Daily Caller on US Defense Threat Reduction Agency Cold Fusion Report

  • [feedquote='E-Cat World','http://www.e-catworld.com/2016/09/11/daily-caller-on-us-defense-threat-reduction-agency-cold-fusion-report/']Thanks to Mats Lewan for pointing out the following article The Daily Caller news and political website has an article titled “Feds May Have Made a Huge Breakthrough in Cold Fusion.” (http://dailycaller.com/2016/09/11/feds-may-have-made-a-huge-breakthrough-in-cold-fusion/) The article, by energy and science reporter Andrew Follett is in reference to the report we cited here last week released by the […][/feedquote]
  • Those people at e-cat world are nuts. This article ends:

    "There is some debate regarding the authenticity of the document."

    Doesn't it occur to them to ask the authors whether the document is real?

    Well, they are referring to a stupid article by a clueless "reporter."


    We have seen this over and over. There is news about cold fusion or LENR and a reporter decides to check it out with an "expert."

    Expert in what? Well, nuclear fusion, of course. What else?


    But independent scientists told TheDCNF a cold fusion breakthrough is plausible, but the report is far from conclusive.

    “My instinct is to ascribe these results to cosmic ray deuterons interacting with the palladium deuteride. I would be want this potential background to be addressed before I could interpret this as a finding of new physics.” Dr. Jeffrey Eldred, a particle accelerator physicist who works at Fermilab, told The DCNF. “Isotope effects on superconductivity have been demonstrated prior to these results.”

    Eldred obviously has zero idea about the history of LENR and the research reported. Cosmic ray deuterons? Ahahahahahaha!!!!

    There is no new finding of "physics" here that hasn't been around for 25 years. It's like he just heard of it. But does he tell the reporter that? Actually, in a way, he did. He just provided a knee-jerk reaction to what the reporter told him, and the reporter has no idea what he's looking at, and doesn't put it together that this particle physicist, whose training would have absolutely nothing to do with LENR, was just giving an instant reaction without research.


    Cold fusion is a nuclear reaction that occurs at relatively low temperatures, rather than at millions of degrees. These types of nuclear reactions are plausible, but previous claims by scientists of the discovery of cold fusion have always been unable to be replicated by other teams of scientists. Most government research into the process has been cancelled as a result.

    That is something that was briefly sort-of true over 25 years ago. The work reported by DTRA or through DTRA is work that was *confirmation* of the "previous claims." At least in general. Some of the work done under government contract has been specific replication, some new exploration.

  • The dailycaller article is laughable. It would seem you need writing abilities of an 8th grader to become a reporter there. Can we please have a modicum of competence among reporters? At least wait until you have confirmation from the agency that released the report that it is authentic? Of course, we here all know it is, having tracked the SPAWAR developments for years, but the dailycaller appears to be trying to cast doubt on its authenticity and leaves the readers hanging on that. Ridiculous.

  • What shock me the most is the notion of "breakthrough".
    This is yet another paper on against experiments that prove LENR is real and try to find few more of it's properties.

    it is exhausting to see people, and Edmund Storms remind us it happens to LENR scientists too, ignore the mass of LENR science accumulated, the confirmed evidences, the replications, ... since the 90s.
    In a way it seems nothing really new happened since the 90s. there is slow steady progress (and few clowns), but nothing like a breakthrough.

  • Article updated. Dailycaller obtains confirmation of document's authenticity:

    It was real after all. How do ya' like that?

    I complained there that the issue arose in the first place. They asked why it bothers me, and started psychoanalyzing me. Along the lines of: "You have some deep animosity here, blah, blah." Oh, yeah? said I. You people accuse me of uploading fake documents and then you ask why I am pissed off?

    Those people are not the sharpest tacks in the box.

  • What shock me the most is the notion of "breakthrough".

    For me, the breakthrough is the non-equivocal language of this U.S. taxpayer funded report. I call your attention to one of the report's conclusions, which I quoted earlier in another thread:

    from p. 87 of the report (conclusion)


    The Pd/D co-deposition technique, pioneered by SSC-Pacific, is a robust, reliable and reproducible means of generating LENR in the Pd lattice. Heat effects using Pd/D co-deposition have been reproduced by Miles10 as well as Cravens and Letts.10,56 Bockris et al. reproduced the tritium results.69 Besides SRI, the CR-39 results have been replicated by Dr. Winthrop Williams of the University of Berkeley, Dr. Ludwik Kowalski of Montclair University; Mr. Pierre Carbonnelle, l'Université catholique de Louvain and three groups of undergraduates from UCSD as part of their senior projects...

    (darn, in spite of Abd's earlier advice, I couldn't get the quote function to work quite right two times in a row!)