Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.: Element conversion was listed in the Technical Report nano multilayer film deuterium transmission method

  • I'm sure I could find plenty more examples, if I could really be bothered to wade through your almighty deluge of facile posts about a subject you "know nothing about / care little about / are not qualified to evaluate".

    And you stand by the fact you ignore/distrust all of Mitsubishi IH's work, due to an unrelated cockup? Talk about the ravings of a lunatic..

    • Official Post

    What is convincing in Iwamura experiments are :
    -( it is replicated by Toyota
    - the Ps (and alike) observation are anticorrelated with initial species, evolving with time
    - Ps is bound to surface

    anyone claiming it is an artifact would require a solid theory because simple contamination by balance or gloves does not behave that way.
    It remind me the conspiracy theory of Gary Taubes.

    even artifact theories need to be self-coherent and respect basic laws of physics.

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