Tom Conover’s Multiple Reactor Meltdowns (Hank Mills)

  • [feedquote='E-Cat World','']The following article has been submitted by Hank Mills Another individual has emerged who seems to be producing anomalous heat while utilizing combinations of fuel similar to that used in Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat. Tom Conover has reported performing close to two hundred test runs utilizing nickel powder, lithium aluminum hydride (LiAlH4), and sometimes other lithium […][/feedquote]
  • Hi Eric. Since Hank Mills has no membership here I can perhaps answer. I have recently begin a dialogue with Mr. Conover and I get the impression that he is 'the real deal'. is hoping to test his fuel mix in exchange for some kit that he needs, and perhaps things will get clearer then. On the subject of thermite (a favourite boyhood game of mine) it would take quite a large amount to melt down a dogbone reactor - probably more than the 10gr Hank Mills mentions at the foot of his article. Which I think (btw) is not the quantity of fuel he uses per run, but a typo of some kind.

    It's another 'let's wait and see' game at the moment.