Should the 'Playground' be deleted and removed

  • It looks like we have lost Thomas Clarke during exchanges that may otherwise be 'moderated'. I have suggested to the 'moderators' the 'Playground' be deleted and entirely removed and that all posts come under proper and reasonable oversight of the moderators.

    But what do you think?

  • Personally I'm ABSOLUTELY STUNNED by how people can spend endless hours on completely wasteless discussions. Crap - who do you think you will convince? (I'm asking both sides of the argument). If this works we will see eventually.

    This kind of endless discussions could be held on politics, religion etc. But here we are discussing a very clear, technical matter. Works or not works. One or zero. Yet we don't know. Maybe we will never know. But if it works it will show clearly.

    But obviously people like to discuss it anyway... So do not take any notice on my points.

  • If anyone posts private information about another member, then this is certainly unacceptable.

    The person who had posted the information should be admonished for publishing private information of another member.
    In this case the moderators should just as an exception delete the comment with the personal information.

    I see no reason to delete an entire thread.

  • This is exactly what the "bullies in the playground" tried to do. Prod and taunt individuals into responding to them, then divide the group against each other, start a riot and then stand back and say look teacher see how bad they are. Those who started and engineered this apparent conflict must be sitting back in glee at the moment. Perhaps thats why they are quiet.

    I don't think the thread should be deleted as it contains the history of this, starting from the beginning of this thread and previous threads its clear how it played out. I'm not that comfortable with publishing personal details though, and don't think Thomas Clarke deserves that.

    I also agree with Keieueue comment on the other thread about "shills" overwhelming threads and trying to drive them into the ground I also think I see the same behaviour. But Its also recorded. I think thats good and clear enough to see for anyone who takes a look in the future. One day people will look back and wonder why those shills and bullies made such a big effort to do this. Thats one reason I tend to support Andrea Rossi in this no-one would make such an effort to attack someone on the forums if they felt there was nothing there to fight and that the person would be held to account legally anyway. I don't think TC is one of them he is quite active for sure but i think he genuinely takes the counter view in the debate about LENR the e-cat Tech etc because he feels it is important.

    Sifferkol is also a very good investigative journalist and i appreciate a lot his blog and how he gets to the bottom of things. I wish he didn't feel conflicted with TC though.

  • I apologize for the repost, but I saw this thread after I posted in the Playground.

    In support of Thomas Clarke, who I personally believe is by far the most knowledgeable individual here on the topics at hand, I will be dropping my scarcasm and any perceived "personal attacks" moving forward even in the PLAYGROUND. Sifferkoll has taken this from an interesting educational situation that admittedly was very heated from time to time (and fun).... to one of disgust and shame through very unethical means. I personally will be sticking to the subject matters from here out. Here is your last chance for a real zinger Sifferkoll(R). I take responsibility for my part in the heat.

  • If the playground gets the axe then the arguments will be posted in the main threads. So many people here seem to be mods, but so little clue what it means.
    It's like a job where someone that wants to say "they are the boss", when they have no clue. Maybe they mean they are elite members so you should just know this fact. In reality since this playground has become a "dogpile" the mods who have an out of band way thread should consider creating a TRUE moderator userid. You know something that can actually be used for moderation. Since the lawsuit this forum is getting more and more users.
    An admin/mod should post like one, cite the rule then execute. But its better to have an avatar that says mod like it means something. :)

  • I haven't followed the playground thread for most of the time (my parents allowed me to spent sufficient playground time during childhood so that I don't have a deficit to compensate today ;) )

    However, the dicussion about TC aroused my curiousity and I loocked for sifferkoll's offending post. I was almost disappointed when I finally found it. It contains a link to Thomas' CV. So what? If it wasn't the playground thread I would be tempted to say that it is rather childish of Thomas' to complain about posting this link as an an offence to his privacy. If you are concerned about your privacy in the first place, you don't post under your real, unabridged name, use a personal portrait(!) as your avatar and repeatedly make references to your profession and homecountry. Moreover, with the sheer magnitude of his involvement in the Rossi story - his formal critique of the Lugano report he is so proud of but also his enduring, vocal and seemingly almost obsessive participation in the online discussion - Thomas worked hard to turn himself into a person of public interest in relation to this affair just as Rossi and Mats are.

  • Alan

    You did a great job deleting Thomas's email and link to his web page, thanks for that. Pity you were not supported by Rends who put the reference back which I thought was 'vindictive'.

    To comment on your point:

    I for one won't be in favour of deleting the Playground thread as a whole. If people want to throw shit at their own walls they should live with the smell.

    It was not Thomas throwing the 'shit' but he has to live with the smell. Maybe he shouldn't have been in the 'Toilet' with his 'pants down' but opening the door on him was questionable, then closing it in apology (as you did - well done for that) but then opening it again (Rends) with an audience in the name of 'freedom' saying ha ha, its your own fault for being in the toilet with your pants down, this is a public place anyway, is interesting logic.

    But at least we now have a definition for the 'Playground' lets hope that definition does not migrate to the rest of the forum.

    Rends - Is me356 safe? Is it essential to know his identity in the name of 'freedom of speech?

    I suspect Thomas (being the honourable man I think he is) has requested a meeting with his head of faculty 'fessing' up to his involvement in this and other forum's and he has received some 'advice'. If this is the case we are unlikely to see Thomas again.

    Best regards

  • I suspect Thomas (being the honourable man I think he is) has requested a meeting with his head of faculty 'fessing' up to his involvement in this and other forum's and he has received some 'advice'. If this is the case we are unlikely to see Thomas again.

    Or the other way around. I have been puzzled for quite a while how his anti-Rossi engagement (often producing around 30 posts per day, comprising many pages of text) can possibily be compatible with having a family and a full-time job (let alone a professorship). The non-retired professors I know hardly find time to keep up with their email correspondence.

  • What a pitiful attempt.

    Thomas is a well-meaning truthseeker. Those who cannot handle the truth want it buried, deleted, obfuscated, hidden, etc..... That has always worked when they controlled the narrative but now there is a laser focus on this gig and it is about up.

    It's about to get hotter in the kitchen and the cooks of deception, fabrication and slander are going to have to work much harder as they try to steady their sinking ship.

  • We should care of what people say, not who they are.
    We should protect freedom of speech from harassment, blacklist, professional damage.

    I don't like insults, even if some critics I made (and read) were sometime quite harsh, but this is thousands of miles less damaging than damaging real-life identity.

    Beside Thomas attacked, I'm very concerned, how our community is evolving.
    Some behavior I've only seen on "shutdownrossi" appears here.
    Please be quiet, and (please lord forgive me for my past sins) don't expect to convince others people, just let information available for open minds. and (thanks Lord) sometime mind get open late.

    The cat is in a legal box, and it's quantum state is entangled with the one of IH.

    Let us wait for the box to open.

    I wish I'm wrong, but my wishes are not often granted.

  • Thanks AlainCo for the gentle reminder. In these dramatic times It's easy to slip. I dont write often but looking back maybe I let my own views and frustrations get the better of me too at some points. I really regret Thomas going even though we have different views I found that on this forum he was generally respectful and mostly discussing science and technical facts as he saw them. It didn't matter too much to me if his view was right or wrong. A forum is about discussing different points of view and it needs people who take the counter points. I hope when things have blown over a bit he is back especially in the interesting and fast developing times ahead in June.

    I like your entangled Schrödinger's cat it really feels like that somehow. Maybe that's the secret of LENR. I'm not sure he considered what happens when the cat is entangled. Who knows what zoo Of things and behavior comes out when we open that box. I hope despite everything we find some unexpected good things.

  • Should the playground thread be removed? Here are my opinions.
    1) Nobody is forced to read that thread. If you don't like it, don't go there.
    2) If that thread soaks up noise from the technical threads, that makes it easier to navigate through the technical threads. Therefore the playground thread is doing a service to those of us who are interested in the technical aspects of LENR. Please keep it.

  • I suspect Thomas (being the honourable man I think he is) has requested a meeting with his head of faculty 'fessing' up to his involvement in this and other forum's and he has received some 'advice'. If this is the case we are unlikely to see Thomas again.

    To make a clear statement: Some of Thomas' conclusions were highly unscientific and driven either by his personal claim or by spin. His conclusion about Lugano (COP) can be refuted by many ways. But this wouln't help anybody because Lugano was a political show event and not a real test.

    Thomas many times stated than LENR is not a real effect, what one could also diagnose as paranoia or ignorance of a whole emerging field of physics. Just go to the other LENR forum thread and read the Mizuno patent filed today!

    By the way: Clarks comments about Mizuno (I asked him for) and the political game, that involved an other british researcher (who had to recall his positive testimony..) , can be found on this forum.