Geek Times RU : LENR or not LENR? (Review of experiments to detect LENR effect)

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    Description of many DogBone/E-cat/Parkhomov style of experiments, in Russian

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    I LENR topic (Cold Fusion) is familiar to many, and probably the first, remembered - it is Italian Andrea Rossi - and his E-Cat. But as they say "no one Rossi alive LENR» - there are other researchers who also did do experiments and get results -. Negative or positive overview of these experiments (15) and will be executed in the following publications (with the material thanks to the magazine "journal Emerging areas of science», and personally Alexander G. Parkhomov)



    • The fuel is usually used a mixture of nickel powder and lithium aluminum hydride, formed after decomposition of hydrogen. Fuel weight of about 1 exception - the first Chinese experiment (20 g).
    • In the second experiment, the Chinese, as well as in the experiment Hrischanovicha and Jeff Morris used a wire made of nickel in a hydrogen atmosphere.
    • Typically, fuel is in a container made of thin stainless steel or nickel, is placed in a sealed tube of ceramics based on corundum. In addition, experiments were performed using, instead of quartz ceramics and stainless steel.
    • Electric wires were made on the basis of fechral (Cantal) or nichrome. Such heaters are not capable of continuous operation reactors. To power the heaters use a variable, constant or pulsed current.
    • In all experiments, and experiments except Chinese Hrischanovicha and Jeff Morris, was not pre-vacuum. The pressure in the reactor is usually not rise above a few bar at 180-200 ℃ further heating and was kept at this level or decreased.
    • In most experiments used controllers that support given by the temperature. Heating up to operating temperature was carried out for several hours.
    • Four experiments to evaluate the heat had special calorimeters. In other experiments, the method comparing the reactors with fuel and no fuel was used to evaluate the heat. Excess heat over electricity consumption ranged from 1.2 to 2.7.
    • Reactor Shutdown occurred either because of their failure, either because of the completion of the day where the work was not possible twenty-four hours.
    • Increased levels of radiation observed only in experiments Jeff Morris.
  • I suspect that somebody is hijacking Google Translate with subtly erroneous translation suggestions.

    "LENR или не LENR?" should be "LENR or not LENR?"

    And who knows how many other subtle errors are there that may totally change the meaning of sentences.