Early 2017 for QuarkX Presentation?

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    [feedquote='E-Cat World','http://www.e-catworld.com/2016/10/25/early-2017-for-quarkx-presentation/']We’ve been here before, waiting for an E-Cat event. Since Andrea Rossi went public in 2011 there have been various events and reports that have been widely anticipated by people interested in the E-Cat, yet to date there has not really been the breakthrough that many observers have hoped for; namely, bulletproof evidence for his technology […][/feedquote]

  • ...yes, exactly, what I say: Not again.
    In the end of 2015 he was blating us all with a comment, that he has some good news for the end of 2015/beginning of 2016.
    What was it?

    Nothing, to be mentioned at all.

    So, we are facing this fraud once again.

    I still continue to follow him, but now, as I am already that disappointed, I only follow him, to watch him fail, thus finally prooving, that he was fraudulent from the very beginning and blated a lot of people, who were willing to support him, right now, over 5 years.
    If such a loyalty is just ignored by him, no, not only ignored, but even played, he deserves to fail, dramatically.
    Might be, that he will learn something by that, though, I doubt it.
    But some of us surely will learn.

  • Snow in November, for Tokyo
    First for 50 years
    A cold 2017 winter will greet Quarkx

    Hi Dad.
    Snow arrived in Tokyo a month
    or so early..

    First time in 50 years
    Hannah is enjoying the
    snow in Nasu, a liitle way from her Grandma’s town
    looks like 2017 will give a very cold
    winter in the Northern Hemisphere
    A few articles from
    influential newspapers now
    suggest the Earth is cooling
    and has been for some time.
    Banki Moon from the UN has
    been wrong before and looks to be again.

    He may be wearing the
    Emperors new climate on his face
    And ten thousand
    socalled scientists may be wearing it too.
    Trump will tear up Obama’s
    CO2 emissions policy this winter most likely.
    Savour the warmth this summer
    in New Zealand

  • Rule of thumb: If your ass feels buring, then either you sit in a fire or you may remember the Chili of last night...

    Thus if the frigo's door is open in Tokyo, then the heating is burning somewhere else!