Robert V Duncan at TTU: 5Mn$ for hydride research in "Seashore research LLC"

  • "Anyway, if my name is Bill and I, after a successfull co-operation with brilliant Italian researchers and lots of NDAs, sniff a hint of success, I don't:

    - close the company,

    - trash all laboratory hardware to TTU mob,

    - park at UOP my 200.000$/year imported and gifted laboratory director preparing previous data for publication. "

    My statement : "park at UOP my 200.000$/year imported and gifted laboratory director preparing previous data for publication" is WRONG and indeed the 200.000$/year VISA is for another worker and the new UOP stand of the gifted scientist is a new, apparently uncorrelated job. See A + B.


    In 2012 I was hired by 3M in the capacity of Senior Chemist in their Fuel Cell program. Remarkably, I got awarded a USCIS O-1 visa for Individuals with Extraordinary Ability or Achievement. In 2013 I received U.S. Permanent Residency, eliminating the need for a work visa sponsorship. My 3 years at 3M were highlighted by several major scientific achievements in their Nanostructured Thin Film (NSTF) catalyst platform.


    Advanced R&D Engineer / Scientist

    Honeywell UOP Des Plaines, IL

    Passionate Electrocatalyst researcher

    But we have Lubbock, Texas Tech, Bill [as private sponsor, see wikileaks] related quotes, too:

    Senior Research Associate

    Texas Tech University Lubbock, Texas Area

    Continuation of research initiated at Concentric Advisors Texas.

    Prepare previous data for publication, and design validation experiments to probe scientific claims in literature


    Lead Laboratory Research Scientist

    Concentric Advisors Lubbock, Texas Area

    • Purpose-built elite laboratory for the research and development of technologies within Condensed Matter Physics with 10 scientific employees; Private Sponsor has chosen to remain anonymous and has precluded (thus far) public announcement of the effort but certain publications and Patents are currently being pursued in conjunction with the University

    • Lead research in energy sources and conversion

    • Act as a mentor, teacher and motivator for 2 direct reports, and serve as coordinator and guiding hand to 4 other researchers

    • In charge of the design of materials solutions, leader in materials analysis, directing the use of appropriate physical and chemical analytical tools

    • Performed as a driving force towards novel concepts and experimental directions

    • Studied electrolysis side reactions and energetics of hydrogen storage

    • Created streamlined and accurate data analysis of extensive datasets, as well as clear and concise reporting of the results

    • Succeeded in developing state-of-the-art calorimetry applicable to electrochemical reactions in milli Joule resolution

  • For $200,000 you can almost mass produce $10000 Peltier calorimeters

    This one is a whole lot cheaper per unit. It does not require a constant temperature background, making it even cheaper. If you needed hundreds of calorimeters for some commercial or experimental purpose, or to sell, this might be a good choice. Bob Duncan has extensive experience designing calorimeters.

    This seems to be simple and reliable. Peltier calorimeters can be a pain in the butt.

    • Official Post

    News from Seashore Research? Full length free-to-read paper from Rob Duncan and Co.

    A quantitative light-isotope measurement system for climate and energy applications


    We describe the design, operation, and performance of a new instrumental configuration capable of quantitative determinations with sub-picomole accuracy of dilute concentrations of low mass species, such as , , , and , in a balance of stable hydrogen (H2, DH, and D2) gas. This inexpensive system may realize important applications in fields ranging from climate studies to hydrogen fusion energy research, thereby providing an expanded availability of this diagnostic within emerging energy systems research and development. These spectra, calibration curves, and determinations were obtained by using a novel method for the purification and subsequent removal of the hydrogen matrix gas, and an extensively modified commercial Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance (FT-ICR) mass spectrometer with an electron impact (EI) ionizer. These high-resolution FT-ICR mass spectrometers have routinely achieved a resolution, R = m/Δm better than 10,000 Da at mass-3, with a mass resolution that scales as 1/m. These devices have easily resolved D2 from , and DH from . The performance of this upgraded instrument has demonstrated the ability to detect impurities from tiny air leaks, such as and , in the presence of the hydrogen matrix gas. While no concentration measurements of radioactive species have been attempted to date with this system, it is expected to easily resolve DT from D2H (a 0.0059 Da mass difference) and HT from all other mass-4 species.…87380621000543?via%3Dihub

  • I had thought from the little evidence we had, that Robert Duncan's Texas Tech University, Bill Gates funded LENR research project (Seashore Research, LLC), had been unsuccessful and shut down. In this ICCF24 panel discussion hosted by Matt Trevithick, at 33:50 Robert Duncan talks briefly of his own experiments. In listening it does appear he is still in the game, but says: "that experiment has not reproduced". Good news. Please though don't limit yourself to just that small segment. Watch the whole video as Nagel, Schenkel, and Matt also have some good things to say:

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