Roger Barker here

  • Hi everybody,

    Roger Barker here. Thought I'd drop in and say hello. How are y'all doing?

    I've had an interesting time following LENR and Rossi in particular. It's been up and down but there has been the proverbial silver lining for me. I got to meet the very lovely Mary Yugo. It didn't take me long to fall head over heels for him-her. Since then I've taken every opportunity to express my fondness for him-her.

    There are just so many things to love about Mary Yugo! Here is a small list:

    1) Repetition - nobody can say the same things over and over and over again like Mary Yugo
    2) Calorimeters - if you didn't know anything about calorimeters then pull up a random Mary Yugo post and you'll become a calorimeter expert in no time
    3) Key words - no Mary Yugo post is complete without words such as calorimetery, Defkalion, scam, cheese video, Krivit, fraud, liar etc. You could have yourself quite the bingo game with any one of Mary's posts
    4) Hot and bothered - Mary does tend to get quite hot and bothered about LENR
    5) Rossi - Mary has admitted a bit of a crush on Rossi despite his-her misgivings about Rossi's actions. Quoted as saying, "he is handsome in that intellectual sort of way".
    6) eWig - drenching the eWig is a favorite pastime of mine. As always the safe word is "Defkalion"

    I've written many an Ode to Mary. Here's another one:

    Oh Mary Yugo we meet again
    I know to you I have been a pain ...
    In the rear that you know
    As per the safe word I'll take it slow
    On the eWig my love will rain


  • 4) Hot and bothered - Mary does tend to get quite hot and bothered about LENR

    I confess to, once, trolling Mary with a comment, that while true, was a prod or a poke. It was along this line: "I'm thinking of buying my daughter a cheap Power Balance Chinese knock-off bracelet." I knew it would generate fireworks. Mention of the Sniffex "explosives detector" -- it's actually a dowsing rod -- would do the same, but I'm not planning on buying a Sniffex, Unless I could find it on eBay for a couple of dollars including shipping, then maybe. What fun! Something that sold for thousands of dollars, containing a dollars worth of basically nothing -- but with a nice machined case, making it look high tech or sort-of -- and it would have resale value!

    (Mary is sure that the Sniffex "does not work." But this is based on a very restricted notion of utility, and attempting to discuss this with Mary has simply led to piles of evidence as to what I already knew, Mary apparently believing that this evidence clearly proved I was FOS. Yes, the Sniffex was a freaking fraud. However, how did that manage to propagate? Why is it that, in spite of clear blind testing showing that dowsing rods "don't work," they remain in confident usage by many? Is it all stupidity? Mary shows no trust in innate human intelligence, in fact, and in particular in what is called "intuition," and in real life, without intuition we are probably and quickly dead meat. We cannot analyze everything. Mary in response might propose (and has done this) that I use a Sniffex to walk through a mine field. Never mind that this would be a very difficult challenge to arrange, the fact is that needing to cross a mine field is a very dangerous position, period. If I somehow ended up in the middle of one, I would delay leaving as long as possible. Even if I had a Sniffex. Or a dowsing rod. Those are tools that enable intuition, but intuition feeds on massively distributed information. Conceal necessary information, as can be done and has been done in those "tests," intuition is no better than chance. *But not worse. And if there is *any information* -- such as subtly disturbed earth, which I might not consciously recognize -- intuition will increase survival rate. And we have learned that, and it is probably strongly established in instinct. So if I did have to leave my safe place in the middle of the mine field, yes, I'd pick up the damned Sniffex. Or use more direct techniques. One of which would be, with calm trust, to just walk across the field. I have seen miracles doing what is analogous to this. All of which would completely escape Mary. And if I die, so what? We will all die. One of the most powerful enablers of intuition is the dropping of fear. Sometimes a prop assists with that. It's a psychic trick.)

    Mary has no concept of fun, and, as well, and this is somewhat surprising given what I know about him, of psychic effects (i.e, mind or brain-mediated).

    Originally, we thought that Mary might actually be an expert on calorimetry. That was a red herring caused by an old association. In fact, Mary is an established and probably reasonably successful professional, and in one post here, we touched on a subject that would be known to Mary as that kind of professional, and Mary responded with an obviously well-informed post with only a little dribble of anti-Woo at the end.

    Mary's position is, more or less, standard pseudoskeptical cant, common among "debunkers, " such as the faction that took over CSICOP. It is outwardly skeptical, but actually is the flip side of belief, the same prejudged coin. Occasionally, Mary contributes to the conversation. More commonly, he generates repetitive noise.

    I do not approve of harassing Mary. I have blocked Mary because the density of useful contributions became very visible as low, and the ensuing conversations were highly distracting from my purpose here. It is not a punishment, and Mary knows how to directly contact me if he wants. Mary could actually become useful, if he cares to.

  • Roger Barker, just a thought if you could try to handle conversations as an adult you probably won't get banned this time. Even Mary when he crosses the line gets banned capiche?

    This is not related to you directly or indirectly, but I do not understand…

    Someone's gotta be the class clown. It's all in jest and Mary Yugo is such excellent game. I am still not sure whether he-she suffers from mental illness or is genuinely concerned about scams and frauds.

    For the record, i actually agree whole heartedly with almost everything Mary says! It's just the repetition bit which I find ... amusing. :-)

    BTW "Rigel", which incarnation were you on ECN?

  • Roger, I am pretty sure my DISCUS is in the open. Even if you get banned this time maybe you should review it. But I do not think I ever posted on ECN.

    But I used to on ECW under Rigel if that helps. I have been asked this question once before by Dewey. He apologized after he realized I have no agenda. Maybe this will work for you. But it's very simple I believed in Rossi until the Thomas Clarke episode. I spent a week checking his (TC) math. It was a good thing as I learned about formalism in the math. After cross checking it and going back to the books I found it solid. Based on my primitive and time consuming checks. I also do not block nor mock people that disagree with me. To my knowledge I have not been blocked on ECW.

    Anyway if possible good luck with yourself. I will not be condesending. Maybe we can meet again under a your new pseudonym. I will be here and somewhat respectful.