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  • How long do we have to wait before telling you your confidence in the BLP technology (which has been unsubstantiated for 25 years and still is) is wrong?

    My strong hunch: Axil is just being a provocateur, having fun playing one set of fans (Mills fans) off of another (Rossi fans) and yet another (IH fans), and, finally, off of any skeptics here, all in one post. I would say he does this with some amount of skill.

  • Provoking trouble, causing dissension and agitation is just a playful diversion that springs from my about face on LENR systems' evaluation.


    There once was a troller named Axil.
    Who neglected his dosage of Paxil.
    His clarity fell, but whatever his pain,
    We can be sure that it wasn't premenstrual.

    --- added ----
    Axil replaced the post I quoted above with one that quotes this post (before this note). He then added


    I thought I was on your exclusion list. If not please put me back on.

    The result is that his response to my post is prior to my response to him. I do have him blocked, but I also see new posts in the Unread Posts, that includes blocked users. And I often look, anyway, but that I need to do this reminds me that reading and response may not be of high value. Here, I responded because Axil had acknowledged exactly what runs a troll, a desire to cause dissension and agitation. -- and "playful diversion."

    Because Alan had just written a limerick, I decided to go for some limerick-like something-or-other, certainly not of high seriousness. "Paxil" came simply from the rhyme and does not indicate any psychiatric diagnosis or accusation like that, and among friends, this would engender a laugh.

    "I've been thinking about getting back together with my girlfriend."

    "Have you forgotten to take your medication?"

  • @Adb @axil,
    Why 'youse guys' did not start this (limericks/rhymes) It's not your best work. Clear and interesting points with citations are (and you both are very good with that). I have noticed by following you both for a while that people take potshots at you both, and quite often. Please consider taking the high road since you both post so much. Years ago you would have handled this differently, people with strong opinions should expect to be challenged. It's the response when it gets personal that shows character. Slough it off.

  • Thanks, Rigel. I don't know if the reference was at all clear, but "premenstrual" was about something very obvious. Trolls and flame warriors and the hyperconfident are rarely female. There are exceptions, but most apparently female such are actually men, that's a standard internet meme.

  • I am now an ardent admirer of Mills who has solved most of the issues inherent in high power density LENR reactor design. I love high power density in a reactor.

    Mills can get top of the line power density out of just hydrogen fuel without melting down the reactor, something that Rossi has been trying to do for years now. Have you noticed, all hydrogen only based LENR reactors will get out of control and melt down unless they are liquid already.

    The liquid electrode idea is great and its implementation is even better. A miracle upon miracles is the self-driven plasma reaction that can last for minutes without input stimulation. No one would have ever imagined that this astounding feat was even possible.

    And the most satisfying trait of all, Mills is completely open and will explain how his tech works.

    Rossi on the other hand has sacrificed power density for 5 sigma. When he reduced his reactor unit to 20 watts, Rossi cut his power density again by a factor of 1000 to keep his reactor from early destruction. Low reactor power density paves the road to system commercial failure.

    Mills can improve power density even more by adding CAT/MOUSE based multi electrode operation. Instead of just one liquid electrode pair, Mills can setup an array of 100 pairs that work in parallel with each electrode producing a plasma ball the size of a teacup with only one of those electrodes receiving power. Mills can add magnetic protection to his structure to produce a hot fusion/LENR hybrid design with huge power density...a 100 megawatt reactor in a breadbox.

    The limitation of the size of this reactor type is the amount of light conversion surface that is required to convert light to electric current.

    A technology beyond photovoltaics can be developed and is currently in development that converts photon energy directly into electron flow by downshifting the EUV to longer wavelength EMF and generating current from that converted EMF. See nanoantenna…f/2015/01/epjam150012.pdf

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