Sifferkol: Sylvie Coyaud reveal location of E-Cat 3rd party Test. Who wasted most money, Elforsk or Sveriges Radio?

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    In a small article Sifferkoll tell us that Sylvie Coyaud have revealed the location of E-cat latest 3rd party test : in Lugano, Switzerland.

    He also raise very nasty and interesting question :


    maybe Swedish taxpayers paid more for the SR/Hansson/Björksten crusade than for everything else related to LENR since 1989… hmm, kind of interesting…

    Finally he continue questioning the "team" of Björksten/Hansson/Coyaud


    They seem to share a common interest in the political power of the environmentalists.


    LENR community have raised concern since long on vested interest in oil companies.
    I don't share this vision, based on the active participation of some oil companies like Amoco, Shell, and recently SAIPEM/ENI, to LENR research and conferences. Various corporations like Toyota, Mitsubishi, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, ST Micro, National instruments, show some interest in LENR and seems more to suffer from academic terrorism than from corporate black suits.

    This terrorism will disappear like Berlin wall and Lysenkoism soon. However the political opposition of those who bet on the wrong horses, the lobbies of the soon to be buried energies, the soon to be buried ideologies of scarcity, and the workers union of dead energies, will be our next enemies. They have big budget, maybe bigger than Exxon PR, because it is taxpayer's and donator's money, not shareholder's money, and because they are desperate to die with no hope to benefit.

    Maybe our mission will be to find them an exit strategy, different from frontal opposition.

    Finding a way for workers union, the green businessmen and workers, to accept the disruptive revolution, the workers retraining...
    Finding an environmental discourse that give hope, gives a mission of environmentalist to accompany the clean transition transition, carefully not saying they were wrong.

    One rule toward acceptation, when you face an economic rent, is to buy it, exchange it, not to kill it.

  • I am unclear what you are saying about corporations -- they have the means and motive to squash any innovation, and have a long history of doing so.

    My advice is go to China, directly to China and disengage with established US and European capital. I really hope that is what is being done, because the minute invested capital can get a share in any company producing an alternative to oil, that company will not produce a thing.

    It is dangerous to think that we can deal with established resource capital, after all they did not mind killing people in wars just to ensure oil would be traded in USD.

    China is new capital, moreover capital looking for productive things to do, and China is energy poor, That is the place to go and the place to see LENR units produced in the 10s of millions, this will not happen in Europe and the US as things stand. We are seeing a shift in capital into Eurasia and a break with 130 years of capital history.

    he LENR community has to learn the political economy basics, it is not the amount of money that is important but what it is doing,

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    I agree that big incumbent corps, established on a market with much more to lose than to win will try to slow the revolution.

    However they also have incentive to embrace the new revolution, at they mammoth pace. They are composed of people , executives, workers, who have individual incentive to escape the sinking boa called "company". Of course at the beginning the less courageous actors will try to save the ship, to battle against what they consider as "enemy"...
    See how in france we try to defend metallurgy near the empty abandoned 19th century mines, refusing even to move to the port where the minerals flow.

    I am much more afraid of fannatic people, defending an idea, a vision of the world instead of their butt, their selfish interest.

    See how the physicist defended their myth, their ego, their dogma, against all evidence, just because they could not bear to admit they did not find the trick of physics.

    I expect similar desperate defence of people having no intellectual escape. those whose meaning of life oppose the "cornucopian" consequence of LENR, the death of many enemies like climate CO2 or fission energy.
    Those people will feel like fannatized military units when signing peace... desperate, inventing conspiracy to make the war continue.

    Some says that this happened when Berlin wall fall, and the military-industrial complex invented new enemies.
    same for the academics needing funding, whose budget was fed by cold war...
    For some time the was against drug did the job.
    There was then war agains terrorism...
    And... you know...

    In a way this gives us hope. Maybe those "fanatic" are not so fanatic. what they need is a funding.
    Like all the military-industrial complex and the Ivy leages univesities they will surf on another fashion.

    I hope that behind the fanatic activist that will never surrender (like those who still want a cold war), there is a crowd of selfish interest who, like the corporate interest, will ask for a share of the revolution, will just slow the revolution, but will embrace it.

  • AlianeCo sorry to take so long to reply,

    We are going through large changes at the moment in world economics. Changes .which place Western business on the wrong side of history because it is fighting to preserve invested interests and monopoly. China, Russia and the rest of the BRICs are where manufacturing innovation on the scale LENR needs can be accomplished.

    Look at 3D printing which has been in the hands of wrong end of town for quarter of decade, the pattens run out and the little companies are innovation all over the place at a rate that is revolutionary. However, inventive they are they don't have a lot a capital, which is not such a problem for them, but LENR devices are a manufacturing problem which needs a lot of capital to produce them in great numbers and most importantly cheaply.

    I believe that LENR has passed through its first stage (experiment, and initial model design), the second stage of first manufacture has arrived.

    This stage, once started, will lead to more innovation as a new commodity proves itself to the world. That is the phase we are now entering. Once one version has been produced and sold in numbers the second wave of innovative product design will overlap with it, and we will see radically different LENR approaches designed into competing prototypes..

    The problem is to move to this second stage of the first wave, because it is not just a matter of manufacture and use (look at 3D printing), but obtaining sufficient scale commodity production for the device to be seen as a practical thing by people who now have no idea that LENR has even been experimented with.

    This is the difference between crystal radios constructed by hobbyists and the first valve sets being manufactured for consumers -- only that second phase of initial manufacture starts the technical revolution for people must see the the thing working to imagine its place in their lives. If big business can stop that from happening it does not matter how many experiments, innovations or small scale success occurs, people will not see it as a practical thing (look at the history of electric cars, the Telsa now going to China because it was constrained to death in the US).

    When a new and critical technology appears it comes with a change in relation and a shift in capital implicit in it. Its birth place is not necessarily where it can thrive. Nothing thrives in the West at this time because its domination is coming to an end. The old interests are strangling emergent threats in their cots, and the technocrats that staff them are its instruments of death. The West will transform, but the old order must go first -- that writing is already on the wall.

    LENR needs to go to China where the manufacturing capital resides ASAP. This is not like 3D printing which is a niche market and can expand laterally by customised production -- this is the energy market.

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    I agree with most of what you say.
    Western is collapsing under conservative interest of all kind, big and small, from docker to finance industry.
    I just consider that Russia is not an emerged country like China, Brasil, India, but a petronarchy.

    Yes, LENR industry is at infancy, and most of the energy have still be wasted in breaking the wall of denial. Thing advance slowly. Few years ago, E-cat was visibly lunatic and unstable... Today it seems at least stable and reliable if we interpret the length of the test as an evidence of interesting result and long lasting measurement.

    If Western industry want to survive it have first to "assassinate the father", old habits and governmental helps, and exploit the corpse of big business (huge capital, huge competences, huge infrastructure, huge networks) while not obeying them as usual.
    Small companies should collaborate without being submissive. Pilot fish and dumb shark...

    This is the deep meaning of the soon to develop LENR ecosystem. One is in inception in EU with LENR-Cities. Something more naive is prepared visibly around DoD/SRI, but we are far from an ecosystem.

    China should not be feared as the Devil, and we should use it as the "rabbit" in a dog race. I suspect that Tom Darden have this vision. However we should realize that we cannot treat China as a weak market or a weak industry... They will win their share of the world, and will battle for the rest.

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