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  • Well, I am interested to see where the method outlined by LDM ends up.

    We could choose 1000 K (726.85 C) as the start point. The starting emissivity for this T would be the respective value in the Lugano report Plot 1, I suppose.

    I thought I had an Excel file made by someone that digitized this at some point. We should agree on the alumina total emissivity vs temperature plot to use before getting carried away and introducing extra complications into this method comparison.

    Maybe someone that can use Python can use the code from the TC "Comment" report appendix and run another parallel test?

    Or maybe we should use one of those temperatures that were used in the TC report for comparison to something already done (run 5 or 6, the "jump"), saving some work?


    EDIT: This link is to Bob Higgins' file, which has a good alumina total Emissivity vs Temp plot we can use (on second tab).…FmvhmXzdlZ3h5R3VPLW8/view

  • Thanks for the advice. I might well be at ICCF-21 'if I am spared'I. BTW, have been to the Keys many time in the past, and to South Beach a few times. I used to stay in a beachfront cabin at the 'White Sands' on Grassy Key and go fishing while Madame sunbathed. I will check out the # problem later.

  • Thanks for the advice. I might well be at ICCF-21 'if I am spared'I. BTW, have been to the Keys many time in the past, and to South Beach a few times. I used to stay in a beachfront cabin at the 'White Sands' on Grassy Key and go fishing while Madame sunbathed. I will check out the # problem later.

    Alan this is OT in this thread, I am sorry to respond here. Grassy Key was blown away in years ago (maybe 20) now rebuilt whenever you were there last. We used to winter down there in Tavernier key it also was blown away recently (last year) . I hear now that Key West is back but the main brunt this year was upper keys. The first time my wife and I went there we decided to leave the DC area and move there. This was 35 years ago. Still in DC but coming to Miami this Sunday. I hope we cross paths somehow.

  • Bob I would have missed this alas, I was discussing the warm in the winter -- Keys in the far Southern US with Alan. ( not sure where people come from that is the beauty of our forum)

    I hosted a person who is nameless but I live in DC and we (wife and I) went to see two research level scientists that have grad students also. Clearances were an issue with one scientist, so we had the nicest opportunity to visit them at their home. Nothing is like having a stranger over and making them a friend. It is probably more important than the story that follows. The other scientist/researcher is Dr. Nagel treats ( he treats my wife and I and nameless person) well like we were treated like family also ( both scientists did, I will never forget this). He ->Dr. Nagel has a complete research lab at GW in DC. He is one of the most kindest and sincere and able man I have ever met.

    We did a tour (want to see my electron microscope ? kinda stuff) Again he is the most amazing man. And I have a broad feeling he is part of ICCF-21 hence I am going. I have worked for and with many prominent folks. I am not sure what the real cycle is. So here it goes student-engineer-scientist-researcher-grad:student repeat. Anyway he has all the equipment required to duplicate and we saw some of the setups. To say this very kindly the tests --- were not rigged they were real. There is real (almost) real funding behind this.

    I asked if I could take pics of one of the labs. He was surely. The point is google this man. He is just amazing. (both are).

    Anyway maybe the reason you do not see a response to your above query is that they (Jed and Dew) may not have seen it. The software does not seem have an notification other than the main box , So they did not see it is my guess. If someone favors one of my posts I know that that they do not agree but have seen and ack the post.

  • Thank you for the update. Dr. Nagel sounds like legitimate researcher and gentleman as well! I would like to think that many people are inherently nice!

    Can you provide any information as to whether Dr. Nagel is optimistic about LENR.... has he seen excess heat in any tests?

    Thanks again.

  • I just changed out the original equipment spark plugs in my 2010 Chevy. Just shy of 191000 km on them. I was told that they were meant to be good for 160000 km (100000 miles) when I bought the car. They still look pretty good; barely any carbon on the insulators. Amazing.

    I will harvest the tiny specks of iridium from them if I can.

  • Ahlfors,

    Is it asking too much for you to just get it all out there at once, and stop this bleeding out? You and LP do us a big service with your internet sleuthing. Very much appreciated.

    But, that "image" tells me almost nothing. We need the who, what, where, when and how. Or at least as much as you can provide. If you need too, speculate/fill in the missing pieces...heck, we all do.

  • There really is a "University of the Incarnate Word" in San Antonio. Phew, what a name. Largest Catholic university in Texas. Does not appear to have much in the way of scientific gravitas (not a heavyweight). If these images are congruent (in order, and connected), the way I read them, the DOD contracted with the UIW to study samples provided by SKINR.

    Need more info like Alan says, so back to work for you Ahlfors. :)

  • Few days ago I discovered the current skepticism on scientific results.

    In a way the flat-earther trying to see earth flat is follwing a partially scientific approach…ghes-theory-a8068486.html

    His main violation of scientifci method is really not respecting others results, but this is good at less extensive level...

    Only in LENR do we see people denying the results of 150 replications with no validated/reproduced theory of artifact.

    But then I realize that the courageous flat-earther, will probably not believe what he will see, or will reinterpret it as what he believes... optical artifact of the rocket window, Nasa conspiration to install a virtual reality TV screen on the rocket windows...

    Anyway i don't blame this guy, as even some UNO agency is caught in such denial of others evidence and conspiracy theory (helped by attorney money)...

    When you believe, you cannot see.

    You cannot even see as dishonest someone who clear explain how he fooled someone else, in a magnificent way.

    LENR is a fractal cognitive fiasco.