Nikkei journal : Cold fusion in patent reproduce success in the United States, re-evaluation is accelerating

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    An article in japanese in Nikkei journal is feature the cooperation between Clean Planet, MHI, in Tohoku University…52800Z10C16A8000000/?dg=1

    The Google translation is not perfect, but we can get the tone, and even the meaning sometime :

    A better translation will helps...

  • a better translation.. not the best


    "Experiment has started , there is one year to go, but steady heat output continues."

    No details about materials

    Iwamura appears to be shifting focus a little from transmutation to energy production

  • 実験を始めてまだ1年ほどですが、順調に熱が出ています」。

    "Experiment has started , there is one year to go, but steady heat output continues."

    That means something more like:

    The experimental project has only been underway for about a year, but we already have clear excess heat.

    It does not mean the gadget has been producing heat for a year.

    The word "junchou" which was auto-translated to "steady" means in good working order; going well:

    ". . . excess heat production is going well" or ". . . is on track." ". . . tickety-boo" as they say in Canada (according to this dictionary). (I don't think anyone has said that since 1948.)

    Actually, it COULD mean steady heat . . . I will ask Iwamura.

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    There is an artucle in Nikkei College Cafe subscription magazine (I don't understan exactly what it is)

    It talks about collaboration with MHI and Tohoku to transmute nuclear wastes through LENR.
    It seems to talk also of transmutation around strontium, selenium, zirconium, ruthenium... reduction of half life...
    We need a good translation, but probably we already know the main idea from Iwamura's paper...

  • similar photo here…od-to-clean-nuclear-waste

    similar time.. about a year ago
    subsequent to Tohoku Clean Energy April 2015…lab-at-tohoku-university/

    "useful heat plus getting rid of radioactive waste" looks to be a very marketable formula for R&D in Japan.

    cooperative effort btw nuclear researchers must produce something that works sometime.

    look forward to results

    next Japan CF Research Society conference is when?

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    Thanks for your help with the Japanese translations, Jed. Most appreciated. Have you heard if they are getting the promised cash for Clean Planet btw? I will be meeting with my friend in Tokyo next month (tho sadly not at ICCF - 20) and will administer a spanking if not. I expect politicians to lie about policy to voters, but not to friends with no vote.

  • Has anyone actually built and tested a Genie reactor and published the results? Some of us at Moletrap looked at this in 2013 and it seemed like a probable scam then, when it was mentioned on the Great Repository of Energy Scams, Is there some reason it did not turn out to be a scam now, three years later?

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    Thank you. I never noticed Abd has blocked all but a handful here :) . Nor have I ever read that I could do the same with my tormentor of the past 5 years. Gosh, as I understand you, with just a click of the button HE is gone? No more insults, no more nightmares. Gosh, I have to think this through. Thx Alan. :)