Myron Evans ECE (Einstein - Cartan - Evans) theory

  • The dark matter is misnomer - it's colloquial denomination of quite diverse range of phenomena, which may or may not have something to do with matter concept as we know it. In perspective of dense aether model, every steady-state fluctuation of vacuum or curvature of space-time can and should be considered as a matter already, as it should have reference frame assigned, speed, velocity and also gravitational and inertial behavior assigned.

    Therefore in my understanding, the dark matter really IS a matter - except that the majority of it remains formed with extremely volatile and short-leaving density fluctuations of vacuum, which are on the verge of virtual particles and quasiparticles, rather than quasiparticles and resonances. But as a whole these temporary and sparse fluctuations have the similar material behavior (lensing and inertia), like finely divided particles of real matter. These "particles" are just way more lightweight, than the mainstream physics expected so far. The reason of this stance is, the mainstream physicists cannot imagine the gravitational lensing of dark matter without breaking of equivalence principle of general relativity and without presence of some massive particles - so they they obstinately searched for quite heavy particles first WIMPs and gradually it decreased the upper limit of their mass (SIMPs).


    Currently the physicists have (nearly) nowhere to go with this approach already, because the lower limit of their speculations represents the neutrino background, the noise of which prohibits further increase of sensitivity of dark matter detectors. A precarious situation, isn't it true?

    The authors of modifications of general relativity (MONS, MOD, TeVeS and MOND) together with Cartan-Evans theory believe, they can derive the main aspects of dark matter behavior without consideration of some material background at all. But they have no chance with it anyway, until they want to preserve the equivalence principle - just because the dark matter has been originally recognized by its equivalence principle violation. Therefore the violation of equivalence principle and fundamental general relativity equations is the only way where to go.

  • Torsional Monopoles and Torqued Geometries in Gravity and Condensed Matter

    These guys still use Minkovski metric. On a small scale you can't neglect relativistic effects! Thus the only metric that work so far is the one MIlls is proposing/using for all his atomic calculations!

    But then, suddenly, all unexplained torsion effects disappear...

  • You have to use at least five-dimensional general relativity for to predict at least the cold dark matter effects (filaments) consistently (the equivalence principle will get violated in 4D space-time but still preserved in 5D space-time).

    Why not directly moving to 6D and getting rid of time? In 6D time is just the quotient of two 3D spaces...Worth a try!

  • Rjzk . Interesting thread. I totally missed this before. Really glad to see it now.

    Is this the first place Wyttenbach mentions 6D space? And it s quotient of two 3D spaces nature?

    I’m curious about this concept and if and how it relates to his recent 4D and 6D descriptions

    I wonder if there is a coupling between 2 3D spaces. Perhaps through spin? Or if each 3D dimension is split in two some common 4 th dimensional source. And what kinds of vector or scalar spaces it relates to. And how that explains time. Probably it’s deep in the maths but I wonder if there is a simple visualization?

    (I like the idea of a coupling of two 3D spaces 3D seems quite fundamental consequence to me in spinning or rotating systems. Would the two 3D spaces need resonances to couple. And could it imply resonant coupling in the near field is required when they occur?)

  • Sorry, I have very limited understanding of this theory (or any other theory...), but one starting point for "Spin Connection Resonance" could be found here, starting at slide 39:…aneous/ECE-popular-en.pdf

  • FYI for those who might be interested ... 2'nd paper from Horst Eckardt "The full path of calculation through Cartan geometry"

    The abstract:

    During the development of ECE theory, several aspects of Cartan geometry were touched. In this article we present the big picture, how physics evolves over the entire range of Cartan geometry. The tetrad cor-responds to a given potential, and over several stages all types of connections are computed up to the torsion forms, which correspond to physical force fields. We put together all relevant equations of Cartan geometry. The potential is simplified by using a novel restriction to polarization.This simplification is translated to the tangent space of Cartan geometry by choosing the unit vectors of this space to be parallel to those in the base manifold. This leads to a diagonal tetrad matrix. Examples are given for some physical systems. In particular, a new justification for the Evans B(3) field is found.