Rossi: Litigation to Last ‘at Least One Year’

  • I have already given you my "documentation" from Macy's Inf. Energy interview with Darden. IH had invested in others before Rossi and continued to do so and still does. You can also see from Darden's ICCF talk that he supports Dennis Letts and Peter Hagelstein. There are others that I cannot comment on. ( you can believe that or not but it is in the article if you believe Darden and Macy's write-up)

    Again you timing does not prove what it seems you are wanting to believe. There are other interpretations. A good scientist should be willing to account for alternative explanations.

  • @oldguy

    Nobody, and I mean nobody :!: , is going to invest a cool $50 mill on traditional non-commercially viable LENR. So if you are suggesting that Darden has other commercially viable LENR (i.e., LENR+) technologies in his portfolio (apart from Brillouin which we already know about), then let's hear about 'em.

  • Fanboy, this obviously leads you to a paradox. Woodford did invest after visiting (actually the business types, Paul and Henry, and not Woodford himself) several labs and as you say there is no commercially viable LENR system publically known. Notice this includes the failed Rossi efforts. (notice Rossi could not demonstrate, teach and run a system in NC so that others could commercialize it even after he claimed that he heated a factory in Italy for a year and had many buyers outside the US)

    Perhaps it means that your assumption is incorrect (perhaps Woodford would invest in research level efforts) or that there is somewhere systems that may be nearing commercially viable levels or both. Some investment groups do put a small portion of their money in very highly speculative investments since there is some times "risk avoidance" and they need to have a diversification into high risk reward regions. (it a game theory thing)

    If someone does have a promising research approach, I think it would be closely guarded and not be made public.
    One preferred approach would be to replicate it internally and have it replicated independently and verified independently
    in the light of day by several professionals with impeccable credentials before there would be any announcement. None of this flim flam =I wave my magic wand and put in secret stuff only I know,
    run it in ways only I know while I sleep with the hidden parts, and I pick a friend who will test it and you cannot look "behind the curtain" (wall).

    We are not there yet but perhaps someday.

  • @oldguy

    While I appreciate your points (and am not too far from you on this), bear in mind that to bring LENR+ to market is going to require an openness that some investors/companies may not traditionally be comfortable with. Focardi pressed Rossi to do his first public demo. Rossi didn't want to: he thought it was premature. But Focardi was in the twilight of his life, and wanted an assurance that his life work (or at least related life work) would see the light of day. That triggered a series of events that landed us where we are at now.

    If you happen to be an insider (and I'm warming up to that idea the more I converse with you), then I would respectfully suggest to you this: LENR+ is bigger than any one person, any one company, any one nation, or even any one planet. It cannot be kept under wraps for long. DIYers are hot on the trail.

    LENR+ will not be controlled, no matter how much Darden might feel he has the tiger by the tail. I would encourage Darden, IH, and all its subsidiaries to stop trying to be so incognito with everything. Open up. Be open in your responses in the lawsuit. The world is in dire need of this.