• Did IH actually get paid by JMP for power?

    We have seen strange-looking requests from JMP in discrete, large increments to be invoiced for power, but so far we have not seen evidence for an invoice sent from IH, or any other indication of IH having been paid for the power reported to have been received by the Customer.

    From the complaint:


    22. Upon information and belief, Defendants IH and IPH have derived substantial revenue from the operations conducted in Miami, Florida, involving the leasing of the very technology and intellectual property that is at the heart of this Complaint to customer(s) within this District.

    However, from the Amended Answer:


    22. Defendants deny the allegations in Paragraph 22



    77. JMP’s role in the scheme magnified when JMP started sending falsified invoices to Industrial Heat stating the amount of energy or steam JMP was purportedly receiving and using from the Plant during a given month. A selection of the invoices is attached hereto as Exhibit 18.

    I find nothing in the documents that actually states those "invoices" -- which were not invoices, they were invoice requests or reports of power to be invoiced --were paid. Were I IH, I would have invoiced them as requested. IH here terms the "invoices" as "falsified." I would disagree. They were issued based on information and belief, based on reports from Rossi, I'm sure, as to how many 250 kW "Tigers" were operating. If the statements were false, this would be an issue between Rossi and JMP. If the Rossi numbers were found to be false, JMP could request a refund if they had paid.

    JMP had elected to trust Rossi's reports of power delivered. This wasn't fraudulent on the part of JMP, unless JMP knew that this was part of a fraudulent scheme. What I suspect is that JMP knew there was no chemical plant, but Rossi said, "I'm willing to cover the cost of the power, so no problem."

    However, we don't know that IH actually invoiced and was paid. Paragraph 22 of the Complaint implies that they were paid. IH has denied that paragraph, but this doesn't necessarily tell us the truth behind it. For example, "derived substantial revenue." Those payments may have been mostly covering IH expenses, we know of $10,500 per month for Fabiani. There would be Barry West and Penon and expenses. Paragraph 22 was part of an argument asserting Florida jurisdiction. IH did not challenge the lawsuit based on lack of jurisdiction. If they had not received payments, that would have been a possibility, though there were other possible ways that jurisdiction would still exist.

  • @Abd Ul-Rahman Lomax,
    If I were IH, and suspected the whole Doral test was a farce, I would have not invoiced JMP. I would let the purported arrears pile up, and see if and who makes a fuss about it. No normal company would ignore and allow such a huge potential liability to pile up without making some enquiries after a couple or few months. At the least, I would expect a polite letter asking if the test power was being sent for free, for being such a good test subject, or if IH maybe preferred quarterly invoicing.

  • I think it possible that Fioravanti is this James Bass. For one he is Italian, and we all know they are crazy...what is it with those guys! :)

    Fioravanti's forum name was Cures. Cures was active on the web (mostly on Cobraf...an Italian site by the way :) ), supporting Rossi's claims from early 2011 to late 2013. So prominent was he as a Rossi "insider" that Acland tried to get an interview with him, but he refused.


    Cures made his first cameo appearance as "Fioravanti", by acting as the "Nato Colonel" in the Rossi directed play: "Nato Colonel accepts 1MW for delivery", on 28 Oct 2011. Only problem with the plot was critics noticed that the 1MW never actually got shipped anywhere (stayed in Rossi's garage in fact), but ended up instead with IH 1 1/2 years later. Go figure.

    Keep in mind that Rossi has a history of using...ahem, better to say, "working with" only a select few he feels comfortable with. The Swedish profs for one, and of course Levi (Italian :) ), and probably some within the UOB (likely Italian :) ), that would probably like to remain anonymous.

    Penon too. Taking a wild guess, but he sounds like a...you guessed it! :)

    So really, is it any stretch of the imagination to think that Rossi enlisted Fioravanti to play this James Bass? He brought Penon to the states, so why not him?

  • If you are a supporter and want to see the truth that one megawatt of heat was being produced and used in a highly endothermic manufacturing process revealed to the world, then confirming that James A. Bass truly was James A. Bass should be your top priority. If you are a cynic and want to see Rossi and his technology discredited, want to watch as a massive scam is unraveled, and desire to see Andrea Rossi's research into LENR brought to a complete halt, then confirming that James A. Bass was an actor should be your top priority.

    I feel like I'm the last man sitting on the fence in this forum. Shane D. used to be sitting next to me, and he still sort of is, although it is more like he hops off to IH-land every now and then. But then again, I occasionally hop off to Leonardo-land as well, and then sit back up on the fence. So I guess I can't be too critical.

    Ah hem. My point is that even fence-sitters want to find out who James A. Bass is--in fact, we want it more than either the IH supporters or the Rossi supporters--because our (my?) primary wish is simply knowing what happened, by whom, when, why, how, etc., in the first ever high-stakes LENR case, where a 25 year history of secrecy-culture can begin to break for greater openness, and under-oath kind of information. Abd keeps suggesting settlement. I say NO. NEVER. Let this thing go all the way to the jury, PLEASE. In other words, let's cut to the truth, be done with the stupid PR statements by either side, and let the chips fall where they may.

    In conclusion, James A. Bass is not a sideshow. He is the most critical figure in this whole court case. If identified and questioned under oath, he could solve this mystery once and for all.

    I wholeheartedly agree. (Caveat: I agree it will solve the "whether the customer is real or not" mystery, but not the "whether the e-Cat actually works" mystery.)

  • There are two independent issues here that have some connection but are not exclusively linked.

    First, the reality of the Rossi Effect, defined as the production of kilowatt levels of excess heat from grams of fuel composed of Ni, Li, and H.

    Secondly, the reality of Andrea Rossi's claimed results of the one year long test (COP of 50 on average and usually 750kW to 1000kW output).

    When it comes to the first issue, I'm convinced that the Rossi Effect is indeed real for a number of reasons. I have zero doubt about this whatsoever. The effect is not yet easy to reproduce and seems to be difficult to control. There is a LOT we need to learn about it. We also don't know for certain just how well Rossi can control the effect.

    When it comes to the second issue, I'm undecided about the reality of what Andrea Rossi has reported. Simply put, there are too many unknowns at this time to try and come up with a COP number or a total output number. Although I think it is highly likely there was some excess heat, I do find it plausible Andrea Rossi *may* have exaggerated or even been far less than totally honest about specific issues. But the truth is we don't know. I'm not about to accuse Andrea Rossi of deceit or fraud until more information is available. Doing so would be unethical -- although I'll openly say that the alleged email from Rossi to Hydrofusion makes me very suspicious. The one person that could tell us the most about this second issue is James A. Bass. I believe his testimony will tell us if Rossi's numbers were even roughly accurate (even if the COP wasn't 50) or if the numbers and other claims were massive exaggerations or even lies.

    We simply need James A. Bass to be questioned under oath, ASAP.

  • A believe I've ready every single one of Cures posts of Cobraf. The last time I checked -- over a year ago -- many seemed to have been removed.

    From what I remember reading, after performing hundreds of tests on hot cats for Andrea Rossi and witnessing countless meltdowns, Andrea Rossi's associates became distrustful of Cures because he refused to sign an NDA with Leonardo Corporation. Everything he was doing was free of charge and without signing any sort of contract, agreement, or NDA. Eventually, Andrea Rossi broke the news to him that he'd have to stop participating in the testing, so he quit helping. Cures didn't seem happy or bitter about what took place. If anything, he found the experience very interesting due to the anomalous events he witnessed which sound very similar to what others have reported: reactors hitting "critical temperatures" and heating up to white hot in several seconds.

    Although James A. Bass could plausibly be Cures, I urge Mary Yugo and others to search for additional evidence.

  • Where are all the other JMP employees? Were they put out of work due to the sudden shut down of the Doral facility? Did they have to work long arduous hours to remove thier equipment somehow around the Plant in the way of the bay doors? (Have they told IH or Leonardo to get that @*#¥% Plant out of their warehouse?) Were they sent back to England, home of the Secret Mother Company? Do they have amazing tales of the Plant and the magnificent Team that operated it? Were they really incredibly silent and understanding when their wonderful secret process machinery was shut down upon a few words from Rossi? Did they see the writing on the wall? Didn't they yearn to have contact with the outside world?

    So many questions, so few answers. Maybe Hot Joe has some leads...

  • Looking on LinkedIn, I do not see a James A. Bass, but see over 170 with the name James Bass with no middle initial. One of them stands out:

    Experience: Millwright, Sulzer Turbo Services, January 1994 – Present (22 years 9 months), New Orleans, Louisiana

    "Have worked in the Industry several years, specializing in Gas Turbines, Steam Turbines, Generators, Centrifugal Compressors, Reciprocal Compressors and Engines, Gear Boxes, and Pumps."
    Member of two groups - Steam Turbines, Rotating Equipment Jobs

    It is interesting to see that all of his public endorsements (Air Compressors, Gas Turbines, Generators, Pumps, Steam Turbines) come from people working at Mitsubishi Hitachi Power.

    It may be a pure coincidence, but Mitsubishi Hitachi Power is located in Orlando Florida and is a joint venture of Hitachi and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. Here is a recent article about the LENR work of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

  • Abd keeps suggesting settlement. I say NO. NEVER. Let this thing go all the way to the jury, PLEASE. In other words, let's cut to the truth, be done with the stupid PR statements by either side, and let the chips fall where they may.

    1. I am not exactly advocating settling. I am suggesting that the parties may settle. Or some of them may settle and not others.

    2. We do not necessarily need a jury trial to know what happened. If the pleadings (and discovery) reveal sufficient fact to know what happened, as to the issues in the trial, a jury is redundant. It is simply a legal way of expressing a decision. Juries decide by the preponderance of the evidence, which can be subjective. If the matter actually is controversial, i.e., informed and neutral people can still disagree, that a jury makes a decision does not establish it as "truth," but simply as how society will enforce rules.

    3. From what I have seen, there is sufficient evidence -- and lack of evidence, so far -- to know that IH is accurate in saying that there was no Guaranteed Performance Test. If that is established -- and we may know this within a few weeks -- Rossi's case falls apart. No jury trial on those issues. However, there may be a jury trial on the issues of fraud and deception by Rossi, Johnson, Fabiani, and maybe Penon. My prediction, though, is that Penon never shows up.

  • 1. I am not exactly advocating settling.

    Could have fooled me, but okay.

    2. We do not necessarily need a jury trial to know what happened. If the pleadings (and discovery) reveal sufficient fact to know what happened, as to the issues in the trial, a jury is redundant.

    And how are you going to know what is revealed in discovery? We need at least a trial and a corresponding record. At least a transcription of that can be ordered (first person requesting it gets to pay for it).

  • Abd:


    We do not necessarily need a jury trial to know what happened.

    Of course we don't. It's obvious from IH's statements. Rossi gave them non working junk and did not teach them how to make any device which generates energy. It's really that simple. Rossi is a consistent liar and a chronic failure. His modus operandi is also consistent and transparent. His "ERV" is either a dunce or a crook or both.

    IH has no motivation whatever to lie. If Rossi had revealed and licensed the secret of high power LENR to them, they would have made billions and would have been more than delighted to pay Rossi his silly $100M. Anyone would be happy for such a deal and there would be absolutely no reason to cheat on it.

  • My thinking is that his real name was actually James A. Bass, he was a Director of Engineering, and had some connection to Johnson Matthey. Perhaps he did not work for Johnson Matthey, but he could be an expert in their machines or merchandise. I expect he will confirm that manufacturing did take place.

    I'm entirely unsure about James A. Bass. Something seems to stink. But I think if there really is a James A. Bass, and he isn't an actor, then I don't think he has any connection to Johnson Matthey. Rossi has always been consistent in his public denials (multiple times) that Johnson Matthey is NOT the customer. The one-time letterhead said "Advanced derivatives of Johnson Matthe[y] sponges..." and never purported to be Johnson Matthey. IH alleged that Rossi told them one time that it was Johnson Matthey, but they provided no evidence for this.

    If James A. Bass is real, and was director of engineering, it is for a company that is not Johnson Matthey.

  • Presumably the company would be Johnson Matthew, or Bass would be director of engineering of the shell company protecting Johnson Matthew. Now, if we could only find Johnson Mathhew ...

    But the letterhead purported to be neither Johnson Matthey nor Johnson Matthew. It was purportedly an operation associated with "Advanced derivatives" of sponges produced by Johnson Matthe[y].

  • JM, then, would be the initials for neither "Johnson Matthey" nor "Johnson Matthew"

    I see two possibilities:

    1) Rossi wanted to evoke that it was possibly associated with Johnson Matthey to bolster the credibility of the "customer." This seems plausible.

    2) It is a subsidiary of Johnson Matthey, aka conjecture by Mats: http://disq.us/p/1b7rnsa. This seems less plausible, but not impossible.

  • Abd Ul-Rahman Lomax wrote:

    Could have fooled me, but okay.

    And how are you going to know what is revealed in discovery? We need at least a trial and a corresponding record. At least a transcription of that can be ordered (first person requesting it gets to pay for it).

    I added discovery because we may become aware of some facts, and, as noted, some may come out later. Further, if our goal is to come to our own conclusions, we can use other fact known to us, that is not a part of the court record. The judgment of history will do this, after all.

    There is caution necessary as to "what is known to us." Always, the question I deal with is "how do we know this?"