Is this a calculation error ?

  • Hello once again.

    I continued my research about possible explanations of the observed thrust.

    I found this page:…dva/6/6/10.1063/1.4953807

    This is part of the explanation:


    By the same token for two photons that co-propagate in 180 degrees out of phase the sum of signed curvatures at any point along the wave vanishes, and hence the pair does not exert electromagnetic effects. Since the photon pair without net polarization does not couple to charges, it will easily escape detection, but still carries energy E over its period t as well as momentum p on its wavelength x that relate to each other asE = pc via the speed of light c = x/t. Therefore, we claim that the EM drive consumes free energy in the form of propellant electromagnetic fields by pairing photons with opposite phases to non-polarized expellant.

    How that:

    H = Et = p x X ???

    As the waves cancel out, the multiplication would look like

    X = 0.

    p x 0 = 0

    Et = 0

    therefore H = 0.

    Or what am I missing ?