The Playground

  • Do you think that intimidations and threats will make your tidying up easier?

    And remember you are in the playground here... so what is it you want to tell sifferkoll?

    Negan always follows through. It is what allows him to keep order in the Savior compound and hold together his glorious community.

  • what are negans and saviors?

    We are all Negan. You are Negan. You just don't know it yet.

    Negan is the leader of the Saviors, a group that has survived the zomb.... LENR apocalypse. Obey Negan, follow his commandments, accept his way as the only way, and conform your mind to his mind and he'll provide protection from the outside world. Because you really won't like the alternative. Lucille, Negan's ban hammer, doesn't tolerate any opposition.

    Work long enough for Negan as a slave, and you may be just move up in the ranks after you've proven yourself as being 100% Negan, inside and out. Until then, accept that everything you have belongs to him, everyone around you belongs to him, and there is absolutely no reason to oppose him.

  • Whether you or I support Eric or not is against the point, he is a moderator so get over it.

    I agree it is a difficult job, in fact an impossible job to balance this, there is no balance for some in this discussion. The best we can hope for is politeness and good manners.

    I have watched as Dewey has acted like a 5 year old in his gleeful insults. (Yeh I understand the history that he says has caused such an anti-Rossi mindset).

    As Jed has gotten more tetchy and pretty much said that people who are not technical experts should stay out of the debate, yeh good luck with that.

    The difference is that they actually add some real details and value to the discussion due to their backgrounds.

    Banning a troll who just makes sarcastic comments and ad-hom attacks with nothing of value is an easy decision, no loss to the board.

    Banning someone who makes sarcastic comments and ad-hom attacks but adds interesting insights and details is the tricky one.

    I hope this forum does not turn into an echo chamber for one side only.

  • Obey Negan, follow his commandments, accept his way as the only way,

    A question...

    Would you rather have this forum or JONP?

    Here you get to post your opinions and or links pretty much without issue as long as civility is maintained. I agree that some "push the boundries", specially when they make statements about "planet Rossi" while it is probably really meant towards an individual post(er). However, for the most part, I see the "Pro-Rossi" trolls conducting the personal insults at a much higher rate and more direct level than the other side. However neither side is immune. I do not think comments to "Planet Rossi" in general are nearly as egregious as those definitely to an particular individual or post. Do you?

    Just remember however, as your "Lord Negan" scenario, Rossi controls JONP with absolute power! You will see NO posts there questioning him as he does not allow it! Only the "good news of Quark" at JONP is allowed in totality! If Rossi where moderator here, it would be the same as JOPN! Which do you think better?:/

  • Bob,

    None of Negan's elect ever pushes boundries on this forum. If they call other users cockroaches, vermin, knuckle heads, know-nothings, new agers, or a wide range of other names then, you know what, they must be right. Since Negan has elevated them to such a position -- because they are even more like Negan than even we are -- they must have special knowledge we don't. And if they want to keep emotion high and the atmosphere toxic, then they must have a very valid reason because Negan's wisdom runs through their veins. We should all just accept that as servants of Negan, we should be grateful for their reproof and correction.

  • None of Negan's elect ever pushes boundries on this forum

    You cannot really state that in such definitive terms! Dewey has been warned and banning threatened.

    Just for fun: Let's bet, what we can expect from Rossi in February... anyone interested ?

    Abd was banned!

    It is much more lenient here that on ECW. I was banned on ECW for making posts that specifically quoted Rossi's own statements on JONP. No insults nor the like. I was officially told by Mr. Ackland that I was banned because it was evident that I did not believe in the eCat.

    This forum is far, far from repressive and thankfully so.

  • Sifferkol, I'm trying to give reasons to Peter, who asked for them. But just a note: you are very much on thin ice.

    I guess it's time that the moderator's uncover their relationship's.

    If a single person can run (ban members) this forum, then LENR-FORUM is potentially biased. I would wellcome that at least two mods must agree for a ban and both have comment it!

    If Dewey can post again, then I see no need for the above...

  • Dewey Weaver ,

    Google Maps is full of fun stuff. There are two lanes in front of the warehouse complex, so you can scroll and scan from both, for a multiplicity of angles.

    Using obsolete versions of Google maps allows a different selection of photo dates than the current one sometimes. One can scroll and zoom better without that awful fake 3D effect on some obsolete platforms.

  • If a single person can run (ban members) this forum, then LENR-FORUM is potentially biased. I would wellcome that at least two mods must agree for a ban and both have comment it!

    All forums are potentially biased, they are run by human beings. And - with very rare exceptions like banning Chinese Spammers, the Moderator/Admin team have discussed all significant bannings.

  • Please elaborate on this Eric so that I know what your true intentions are.

    Sifferkoll, the other mods and admins and I want an environment that is free from the kind of toxic insinuation you bring here. If you cannot drop the ad hom, you will be banned. Here I am taking account your behavior over a period of months.