    I'd cut him some slack: he contributes more than many.

  • I did. You should have seen the first draught.

    To quote His Lordship: "I deny that my intention is to incite Peter Abd to being upset (“trolling”); it is actually the opposite, and that I fail is a result of attempting something difficult, that others have given up on. Reaching him."

    And I agree that Abd contributes worthy stuff. He also calls me a lot of names (including "liar"), and it is that which I take umbrage to.

  • Quote

    Rossi said this in the interview:

    "You have correctly said that when we made the first experiments we had a COP: 200; we were working with powers of some hundreds of watts. We were working at an absolutely experimental situation. Now we are making products that have to be sold to industries at the moment (because the domestic have not been certified for safety).

    Nonsense. The only thing Rossi has ever sold is a bill of goods and a fraud which he managed to peddle to IH. He has never made anything for or sold anything to "industry," the military or anyone else. He never had anything to sell except distributorships based on lies. That moronic statement of his is from 2012. See or hear any customers now, almost 5 years later?

  • Zeus46

    Doing the same is not the best way to show your superiority.

    Anyway, he beats you on papers about He4/Heat correlation.

    There are gems in the mud, but not much in your's. this is where selective blindness to mudspray is an advantage.

    You can do better I'm sure.

    See no Evil, hear no evil, say no evil.

  • Dewey Weaver

    As MFMP are about to do another emissitivity test re a re-check of their earlier 'Lugano' test, it would be very useful if you were to either provide some details of the coating you believe Rossi painted onto the reactor surface. This will help them achieve a proper test. At the moment they are about to do the run using neither Durapot 819 or your itr will be far less than perfect.

  • Dewey, you seem to reckon that (some of?) the various pro-Rossi personas on here are Rossi? You may be right, but it seems a bit weird. They could be Rossi, or Levi, or anyone under the sun, from my POV. Of course, it is undoubtedly true from cursory inspection of JONP that Rossi is very weird, so...

  • THH - the overlord himself has provided the proof across multiple venues. All before our very eyes - its part of his sctick to operate, tease and manipulate in plain site. He thrives in his costly game but has substantially miscalculated this time around.

    Where are those guys anyway? At least we can hear the crickets this time.

  • If they do that they will agree with Tc's values and COP ~ 1!

    WOW (all caps for the Weaver joy) you are predicting the future ! That's not science anymore but simple guessing.

    Apart from the pure ( PURE PuRe :) ) Alumina they need the right fuel and the right electromagnetic stimulation. Otherwise they can't say to have repeated the experiment.

    The overlord is having a terrible awful sloppy day: "( i.e. PURE Alumina as from the report )."

    More of those telltale, pesky and unnecessary punctuation spacing and CAPS issues conveniently packed into a LIE about the Lugano reactor material.

    Unnecessary punctuation spacing ?

    This is because I normally write ( M * a + th ) and we use spacing for readability.

    Also YOU use CAPS. But this does not mean that we are the same person.

    About what you call a "LIE" (your caps): Lugano Authors have done an X-ray analysis.....

    and you ? what ? Have you any proof that what are you saying is true ?

    I see only your (IH) interest in diffusing a possible lie after 3 years from the test and after IH used the same report to submit a patent.

    And at that time everything was OK because IH was raising money.