ELFORSK answers to Sveriges Radio attack against their work on LENR and E-cat.

  • Magnus Olofsson, boss of Elforsk have answered in a short press release to the attacks of the Swedish radio Sveriges Radio.

    He state what elforsk have done, like supporting the 2013 test.
    He clearly don't commit in being sure E-cat is real, but state that no combustion can explain the result.

    His position as that even if there is a risk to be wrong, their mission is to investigate, and to "prepare the companies in the energy sector on potential breakthroughs and build the necessary knowledge to challenge or affirm further development".

    This is exactly what you should expect from a very prudent company, a rational fearsome business...
    "We are sure of nothing, but we prepare for all, and sure we investigate what can be real or not'"

    As Mats explained in his answer, it is absolutely irrational, plain stupid, not to investigate on something that is clearly proven "possibly real, even if possibly false". When a general system like that academic science , the media, the business, have such a behavior it raise a red flag of massive groupthink.

    Even if LENR is false, that mainstream refuse to investigate is an error in itself, a sign a psychiatric problem, of Groupthink.

  • It have done a good job since 20th century anyway...
    but things pass. gasoline replace cola, who replaced wood and horse, who replaced beef, who replaced slaves...
    What is a bubble is energy that is subsidized, not for research only but for production, and have never been cost effective nor even environmentally efficient.

    Oild industry will survive some time, but coal will suffer much as LENR is direct competitor, and coal is the worst energy.