Interview With me356: Rossi Effect “Is Reality”

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    [feedquote='E-Cat World','']The following is an interview conducted via email with European LENR researcher/replicator who goes by the name of me356. What first motivated you to get involved in LENR replication work? From the beginning, I was interested in an alternative energy sources. I wanted to be completely independent from the current power plants. Later, with appropriate […][/feedquote]

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    If me356 is a reasonable, and honest person, he would understand, and accept our skepticism. Especially in light of Rossi's story crumbling before our eyes. As we uncover the depth of his (AR's) deceit, and it appears to be almost a certainty he had nothing, it is just too coincidental that rising out of Rossi's ashes, someone else now starts anew down the same path. Same claims, same reactor, same use of a blog to train and condition, same promises...never kept, same everything.

  • Me356 is simply a troll who has made huge claims and doesn't want to share any information with us.

    I'm still waiting on my account to be deleted.

    me356 told Frank that there are easier methods than Parkhomov's to get positive results:

    "Already published reports, that are not based on the work of Mr. Parkhomov. Unfortunately completely ignored. No one I know about tried to replicate it."

    I think that Etiam Inc. patent application might be one of those completely ignored methods:

    Etiam Inc. patent application in a nutshell

    Hank Mills why are you not excited about the Etiam revelations that have been public for 3 years already?

  • @John Littlemist
    The "Already published reports, that are not based on the work of Mr. Parkhomov." @me356 is referring to is his own work that he demonstrated to Bob Greenyer back in February. Bob posted the details on the MFMP's Facebook page. me356 talked about this in one of these threads recently (sorry, I can't find the exact post). I have been in discussions with me356 about replicating this design and I'm currently collecting the supplies to put together a reactor.

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    <a href=""> john Littlemist</a>
    The &quot;Already published reports, that are not based on the work of Mr. Parkhomov.&quot; <a href="">@me356</a> is referring to is his own work that he demonstrated to Bob Greenyer back in February. Bob posted the details on the MFMP's Facebook page. me356…

    Hi - if you want to build a reactor at we (I bet) have almost everything you might need. Even Zirconium. And for serious experimenters we are happy to help out with prices where we can.

  • I thought Me356 was off to a great start - willing to share every detail openly, no commercial interest in keeping info secret, inviting Bob from MFMP to visit. Now it seems like things have changed. Secrecy is now somehow needed because of safety precautions. How about giving the recipe and instructions to MFMP and no one else.? They know about safety and always take the necessary precautions. I agree that we don't want ME356 to become Rossi Part 2.

  • I can say I'm quite disappointed at what is being hinted here, but I saw this coming long ago.


    Cleaner planet, better world, no more fossil fuels, interest.


    Safety, safety, patents, risks, many things to lose.

  • Ecco I agree. If I read it correctly it seems that ME356 has been following along the work (like the rest of us ;) and then after A. Parkhomov's experiment started to do begin hands on. In a bit of serendipity has unraveled the mystery, but well you know.... can't really say because reasons.

    Also Ecco I see your work on the MFMP site. I respect it. I want to think that it is not a fake,but that ME has convinced himself that he has something when it is not with proper calorimetry.

    Haha, If Hank M. could knock it off or a minute he maybe right. Hopefully Bob G. can report something that leads to a breakthrough. This is just "Rossi says" on a different thread.

  • "It's time me356 either shares a little knowledge with us or goes his way never to return.If he can't share a single five paragraph essay, then I hope he never posts here again."

    This is one of the most stupid statements that I have seen on this forum. As far as I can tell, me356 has already shared quite a bit of knowledge, is willing to meet with a member of MFMP to help with their effort, AND has promised to share his knowledge in the future. In addition, he has responded to Hank Mills directly at least twice with additional information. Recently, he has given an interview with Frank Acland in which he states, "Yes, I would like to share details that will allow successfull replication, at least of the E-Cat technology. The main concern is safety. When I will be certain, that what will be revealed is safe, I will publish these details."

    In addition, Bob Greenyer has indicated that he will be able to meet with me356 in late May or early June, and that me356 has in principle agreed to this.

    In my opinion, Hank Mills' nagging, unwillingness to be patient, and "all-or-nothing" strategy is infantile and entirely counter-productive.

  • @Hank Mills: I would suggest to give up. He's made it clear enough that he's waiting for patents to get approved and that he (+ his group of buddies) has much to lose by disclosing information at this time, so he's not going to soon. I wouldn't even count nor hope that he privately discloses information to select MFMP members - which I'm not - as it will put them (again) in the very awkward situation where they have the knowledge for building a fully working LENR device, but cannot tell about it in public because of intellectual property reasons.

    I'm quite a bit tired of this charade too. A possible way out could be trying to replicate what is already public instead of playing the lottery with very slight variations of the same experiments over and over again. Sometimes I almost get the impression these efforts mostly serve to buy time for others to build a patent portfolio.

  • Regarding the speculation that me365 wants to commercialize his findings: as he repeatingly said in this forum he probably just wants to sell a demonstration kit for LENR (or something similar to the Model T of LookingForHeat). I think he is a smart guy and planning to become Rossi part 2 makes absolutly no sense at all. Everyone can see this by his statements in the interview: combining "working 16h a day for my regular job" + "Rossi has what he claims" = "Rossi has a technological headstart of >5 years, huge funding (compared to me365) and can spend more than 3 hours a day working on LENR reactors". No sane person in this situation would compete with Rossi.

    'Patents" even have to be considered when selling demonstration kits I think. I dont see a change in tone in this interview.

  • Me356 said in his interview

    "Now I am spending a great amount of money of my company to buy everything necessary (especially materials)

    My estimate is that Me356 has spent between $50,000 and $100,000
    Apparently he has exposed himself to neutrons as well.
    With this risk of money and health he has apparently obtained lenr practical information.

    Any investor expects return on investment.

    He has every right to sell this information.. there is no such thing as a free lenr lunch.

  • there is no such thing as a free lenr lunch.

    Absolutely correct.
    By asking for money in return of something, one invites exactly those kind of people, who, in turn, would expect even more money from their investments. The circle expands and soon you have a group of people trying to control everything and selling something that's worth $100 at $million, manipulating, stealing and lying ... just for profit.
    I guess it has already happened, sounds familiar. :D

    So what is the best way if you want some returns? Its highly debatable, but surely it has to be done in moderation. Release the proof of concept, get lots of money (because you have an open proof now) and move on to the next iteration, while letting others replicate and use your lower iteration.

    Of course, you will lose the billions that you could have earned by keeping it a complete secret and controlling it very tightly by laws, patents, hook or crook. And you will earn a modest in $millions or so, but if you count time as currency and happiness of others as profit (good will), then you will be in trillions. And you will save yourself from getting destroyed by mean, greedy and powerful forces. Because once it is a secret which only one man holds, its very easy to suppress it or take advantage of it. Not if its already spread wide and far. Nothing can stop it then, and corrupt people leave you alone.

    How will @me356 handle it? Will he end up like Rossi, or will he do something smarter? We will see.....

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