Eduard Heindl : Cold Fusion fake or fact

  • Eduard Heindl, a German professor, working on energy problems and impact on human society, have published an article questioning Cold Fusion, fake of fact (see in German forum too).

    This article describe shortly the controversy, the questioning evidences, the theoretical argument against, and finally ask whether the energy sector may change soon...

    The position is interesting as it is neither based on enthusiasm and a mass of evidence accumulated since years of research, nor is it based on theoretical dogmatism, ignorance of most evidence, and upfront rejections of the few others ...

    It is simply someone challenged by evidence, by theory, by their disagreement, and trying to consider the possible impact of that possible reality.

    As an old watcher of that domain, on one side I see that he miss a ton of additional data on the LENR landscape, on the scientific and business side.
    On the other side I'm positively surprised by the few interesting data that are already present ins that article, already enough to challenge theory arguments.

    Maybe is it an example of "innocent" facing LENR landscape, open, interested, challenged by the evidence vs theory disagreement, considering alternate realities without being sure.
    Some refreshing wind in our domain, with convinced people entrenched shouting at each others.

    This is not the only time I see this kind of behavior. In an old article of 1993 in French l'Express "Fusion froide: et pourtant, ca chauffe!" (translated), Jacques Dufour who replicated cold fusion for Shell and gave them a patent, explained how the engineers of CNAM welcomed cold fusion experiment with critiques, but curiosity and openness


    It is true, comment on shouting Jean-Pierre Vigier and Jacques Dufour, the attitude of major research organizations is incomprehensible. Why are they so reluctant while manipulations are not very expensive?" As if cold fusion smelled scorched and they were afraid to burn the wings of their reputation. An example: Jacques Dufour, funded entirely by Shell, has long sought a laboratory better equipped than his own - located in Grand-Couronne, near Rouen - to continue his experiments. He struggled to be welcome. It is ultimately the Pr Jacques Floss , Director of the Laboratory for Nuclear Science at the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers (CNAM), which opened its doors. "I just installed, he says, already chemists, heating engineers, nuclear physicists CNAM are willing to lend a hand. Critiques, intrigued, but very open."

    In a way Elforsk does not say more in he recent defence, not of E-cat, but on the research and test around E-cat.

    "Translated by E-cat World" wrote:

    Elforsk is careful to emphasize that we do not currently have sufficient material in order to determine whether the phenomenon LENR exists or not. However, Elforsk determined the state state to briefly follow developments and to some extent help to increase insight and clarity on these issues. It is in Elforsk instructed to monitor ongoing research and development in order to prepare the companies in the energy sector on potential breakthroughs and build the knowledge necessary to challenge or affirm further development. For this reason Elforsk continue to monitor developments in the LENR field. Magnus Olofsson, CEO, Elforsk