The Industrial Heat Answer

  • No real surprises

    As I predicted for the answers, "deny" "deny" (good shot at Rossi for not sealing the contract!)

    Likewise no real surprises for the counterclaims -- except for the "actor" James Bass/John Doe.

    Inexplicable: why Johnson would participate in a fraud. (Share of $89M?)

  • If Rossi had not filed the lawsuit, there would be no "war." I.H. was willing to ignore him and write off the $11 million.

    Still think this after reading the counter complaints? Write off $11M? Of other people's money? After being cheated by a coordinated bunch of crooks? Not likely!

    That is what I heard early in the year. I urged I.H. not to let it go. I am glad they did not.

    (Even though I make it a point to stay out of people's business, I did say this. Briefly.)

  • It all sounds fairly predictable to me given Dewey's hints over the past few months. Rossi is a masterful fraud and we were just stupid. Would be nice to read the actual documents rather than get it through Abd's filter. Guess we'll have to wait for Frank to post it more openly on ECW.

    It is "open" on newvortex, which, by the way, is not a new list. Unfortunately, I could not configure the file space there to be fully-public, but anyone can join the list, it is free, acceptance is immediate, but yahoo may want to verify your email address, and you can set your preferences to no-mail, so the only "down side" is that as a moderator there, I'd have an email address for you. Which could be an anonymous yahoo account.

    And I've been announcing this over and over. I notice that some have already read the files. Be there or be square.

    As to the request to post links elsewhere, there is nowhere else at this point. I'm in the process of uploading the exhibits, with annotations. These are not "links," this is actually a filespace with the copied PACER pdf files. Engineer48 has apparently been grabbing the files and giving them to Acland, which is fine with me. I'm not "filtering" them, though I am renaming them to give them comprehensible names, as I have for some time with the other files. And I am briefly describing them, neutrally, I hope.

  • A comment from "Jeff" on JoNP has some certain similarities in syntax to another person .... sigh...

    "Dr Andrea Rossi:
    What do you think of the counterclaims made by IH deposited today ? It seems to me that they shoot at their feet, because they collected millions of dollars based on the reports made by the ERV during the first nine months of the test ! I think they made heavy slanders, you should not have difficulty to defend your position.
    How do you comment ?

  • Counter-claims : As a result of Leonardo and Rossi’s breach, Counter-Plaintiffs have suffered and continue to suffer damages including, but not limited to: a) both the $1.5 million and $10 million payments made to Leonardo in connection with the License Agreement; b) other payments made to Leonardo or Rossi to reimburse them for unnecessary (in light of the conduct alleged herein) services, equipment, and expenses; and c) multi-million dollar payments made to a third party pursuant to the License Agreement, see License Agreement § 16.6.

    c) Is AEG https://animpossibleinvention.…sdce-16-21199__0001-2.pdf

  • Hi all

    So a normal counterclaim. I will wait to read the direct source, rather than the faux vortex version.

    Kind Regards Ian Walker

    This is so funny. Self-punishment. I have the entire set of files there, except for a few pieces of obviousness, like waiver of service, and, as to what I am uploading of the attachments to the Answer, I am not uplodaing the subpeoenas to the five counterclaim defendants, as Obvious Obvious.

    These files are unmodified from the PACER files, which I get directly from PACER. Walker has been reading indirect copies not "direct source." The latest documents uploaded to E-catworld almost certainly came from the ones I uploaded, because Engineer48 has a newvortex subscription and gave the files to Frank Acland.

    If you want the direct files, it's not difficult: just get a PACER account. You will need to provide a credit card and PACER charges $0.10 per page. They don't bill for under $15 worth of charges per quarter, but ... this will almost certainly take me over that level.

    I'm editing filenames, but the files are untouched. If I did alter these files, I'd expect to see screams. Looks like the suspicion is there anyway, typical of Planet Rossi.

    Look, if you are Rossi's friend, you have cause to worry for him, here. This was predicted, Dewey did warn, and, by the way, while disclosures are not complete -- IH apparently has far more evidence than they have shown, discovery in this case will be monumental -- so far, Dewey's claims -- and Jed's comments -- have been confirmed.

    One little piece of business was the "actor." I don't know if Jed had inside information on that, but IH is claimed that someone played the role of the JM Products "engineer," and a business card is one of the exhibits.

  • For a little context, New Vortex is Abd's Yahoo! list, created several years ago around the time he was banned from Vortex by Bill Beaty after an extended altercation with Vortex member Jojo Jaro (who was also banned at that time). In the altercation, Jojo Jaro saw the need to repeatedly bring up theological and historical details pertaining to Islam as a topic of discussion.

  • Abd,

    Would you mind posting the link in a place that makes it more easily accessible? Some of us might not want to join your new Yahoo group.

    While there are links on the page I pointed to, they point to files hosted there. There is no other place, and I'm not about to go to the work of finding another host for 26 files. I'm still uploading and annotating the exhibits.

    To my knowledge, the newvortex filespace is the only place where all the case files are together ready to be downloaded. Mats Lewan stopped maintaining his files long ago. If Frank Acland wants to put them on e-catworld, that's up to him. If someone takes them from newvortex and hosts them, I'd hope they'd have the courtesy to credit where they got them, but I'm not a-gonna sue. These files are public.

  • #62: " Photographs accurately depicting the Six Cylinder Unit are attached hereto as Exhibit 3."

    Note that this has 6 hotcats with a flange, as used in the Levi March 2013 116-hour test.

    Thanks. (Alan has seen my upload of Exhibit 3. I had searched the Answer for "Ex. 3" which is how they normally referred to exhibits, I didn't find it, so I annotated the images as unknown. I'll fix that.) Now, back to those uploads.... )

  • Quote

    Rossi is a masterful fraud and we were just stupid.

    As to the first part, Rossi is no master con man. He's a pretty ordinary free energy con man with a pretty classical scheme. Rossi's great skill, as I have said before, is in choosing his marks. Somehow, I have no idea how, he knew Mats Lewan was extremely gullible. Same with Vaughn if not Darden. As to the second part, you don't need to be stupid, just gullible or credulous-- gullible is not the same thing. Look it up.

    • Official Post


    Thank you for providing this information! Hopefully you work a little overtime the coming day to release as much as you can ASAP. Perhaps it may be better to start a new thread? If so, you deserve the honors.

    I have to admit, a mass conspiracy was down my list of possibilities. Yes, with the filing of the suit, it was clear that someone had to be doing some big time lying. A simple misunderstanding just would not account for such a huge rift. But a bunch of professionals, with much to lose, partnering with someone like Rossi with nothing to lose, to defraud a well funded investor group, with little chance of succeeding...just takes the cake if IH proves it's case. What is it about those Italians! :)

    Almost immediately after Rossi received his $10 million from escrow, he bought 13 Miami condos. That was strange and raised a lot of eyebrows at the time. I felt then, that if Rossi were later to be exposed as a conman, he probably bought those condos to make it harder to collect if a judgement were brought against him. Naive probably, as that will not work, but another layer a conman would think of to make it that much more difficult for his mark (IH in this case)to collect.

    As has been said, had Rossi simply let it go, he would have gotten away with this. IH appeared ready to walk away, lesson learned. That makes it all the more odd why he filed the suit. Unless he thought all along that IH was in on the scam too, as has been proposed before. With some perceived wink and a nod, he may have been thinking that they let him play his part running that ridiculous contraption, and they reaped the reward with Woodford, and the Chinese. In the end they would both share the goods/loot. When they did not share, Rossi sued thinking IH would not risk exposing their complicitness by fighting back.

    Who knows? All I can say for sure is that normal behavior can not explain this. Only criminal can, and criminals see things differently.

  • Quote

    As has been said, had Rossi simply let it go, he would have gotten away with this. IH appeared ready to walk away, lesson learned.

    I doubt it. For one thing, Vaughn is very religious which possibly means he has some real principles. If so, he would not want Rossi to go on and bamboozle other people. As for Darden, I think he would be angry enough to want to prevent Rossi from profiting as well as to get even. Even for a fund as large as Cherokee, $11.5M is not chump change and also, Darden would not want to set a precedent that you can flummox Cherokee and keep your illbegotten winnings.

    I am pretty sure that even if Rossi had not been so nutty and ill advised as to sue Cherokee, Cherokee would have sued him.

    And then, as I understand it, some independent third parties who asked me not to name them, have alerted the appropriate prosecutor/district attorney offices and agencies in Florida state government to see if they want a piece of Rossi from the criminal side. I do not know how that is going but it may be that Mr. Rossi is, again, headed for the pokey (American slang for prison).

    • Official Post

    Domenico Fioravanti


    At the time, Gary Wright put a picture of this guy on his Shut Rossi Down site as a "wanted poster", but it is no longer there. No one has ever been able to identify him. Since you and GW are buddies, maybe he would dig it up? Might come in handy. Considering Rossi's penchant for working with the same people, I would not be a bit surprised if he played some role here.

    A little background for neophytes; this Fioravanti (what is it about those Italians :) ) was the "Nato Colonel" Rossi used in his 28 Oct 2011 "military acceptance test". It was so staged, it was funny. Later this Fioravanti became internet poster "Cures", who continued to write glowing things about Rossi. Then he disappeared.