Etiam Oy a Finnish LENR-Startup announce they secured a private funding round to develop LENR

  • Today Etiam Oy, a Finnish LENr startup, (who run, published today a news claiming they secured a private funding round.
    The amount is not listed.
    It is raising more questions than giving answers.
    Is it a small amount to start research? or bigger amount to buy license? or amount for applications development ?


    Etiam Ltd. has secured a private funding round for further development of the LENR technology. "We are very pleased to close new financing round and grateful to our new financiers. This enables us to continue fascinating and challenging development of the LENR technology targeting on commercial applications," states Dr. Elers, Chairman of Etiam Ltd.

  • the was few announces on the old forum…umdisplay.php?85-Etiam-Oy

    about funding they made announce in 2013

    "Etiam Oy" wrote:

    Etiam has secured funding from Foundation for Finnish Inventions to design and manufacture reactor systems for LENR applications.

    Pekka Janhunen made that comment

    "Pekka Janhunen" wrote:

    Thanks. Concerning Etiam, the little what I know is consistent with them being serious. The “Keksintösäätiö” (Foundation for Finnish Inventions) from which they tell they received some funding is a state funding organisation whose mandate is to help inventors in the early phase by covering the first patent fees.

    The thread on their patent shows a new light, after Defkalion tragedy, lowing any risk of competition.…ranted-to-Finish-Etiam-Oy

    It seems their patent is genuine...

    We should see how they evolve... Nothing much proven yet : just a fair patent, and moderate claims of funding... Open situation, with no red light.

  • This comment gives much information…hread/#comment-1400039512

    "pelgrim108" wrote:

    The adress of Etiam is the adress of Micronova , a center where university and companies share a facility for nano fabrication and research.( last updated january 2013)

    He also talks of Picosun Oy, leading company on Atomic Layer Deposition,for whom Dr Kai-Erik Elers was working as Technical application manager.

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