Robert George of Brillouin Interview

  • Jed

    I was asking what the website says. I remarked that if it says McKubre endorses the claims, that would be a problem.

    But Jed, Its like saying 'What's this Shakespeare's Macbeth claiming? If its saying Donald Trump will repeal the 2nd amendment if he becomes President, I will speak with him and I think this Macbeth fella will have some 'splainin to do.

    Why? where did that come from?

    I don't suppose you have read or seen a Shakespeare play or looked at Brillouin's website; Mary has!

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  • I wonder if anyone asked George or Godes about the article in NBF from 2012 in which they were quoted thusly:


    Brillouin Energy Closing to Commercialization

    “The high-end system that will easily generate electricity, we’re looking at potentially, from our cost analysis, about 1 cent per kilowatt hour, but that’s on a commercial system. For a residential application, to get a higher R-value, or COP on it, we’re talking about a turbine, not something you don’t currently have right now. We’re talking about just having the boiler.”They have a million dollar investment and are working to get the second half of a two million dollar investment. They plan to license technology to third party producers. George says that Brillouin has been visited by the Naval Research Lab and major corporations.

    *** We’re looking at 12 to 18 months to bring it to strategic partners. *** [my emphasis]

    To me this is exactly like what Defkalion claimed and never delivered. Brillouin seems to be Defkalion's ghost. Or else, who are those strategic partners and what have they tested lately and how?

  • MY,

    There may be a few similarities between BE and DGT, but mostly not. BE has been fairly open, and by all appearances have taken a legitimate business, and R/D path towards market introduction. Their pairing with SRI early on showed they wanted a true evaluation of their system, and had nothing to hide. BE also allowed fully independent testing. And while Alain today on EGOOUT felt that McKubre seemed ho-hum about BE, his (McKubre's) comments to congress last fall (2 Nov. 2015) sounded very confirmatory, and supportive:…Congress-News-Release.pdf

    Their leadership team is legitimate, and their Board of Advisors includes Karl Page who wrote a very flattering article on LENR:

    Granted, their earlier predictions have yet to be realized (the one area I agree where they are like DGT), and their reliance on alternative media (InfoWars) to attract investors something to consider were one interested in investing, but they do offer full disclosure of their validation reports for those willing. So buyers will not go into this blind, as long they have good engineers at their side.

  • So let's review. If Godes and George are NOT lying, NRL visited these guys FOUR years ago and they were nearly in production and in four years NRL has offered them nothing-- no support, no money, no testing, nothing? Very improbable. We have to assume they were visited by major corporations, these corporations saw working boilers of near production grade... and did nothing? Most improbable. Most probable: they were lying and still are. Please folks, Occam's razor. Plus you have to have learned something from Rossi and Defkalion, or have you not learned anything at all from those debacles? This shapes up to be just another. It is classic for believers who have been scammed to discount the predictions that claims from years ago inherently make. Don't make this error please! If they lied then, they are probably lying about it all. Or at least they are capable of lying about it all.