Ultra Cold Disruption – A Potential Alternative To LENR

    A sleeping invention by Dr. Robert L. Carroll (1910-1997) a mathematical physicist, may provide a fruitful alternative to LENR.

    Carroll’s Ultra-Cold Disruption (UCD) is a revolutionary alternative to any form of fission or fusion. It is designed to operate at a temperature very close to Absolute Zero.

    The fuel is likely to be Fractional Hydrogen, derived from very small amounts of ordinary water. (Mills uses the term Hydrinos – AESOP prefers ECHO: Energy from Collapsing Hydrogen Orbits). There is no radioactive waste.

    Carroll was aiming for the stars. His alternative to relativity proposed the maximum speed of a spacecraft is 20 million times that of light. This aspect of his work is so difficult to accept that he has long been ignored.

    However, experiments are now possible to test his ideas. Should they prove it practical, UCD could spin a turbine and generate Megawatts of electricity. Carroll believed it would be safe enough for small variations to power vehicles.

    It might conceivably replace chemical rockets with a propulsion system that cannot explode and would be much lighter and cheaper.

    AESOP Energy intends to prototype the breadbasket sized reactor next year.

    If safety concerns can be overcome, a second possible early application is replacement of fuel in a vehicle. Parallel to Mills claims, the needed water for fuel is so small in quantity that it might be derived from the humidity in the atmosphere.

    A spacecraft design firm, once convinced it is worth pursuing, has indicated interest in exploring the replacement of chemical rockets with UCD.

    The invention depends on room temperature superconductors. Polymer Ultraconductors are equivalents - proven by four successful government Small Business Innovation Research contracts.
    For additional information see the attached article. A substantial account can be found at aesopinstitute.org Look under MORE for Dr. Robert Carroll.

  • If the mechanism that produces energy is pions, we are describing Holmlid's work. If there is pions, then there is also muons and muons will produce states that look like fractional hydrogen obits but in muonium.


    http://newenergytimes.com/v2/archives/fic/N/N199607.PDF page 14

    Atomic collapse sounds like proton decay. That is where the pions come from.

    This cold approach is one that requires superconductivity but we now know that this special state where Bose condinsation occurs can be produced in metalized hydrides through hole superconductivity at and above room temperature.

    At the end of the day, this is just another face of the LENR reaction, IMHO.

  • Mark Goldes has been taking money from investors going on thirty years with weird promises that started with magnetic motors that run without external power and room temperature superconductors. He has produced neither. He has produced nothing but empty words and even emptier promises. Nobody should believe him even if all he claims is that the sky is blue. Look him up. Here is a starting point:

    From 2005: http://pesn.com/2005/06/17/960…cPowerInc_Pre-Production/




    By the end of 2006, prototype 1 kW Magnetic Power Modules are expected to be available to the first few potential licensees. MPI now foresees commercial products emerging from their prototype program during the last half of next year.

    Mark has been pushing bullsh*t like this to hapless investors (if he has any left by now) for going on 30 years! Yah shoore, Mark.

  • It is little realized that new science and the technologies it makes possible have a long incubation period. Hot Fusion has had Billions of Dollars and is still not out of the birth canal. LENR is typical, in that from 1989 to now there is no commercial product.

    Ultraconductors are equivalents of room temperature superconductors. Four Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contracts were successfully completed by earlier AESOP Institute affiliates. All four Final Reports have been cleared for public release. They are available with an email request: [email protected] Until recently wire was the commercial goal. However, wire made of polymer Ultraconductors requires about $20m in capital and that sum has not been available.

    AESOP is presently focused on engines that need no fuel, substituting atmospheric (ambient) heat. This work began about 20 years ago. A U.S. Patent was issued more than a decade ago on such an engine. It did not function due to inability to overcome friction. However, it proved the science. The inventor, Ken Rauen, has presented the work at four Scientific conferences. Most recently at the Section on the Second Law of Thermodynamics at the AAAS meeting in San Diego this year. At none of these conferences was his reinterpretation of the Second Law refuted.

    A brilliant inventor, Chris Hunter, successfully converted a Ford engine to run without fuel. This was accomplished by sealing the engine and filling it with propane as a refrigerant. The propane changes from a gas to a liquid and back again. This experiment proved the need to modify the Second Law. Three more engines are being converted, two of them by AESOP. Once either of them are verified and validated by a Distinguished Independent Laboratory, AESOP is assured of abundant financial support. Details of the Ford engine conversion can be found at aesopinstitute.org under NO FUEL PISTON ENGINES. Scroll down to pages 11-15. AESOP Energy will produce commercial fuel-free engines during 2017. See the website for details.

    AESOP continues to experiment with magnetic generators. It is increasingly clear that conventional understanding of magnetics is incomplete. There is a high probability that magnetic generators will eventually be in the market, as a handful of inventors have been producing prototypes across the planet. This is not to deny that most such claims reflect inventors delusion. And several have been scams. As with LENR experiments, we have made mistakes in that arena and were prematurely optimistic.

    If UCD requires temperatures close to Absolute Zero, Ultraconductors make possible the necessary experiments. Thermoelectric devices are employed and Ultraconductors have already proven the ability to improve thermoelectric Z factors on the attached SBIR contract which we completed in 1998.

    NIKOLA TESLA: “In this present world …a revolutionary idea or invention is hampered in its adolescence – by want of means, by selfish interests, pedantry, stupidity and ignorance. It is attacked and stifled, and passes through bitter trials and tribulations. … All that was great in the past was ridiculed, condemned, combated, suppressed, only to emerge all the more powerfully, all the more triumphantly from the struggle.”

  • You have never accomplished any energy production or high temperature semiconductor demonstration anywhere, anytime, Mark. You're nothing but hot air. Expensive hot air to your silly investors if you have any left, which, by now, I doubt.

    By the way, show me the fuel-less Ford and let me test it and I will buy it from you on the spot if it works as claimed. Name your price. If the test fails, you owe me the price you asked. You have to put the money in escrow and I will do the same. Why don't we start with a nice round number like $100,000. Put up or shut up. I made the same offer to Dennis Lee and oops... seems he went to prison for his claims.



    The Utah Deseret News (January 22 and February 16, 1993) reports that Lee was indicted for fraud in New Jersey in 1975, charged with fraud in the state of Washington in 1985, and pled guilty to two felony counts of consumer fraud in California in 1990 in connection with the sale of his energy-saving heat pump kit. Well, what the hell . . . they say Jim Bakker is planning a comeback, too...


    Mark, you're less convincing than Dennis Lee but the scam is the same.

    Your magnetic motors/generators were not mistakes or premature claims. They were simply outright investor scams exactly like Steorn's or Lee's. Magnetic motors that run without outside power are impossible. If they were possible, the world would not look and work at all like we see it and measure it.

    What I am curious about is who you are trying to scam now. They must be very stupid.

  • UCD is technology that has not yet been prototyped. However, if it produces thrust as predicted by Dr. Carroll, UCD has numerous potential applications as mentioned above. Carroll suggested it ideally will produce only thrust and not heat. In a warming planet that would be important.

    Ultraconductors were successfully tested by the USAF during the Phase I SBIR contract. The attached Phase II contract Final Report reflects that fact. They were also successfully tested by AMP which saw applications within 12 divisions of that firm. Sadly, AMP was bought by TYCO at that point and fired more than 200 people engaged in R&D. TYCO was then an infamous stock play and destroyed AMP for some years. AMP was at that time the world's largest manufacturer of connectors.

    The FORD engine was a 1939 tractor unit. The seals in those days were rope. High pressure propane leaked. The engine was run repeatedly for several hours at 1,300 rpm. Frost formed on the exterior. It is too dangerous to utilize as a demonstrator. The inventor is converting a KIA engine for that purpose. He intends to have it certified at a State laboratory.

    AESOP is close to completion of conversion of a Mitsubishi-Chrysler V6 and a Briggs & Stratton engine. Once certified by a recognized independent laboratory that has agreed to verify and validate these units, funding will cease to be of concern. Photographs exist on the website: aesopinstitute.org that indicate the current status.

    The Second Law as currently believed by most precludes engines running without fuel. However, “Recent challenges to The Second Law of Thermodynamics from a number of research groups focus on those most amenable to laboratory test. The most significant result appears to be the recyclability of environmental heat into usable work. The thermal energy content of the atmosphere, ocean, and upper crust is estimated to be more than 10,000 times that of the world's fossil fuel reserves, making it a potentially inexhaustible reservoir of green energy.” Prof. Daniel Sheehan Ph.D. University of San Diego

    Magnetic generators, as stated earlier, are usually reflections of inventors delusion or scams. However, a handful are currently surfacing that are likely to prove practical. Once verified and validated by independent labs, they will demonstrate, rather than argue, that they are no more impossible than engines which need no fuel.

    Science proceeds by experiment, not dogma. LENR is an example of how wrong conventional scientific belief can be...even in the face of repeated experiments that prove it incorrect.

    • Official Post

    Mark. I notice the link to your website in the post above leads directly to a page seeking investments. I quote "AESOP is seeking modest working capital totaling at least $25,000 - to provide an urgently needed shortterm (sic) bridge" and promising to pay 10% interest.

    If you are in urgent need of $25k I doubt that 10% interest is a viable proposition for your organisation. THAT APART- This website is called 'LENR Forum' As you claim to have no interest or belief in the eponymous topic, I suggest that you stop attempting to gather investments for your other business ventures through this portal. Asking for donations is something tolerated by this community, when the asking is done by known and respected members, but fishing for cash 'loans' for other schemes is neither appropriate nor welcome. No more please.

  • Complete nonsense, Mark. The report you cite says that the improved films were NOT produced. And THAT was TWENTY YEARS AGO! Wow. What crappola.

    Your take on thermodynamics is whackjob-worthy. You have accomplished absolutely nothing in more than thirty years of taking people's money for dumb ideas. Nobody should pay you the slightest attention. You're very much like Steorn and worthy of the same regard.

    BTW, did anyone ever actually get so dumb as to loan you money? You've been begging in various semi-technical and whackjob-gathering places like pesn.com for decades. If anyone loaned you money, I bet they're still waiting to get paid back!

    But like I said, I will give you $100,000 on the spot for a working fuelless motor. If, of course, you give me $100,000 in the event it fails objective testing by an impartial lab. Dangerous is no excuse. You can test it in the desert with remote controls.

  • Donations are welcome instead of loans. AESOP Institute is 501C3 and tax exempt in California. Incidentally, the first donation was by the late Charlie Schultz, the cartoonist who drew Peanuts. He supported AESOP Institute throughout the later years of his life.

    AESOP Energy does not anticipate seeking investment beyond this month as a running engine will end that requirement.

    UCD, should it prove practical once prototypes are completed, is a parallel to LENR. It is likely to prove of interest to members of this forum. A few have been aware of the Carroll work and take it seriously.

    Given the difficulty of producing practical LENR products, UCD could become an interesting alternative. Power production and a replacement for chemical rockets might be on the horizon. Science proceeds by experiments, often ridiculed by those whose minds are locked in conventional wisdom.

  • The SBIR Final Reports attached are evidence that Ultraconductors are equivalent to room temperature superconductors and substantially improved the Z factor (efficiency) of TE modules. The improvement was similar (but better) than that achieved with a conventional superconductor. The only reason this has not been commercialized was lack of capital. Anyone with an open mind reading the Reports can see that the achievement was impressive. UCD depends on Thermoelectric modules.

    Raising capital for science and technology that is not yet accepted as valid by the most scientists and engineers is extremely difficult. LENR continues to suffer accordingly.

    AESOP has been fortunate. Affiliates were able to raise seven figure capital annually for a number of years before the dot.com crash. That event killed many excellent small firms - as a financial drought followed. The 2008 stock market debacle was a more recent catastrophe for high-risk Angel capital.

    Ken Rauen has been pioneering in thermodynamics for more than two decades. Attached is an Infinite Energy article by him that may be of interest. He ran the lab for Gene Mallove at Infinite Energy magazine. Gene was well known and widely respected in the LENR community. As mentioned earlier, he has been a speaker on the Second Law of Thermodynamics at four scientific conferences. Not a single individual present has refuted his reinterpretation of the Second Law. See SECOND LAW SURPRISES at aesopinstitute.org for more about his work and other proof of the need for modification of the Second Law.

    Skepticism is welcome. Science evolves from experiments, not dogma. LENR is an excellent example of the incredible difficulty in overcoming conventional belief when it happens to be wrong.