ELI25 Current status of all LENR

  • You can contact the CERN and tell them.

    I will not respond to your definition "you are nothing more than a troll". An unbiased LF moderator might, but I'm unsure that someone will do.

  • I'm here mainly to defend the real Science, highlighting contradictions, unfounded claims and false promises about what I see/read on CF/LENR.

    If only that were true. I see very few comments from you couched in scientific terms. Usually you restrict yourself to short negative comments. I suspect therefore that you know next to nothing about science beyond what you read in the newspapers.

  • I will not respond to your definition

    LENR has many faces. I think that Hunter is interested in plasma physics. He might well be a supporter of hot fusion. His interest is to undercut LENR in support of hot fusion. But the latest research in solar reactions in the corona might be of interest to Hunter if he knew anything about them. The SAFIRE project is duplicating solar reactions and have produce megawatt levels of pp fusion using just 1000 watts of input energy, SAFIRE is also seeing transmutation of elements, a sure sign of LENR. Hunters interests in plasma physics would be greatly served if the discussions here would move on from the old tired style F&P type LENR to the new plasma based LENR reactions.

    From all indications Rossi is into plasma based LENR with his SK reactor, but there is little discussions about what could be going on in the SK. R, Mills has produced a self sustaining plasma ball that can last minutes without energy input. I beleive that hunter would be interested in this flavor of LENR rather that the age worn and tired fair that has impeded LENR progress for decades.

    Give hunter a break, and think some new thoughts.

  • Negative or positive view about my comments obviously depends from who read, a scientific form can be applied only to a scientific field not to a faith. I’m not expecting a positive opinion from Rossi’s believers.

    I didn’t read comments couched in scientific terms, for example in more of many thousands of comments on Rossi-Blog discussions or about Malgarini’s (short) ones.

  • You skeps get a little push-back, and start with the drama queen act. :) You have always been welcomed here, and you know it. What sets LF apart, is that we embrace dialogue from all sides.

    That said, I have wondered myself why an outright skep wastes his time here? But then who am I to ask, as I have no doubt Rossi is a fraud, but am fascinated by he, and his followers still.

  • My intuition leads me to beleive that Rossi is not contributing very much to the development of the SK reactor any more. There are other people who are leading in this effort and Rossi is no longer the prime technical force behind the development of the plasma type LENR reactor. Rossi is more likely serving the effort as a figure head and marketing capacity. It is natural to expect a lot of prevarication from marketing types.

  • This is the currently accepted nuclear fusion process which fuels the sun and other stars which have core temperatures less than 15 million Kelvin. A reaction cycle yields about 25 MeV of energy. The modeling of these reactions is a part of the standard solar model.

    The gamma seen in the LookingForHeat reaction should see peaks in the gamma spectrograph readings at ,42, 5.49, 12.86, and 1,59 MeV.


  • The nature of science and the opponents to new discoveries is an age old problem. As Max Planck noted, "An important scientific innovation rarely makes its way by gradually winning over and converting its opponents: What does happen is that the opponents gradually die out." That die off takes time but it is inevitable.

  • Well, it took from 1932 to 1944 to develop the atom bomb, 12 years, And that was with an unlimited budget and total co-operation by the cream of the available scientists and engineers. And the first atomic power plant opened in 1956, once again with huge inputs of development money. Another 12 years, so 24 years in total with everybody backing the idea.

    I think you should revise your ideas a little.

  • You miss something...

    first nuclear fission test was in 1932 BUT in 1934 Enrico Fermi

    aready realized the first artificial nuclear fission.

    Only two years after without any "unlimited budget" like Manhattan project.

    Then in Germany in 1938 and so on..

    You should try to understand the difference between scientific evidences and unproved 30-years claims about CF, masked each time behind alleged "commercialization".


    Few years after, Fermi won also the Nobel prize, it was 1938:

    "The Nobel Prize in Physics 1938 was awarded to Enrico Fermi "for his demonstrations of the existence of new radioactive elements produced by neutron irradiation, and for his related discovery of nuclear reactions brought about by slow neutrons".

  • Now you are just acting dumb. LENR/Cold Fusion is a fact proven by thousands of experiments. Disbelieve all the evidence if you wish, I have no desire to persuade you to change your mind, but maybe you should wake up and smell the coffee, LENR is coming one way or another, despite your heroic efforts to deny its reality. History is actually not on your side.

  • I'm pretty wake, do not worry about.

    After 30 years, which one of these thousands alleged "proves" (you claim) has been recognized like a scientific demonstration of CF by the world scientific community and by GAS?

    Where is phenomena demonstrator(at that time available and verifiable by anyone) like Fermi did?