Mitsubishi Heavy Industries: New patent application

  • @sengakut reports on twitter a new patent application recently published

    " reproduction method and nuclide conversion system of nuclide conversion reaction film"

    the translation is not very clear

    a good translation and some analysis is needed :huh:

  • Quote

    Ive seen reports that Mistsubishi is defrauding investors...their reactors dont work as advertised

    On a completely unrelated note Neil, did you ever manage to raise the $40,000 dollars that "laboratory in the Midwest" wanted to test your "reactor"?

    ...I always thought it suprising that this "laboratory in the Midwest" was willing to drop so low from their initial quote of $400,000. Very odd.

    Edit: After a bit more Googling Neil, it seems that not only did the "facility in the Midwest" drop their prices again... To $12,000*!... But that you have also found the funds, and your "reactor" is now being tested! I hope it's working as advertised!! Those "investor royalties" won't pay themselves!!!

    On another completely unrelated note: I haven't seen "I Inventzilla" around here recently. Wasn't he trying to raise some money in a similar manner? I used to notice how he had a very hard time spelling your surname correctly Neil. Very odd.

    *They seem a bit desperate for your money; Are you sure they are a professional outfit? Caveat emptore, old chap!

  • Ive seen reports that Mistsubishi is defrauding investors and the public and that their reactors dont work as advertised.

    That is an irresponsible smear without any evidence or reference to those "reports." The Iwamura Effect is weakly confirmed. The issuance of patents is not much in the way of news, and it is unclear what practical significance this work has. When I first saw Iwamura's work, I was bowled over, it seemed so clear.

    Then I learned more, and began to realize that there may be many low-energy nuclear reactions, not just one, not even necessarily just one mechanism. Until one mechanism is understood, the profusion of LENR reports may continue to confuse. Eventually, I expect the smoke to clear, and we will see with far higher clarity what has been happening. Some reports may be artifact, and low-level transmutation results are highly vulnerable, artifacts may be quite subtle.

    My suggestion came to be to focus on what was most-widely confirmed as well as most definitive. The Iwamura work is not simple to replicate, though Kidwell et al at NRL attempted it without success.

    Calling this "fraud" is highly reprehensible. MHI investigating LENR is to be lauded, whether or not these particular results turn out to be valuable. LENR research is, at this point, largely blue-sky, a spending of money rather than earning it. It will attract investors who want to get their feet wet, have a toe in the water, because LENR is coming, that's clear. How long it will take is very, very unclear. Many (most?) efforts aimed at commercial-level effects are secret or very guarded about what will be disclosed.

    I recommend public attention on the science, not commercial activity. Commercial activity will take care of itself. Science needs public support.

  • It may just be an indicator of where they research, and what they are working on...

    a patent application, and even a patent is never an evidence of functioning.
    It may however be a mine of information for replicators and scientists, an uncertain mine.

  • Dear Colleagues,
    it is quite long time that I didn't write comments in the LENR Forum "blog".
    This time it is necessary to brake the ice.
    * I saw a message from Student Neil Farbstein, about the very recent Mitsubishi patent, where it is writen:
    "I have seen reports that Mitsubishi is defrauding investors and....."

    I think that when so "heavy" sentence are writen, the Author has the duty to quote the "source", as much in details as possible.

    Otherways are just "biased/uncontrolled chats" because "dark" situations and/or interest.
    * We don't have enough time to consider such kind of messages/procedures: we are working very seriously, every day.

    * Sorry if, as usual, I speak directly.
    I am not English mother-language and I don't know elaborated (i.e. more polite and "politically correct") sentences.

    Thanks for your time and attention,

    Francesco CELANI.

  • I vaguely got the impression from reading the Patent that there are metal sandwichs into which hydrogen is infused, transmutation occurs, the sandwich is taken apart and the newly created element washed off with water.
    But I must say that it tested my powers of compression. (Perhaps purposely so? More likely to be Japanese legalise, to be translated into even more incomprehensible English legalise.) One thing for sure, it is an exercise in opacity.
    I wonder if the thing is exothermic or not.

  • I think they are more interested in the transmutation of inconvenient nuclear waste materials to more harmless materials than in generating heat. Mitsubishi are big players in the nuclear game -in fact it was MHI that built the pump-room that flooded at Fukushima.