Validation of Randell Mills GUTCP - a call for action

  • Axil said "At 2700C the nature of the electrical resistance of the structure of the reactor core could be completely reversed"

    by which he means that the metal container could have a higher resistance than the initially less conductive core.

    Although Axil's graph indicates alumina increasing its conductivity ( decreasing its resistivity -the inverse of conductivity)

    by a factor of 100000000000 as temperature is increased to 2700 C

    the alumina still has a much higher resistivity than metals at this temperature

    by a factor of over 10000000.

    Maintenance of high voltages inside a less conductive alumina -like ore would be unlikely, if the core contacted a more conductive metal container






    Resistivity nano –ohm -metres

    Resistivity nano –ohm -metres

    Resistivity nano –ohm -metres

    300 K




    2973 K




  • Epimetheus wrote "Validation or GUTCP a call for Action"

    I don't think there is much action that one can take except alerting people to it

    Unfortunately GUTCP is tied up with the BrLP bandwagon.

    GUTCP will succeed or fail with BrLP.

    Randell Mills' BrLP business model will roll on.

    Patent protection will 'cease and desist' imitators.

    The call to action should be for competition

    otherwise BrLP may become the only game in town.

    Bravo , or


    and Bon Voyage MFMP

    "May 17 - Travel to Czech Republic

    May 19-27 - Test AURA device

    May 28-30 - Test Egely Device

    May 31 - Americans fly home

    June 10 - Fly to India

    June 12-24 - Test ECCO device"