Ni-H workshop for experimenters.

  • Dear Shane, i come here from time to time because there have been many distressing periods, sterile, tiring.

    I should add also that I haven't always been good about own communication :)

    So, I didn't follow everything that was said in threads.

    Could you share things you suggest ?

    Generally, yes, first XH are destructive bursts..

  • Did you find excess heat with him ? What is your opinion about his work quality ?

    I observed excess heat just before the destruction of the installation. 20-90 seconds, 15-30 watts out of 1-2 grams of nickel. This is not to say that this proves something. Therefore, a number of assumptions arose.

    The first assumption. Heating nickel with hydrogen just gives nothing. This assumption is confirmed, for example, by the fact that a mixture of nickel and hydrogen at temperatures of 900-1100 degrees Celsius is used in a number of industrial technologies. For example, artificial diamonds make carbon deposition on nickel in a hydrogen atmosphere. No side effects in the form of anomalous heating is not detected.

    The second assumption. All attempts to find a philosophical stone that must be added to a mixture of nickel with hydrogen are doomed to failure. It has long been rumored that researchers add different components: alkali metals, oxides, aluminum, methane, etc. This assumption is confirmed by the absence of results for a long time.

    The third assumption. There is a factor that triggers a reaction. I will not say anything more about this factor until the experimental verification. The theory that I began to develop in 2015 is already ready, the calculations were completed a week ago, the development of drawings and the selection of materials began. Experiment plan in a year. In a year, in my free time, I will build a reactor of a completely different type than Parkhomov’s. It will have a minimum of ceramic parts, instead of powder there will be sintered carbonyl nickel and no additives. The probability of success of the experience is estimated at 50%/50% - either it turns out or not.


    Are there any differences about nickel carbonyl with russian standard vs carbonyl we find in Western Europa ?

    Probably no.

  • [user = '2533'] Cydonia [/ user] - un rapport très intéressant sur votre effondrement - nous avons vu des choses similaires. Avez-vous vu des radiations? En effet, l'avez-vous cherché?

    I should be more careful in the future to not prepare a future cancer :)

    What i can add: fuel was compact but with big dead volume ( shongsheng spirit) , things were heated by 2 concentric coils , to have a choice between full magnetism or not. In this case, full magnetism configuration was choosen. We heat with low volt level..and minimum number of wires ( magnetism).

    Next runs should add more understanding

    Therefore stay humble :)

  • By the way, I wish you to disappear quickly from this website, we conclude that you succeed. :)

    Before that let us have some crumbs of understanding :)

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    Are you working with a team, or coordinating with others doing experiments? I am curious, because it seems to me there are many chasing the Rossi (actually Piantelli) Effect, but either their team is working in isolation from others, or they are working alone and not reaching out for help, or to offer it. That IMO, causes "reinventing the wheel", resulting in much wasted effort, and may partially explain why 30 years later we have not made much progress.

    I wish we could take everyone chasing the dream, put them under one roof and make them work together. The synergies alone would save many wasted man-hours by quickly weeding out what works/what does not, what was tried before/what was not, and get us some answers quicker than this piecemeal approach has. Of course that will never happen, but we do have a good alternative, and that is right here at LF.

    There is no other place quite like it in LENR land. Here researchers of all backgrounds, and abilities, can come together to discuss and compare. It was a commitment to coordinate/communicate (they phone and meet frequently) that propelled the Japanese to front runners in getting across the goal line first. LF offers a great format for achieving what the Japanese have. Communication here is instant, with a global audience, and goes on 24/7.

    It surprises me more do not take advantage of what we offer. Maybe they do not do so because of ego, shyness, embarrassment one might look silly, or be wrong, looking to make money (greed), selfishness, who knows.

  • It is my understanding (at least communicated by Bob G.) that Parkhomov did also use ceramics i.e. MACOR for sealing / insulation. Do we have any other confirmation? If there would a need, we could help out with MACOR machining.

  • Private mail for full explanations, you or Alan :)

  • Cydonia Just for my info .... what grade of stainless steel do you use?

    We are currently using this type:

    It is my understanding that stainless steel (the best heat resistant available) can handle at max. up to 1150°C

    Otherwise we would probably need something like this as a structural material:…rods/molybdenum-rods.html…s/rods/tungsten-rods.html

    Alan Smith any recommendation for a better grade? Is there another stainless steel grade that can take more heat?

  • Alan Smith : Hi Alan, nice idea; could be used to manufacture an electrical feed through…ReparaturPaste-200-g.html

    However with Sodium Metasilicate, I would be careful, could be dangerous....

    About sealing, we use mastic recommanded by french CEA for hydrogen sealing, as well as, we can use swagelok' s like without any ring just CEA ( LOCTITE® SI 5399™ in fact) mastic and large greenhouse seals as you can see on last pictures. Easy to open, to fill :)

    Pressure can climb up to 8 bars :)