LENR-Invest Fund I LLC raises $205,000 in May

  • I just found that report about fund raising by LENR-Invest


    "LENR-Invest Fund I, LLC" seems managed by LENR Invest LLC in michigan, while there is another swiss avatar LENR Invest SA.

    LENR-Invest is partner of LENR-Cities, since may 2013.
    In April they acquired LENRProof, the site of "Tyler Van Houwelingen", the president of the LENR invest LLC.

    In the management team you find Tyler as CEO, and Antoine Guillemin the partner of Nicolas Chauvin for LENR-Cars.
    I don't know who is Michael Halem ...

    In their investment they cite, LENR-cars SA (a startup by Nicolas Chauvin and Antoine Guillemin to build LENR cars), LENRProof.com, and also Brillouin Energy.

    Note that LENR-Cities announced something for May, and guess why I have an idea of what the money is for. :rolleyes: (hope so).