No thumbs up, just thumbs down

  • Why can I only "dislike" comments and not "like" them? Have only thumbs down, no thumbs up button·.... My browser is firefox ESR 45.2.0 on Linux 64bit.

    In Edit: How ever did this end up in "Announcements"?? At any rate, chrome work, but firefox is the normal browser for me (work related), so hints on solving would be nice.

    In Edit 2: Note that the submit button does not do its business properly in firefox, so commenting and editing comments is flaky, at best.

  • Hi Freethinker,

    I use safari in my smartphone and Explorer on Windows, also Chrome works fine for me except that the smartphone/safari after writing enough to scroll down the text I write is invisible until I hit the Submit-button.

    So you managed to get a job? Grattis! Any more experiments to tell about?

  • Yes, I "managed" to get a job :D You know ... :crazy: I mean..... who would have thought... I am self employed and have been so for the longest time.

    No more fantastic data although some experiments done. Use same setup as before, with a tungsten pipe enclosing the reactor. Manage to melt another core a week ago....
    I am a bit detached from the rest of the community currently - have been for a while - just barely following the IH/Rossi brawl, and other replicators efforts, and whatnot papers that emerge that tickles my interest.

  • Me356 has done a lot of good work, as far as I understand. He has also let some info slip over time that can be useful. Let's hope he gets back with the full story.

    But one must keep this in perspective. If he has found a methodology that is workable (you know, repeatable, good output, and manageable) then it is worth a mother load of money for others that may be willing to front cash and make research resources available on a scale that is not easy for a single guy to neither muster nor manage. Might be hard to say no. Or then again he is simply busy working, like myself.