Jed Rothwell on an Unpublished E-Cat Test Report that “Looks Like it Worked”

  • why do all you guys keep fighting about the same shit on every thread how is a guy supposed to learn anything except for national enquirer b.s.! Seriously how old are you guys like high school lets get back to the topics or keep it in the playground!

  • Why do you say this is the "only way"? That's silly. Ask the people who did the experiment. If they don't want to tell you, it will do you no good to learn who sent me the data. You will need the cooperation of the people who did the experiment either way.

    Do you mean the physicists of UniBo? That's would be really silly. The Director of the Department of Physics, after a couple of months from the demo, let everybody know (1) that "The Department does not intend to respond to any of these disputes and will not give any other answer than this." [Google translation]

    The Vortex mails and the BTD, as well as the other early reports edited by you, contain all the needed information for reconstructing the phases of the invention of the presence of the Delta Ohm probe. Knowing exactly who sent you the calorimetric info is not essential at this point. You already gave many useful information: after excluding Levi, Focardi, and Rossi, there remain not so many possibilities. The info that they asked you to keep their names off the record, is also really meaningful.


    You are making a mountain out a molehill. Just forget about it. The history of cold fusion and all other science is filled with mistakes and failed experiments.

    … and smoke and mirrors shows, that, after their unmasking, become insignificant as a molehill, but, before that, were announced to the public (2) as events that "certainly would be worth the Nobel Prize immediately."

    Look, please. The day after the demo, a newspaper presented all the 4 main protagonists of that historical event in this famous and beautiful photo (3):…b2b-9324-08bd64c66836.jpg

    On the right, we can see the two apparent protagonists who were celebrated as the authors of the extraordinary scientific enterprise worthing the Nobel Prize: the edisonian private inventor, now considered by many no more than a F-er, even by those who wrote hundreds of comments exalting his geniality, and the emeritus professor, whose academic prestige assured the public opinion about the scientific correctness of the measurements.

    On the left, both in bright yellow, we see the two real, but mostly ignored, miracle makers: a dosimetric pump which has been believed to have miraculously delivered at least 2 times and half more water than his actual capacity, and, above all (literally), the champion of the demo, a long thermometric probe, which has been passed off as a hygrometric probe (first miracle) capable to measure the steam quality (second miracle).

    It's impossible to believe that so many academic physicists teaching physics at university didn't catch these two blatantly incongruities, not very difficult to detect, in our internet era where any information is attainable with a click, even for normal people. How it is possible that the two more evident instruments of the experiment setup didn't attract the due attention from anybody? Easy to answer, because the established science guaranteed that all was in order (4): "There is no way you could fool the professors involved in this, and I am sure they are not all engaged in a conspiracy to fool the rest of us." (Btw, nice wording, Jed, very accurate: "there is no way", "not all".)


    It is nothing to get upset about.

    Are you sure? The above cited article ends with these words by Focardi: "I miei colleghi non ci credono, sono scettici. Non so come un protone di idrogeno possa entrare nel nucleo di nichel, ma avviene. Ed è la strada dell'energia per l'umanità" ([edited] Google translation: "My colleagues do not believe, [they are] skeptical. I do not know how a hydrogen proton can enter the nickel core, but it happens. And it is the energy path for humanity")

    Not at all "the energy path for humanity", I would say. That's the path which leads to the energetic apocalypse, and which the humanity is following since too long, hypnotized by such false energy myths (5).

    It is something to be very worried (and upset) about.

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    (5) Jed Rothwell on an Unpublished E-Cat Test Report that “Looks Like it Worked”

  • Alan Smith


    For a start, you are not required to protect the honour of Italy here.

    This site is frequented by a few "believers" in cold fusion, so it is the most suitable site where to protect the honour of Italian nuclear science. One must fight in partibus infidelium to be successful.


    but they don't and won't publish because they do not want to be mocked by the press

    ... and, above all, by their colleagues. I agree with you, the Italian press mocks cold fusion. This helps in hindering a public funding of cold fusion. The comedy is ended. Not by chance Rossi works in America. In Italy he would not have audience.

  • Levi: when challenged persisting in incorrect science re Lugano. Also reported on an impossible flow rate in one of the early experiments given the pump specification (though I rely on Ascoli for that, it seemed correct when I checked, but I admit myself to some vagueness as to which of those early tests reported only by Levi was which).

    The early Ecat experiments documented by Levi are the three tests shown in the first line of the synopsis of the tests held in 2010-11 (1).

    The test whose declared flow rate was impossible, due to the pump specification, was the second one: the first public demo held on January 14, 2011. In that test the flow rate was overestimated of at least a factor of 2.5 (2).

    In the subsequent, and third, test, there was no pump, the cooling water was coming directly from the tap. But there are visual evidences that the declared flow rate (1 L/s) was overestimated by at least one order of magnitude (3).

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