LENR-Invest Fund invested in Lenuco, the startup of George Miley

  • LENR-Invest, the LENR investment fund recently launched who raised $205,000, recently added Lenuco to their list of key investment, beside LENR-Cars, Brillouin Energy, LENR-proof (the site of tyler).
    They describe Lenuco that way:


    LENUCO LLC has been founded by Prof. Emeritus George Miley to provide a platform for the development and commercialization of LENR technology. The company is based in Champaign, Illinois, USA on the campus of the University of Illinois, with which it has a strategic partnership. In addition to the significant achievements in LENR cells using NI alloy nano-particles, LENUCO holds several highly valuable patents related to the LENR core technology.

    George Miley the founder, a pioneer of NiH and gas permeation in powder, is known for proposing two applications of his technology :

    No information on their plans, and the maturity of his technology.
    Recent information (2013) I had was that it worked but with endurance problems...
    Getting funded may help him to solve those problems, if they are still present.

    I wish them good luck.