Validation of Randell Mills GUTCP - a call for action

  • On another patent note, this one was just filed by a company in Connecticut where they are claiming excess heat from the Hydrino. But unlike the SunCell it does not need a catalyst.

    One of the main principals did his work in the Plasma group at Columbia U. On the one hand this could be good for Mills because someone is claiming heat from a hydrino, but I am sure the fear of them coming up with a better design outweighs that.…ba46d/US20180282157A1.pdf

  • Good find Deleo! Looks like Mills has some competition in "Evaco, LLC". Suncell, meet the "Ionized Gas Reactor (IGR)".

    Thanks, it has been discussed over the past week on another forum. This could be a patent troll/sham company, or it could be something else.

    Just for fun speculation, perhaps these guys caught up to where BrLP was but then they figured something out in the engineering process to keep their reactor from burning up. They claim that their reactor puts out a lot less heat than the SunCell. So while it may not be as revolutionary as the SunCell maybe their plasma is more stable and not as reactive. I read that Jack Evans, who is one of the creators, also developed a chemical coolant for Diesel engines that is widely used.

    This also makes me think that this company could be the reason Yahoo for Classical Physics shut down. Maybe there is a competitive battle brewing. Instead of a years-long patent war I think these guys should meet with Mills and show them what they have, if they even have something.

  • Alan,

    Yes, from what I see, this patent publication is a continuation of the one they submitted in that indicates they are not newcomers. Since the patent is based on their claim of a working device 10 or more years ago, IMO they should not be much of a threat to BLP. Plus their website sucks. Not that BLP's is any better.

  • Patent is cool but what makes them different from say Chukanov Enegy of Utah?

    The web site says the reactor simply decomposes water to 'base elements' and the exhaust is moist air. Like quark moist or what?


    They say the way they decompose, not only produces H for commercial use, but is also exothermic for thermal energy production. That is a little unique I think...if true.

  • Not unique - the 'Hydrogen Mine' process we are developing is also exothermic, producing approximately 30kW/h of heat as hot water at 82C per kilo of hydrogen produced, the hydrogen provides an additional 33kW/h of potential energy.

  • ''Odd fish' was my impression at the time.

    Jack Evans appears to be in his seventies. He’s been an inventor for a long time. He had a huge dispute with GM that basically drove him out of the auto business (article below).

    One person on the Reddit forum even floated the notion that Mills may be the Tesla of hydrino power, and these guys are the Edison. Evans is an expert in cooling and their CTO is an expert in plasma, and somehow they figured out how to engineer a working device in a way that has eluded BrLP. All speculation of course.…a-company-s-property.html

  • BLP is aware of, and not worried about the IGR. Among other things, they feel it is not possible to generate hydrinos without a catalyst as EvaCo Energy claims. Also, the patent infringes on BLP's IP, and won't stand up in court.

  • The IGR and EvaCo claims are completely boring. At least Randall's new patent ideas are extremely entertaining and question every aspect of QM and Einsteinian physics. You have to hand it to the guy, he has an incredible imagination even if some of his ideas are not credible or workable. Like exposing electrons to high levels of gamma radiation doesn't create 'pseudo-electrons' it just doesn't do anything-but it would be nice if it did and it all worked like that etc energy for everybody....same with his hydrinos, nice if it worked guys...but what a brilliant way of raising the funding for what is in reality LENR research even if he denies that is what it is. All power to him I say!

  • Sunday thoughts from an engineer who supports GUTCP.

    "I wouldn’t give up on Mills too quickly. 🙂

    The reason the ‘fangroup’ was shut down is because the moderator, John Farrell, wanted to step down as moderator

    and Brilliant Light Power did not see the need to keep it open.

    It was created to help create open-minded discussion and disseminate information.

    They have decided that they are close enough to commercialisation that they no longer need to use it to reach out to investors etc.

    Some of the people from that group have moved to a new one called 'GUToCP and Society' on Yahoo"

  • They have decided that they are close enough to commercialisation

    My reply to an NZ engineer :Kia ora, taku hoa i a Manawatuu

    Kia kaha i nga hau o Manawatuu

    The thought behind two emergent technologies is complex.

    But the [Mills exp. ( Wyttenbach ) ]math better predicts nuclear internal relations

    Wyttenbach rings the phone no.of NeutronM, accurate to 5 sf, Mills rings it to 2 sf.

    RandyMills (9) 6597 5920

    Wytt-Mills .,(9) 6623 6504

    NeutronM. (9) 6623 3094

    The golden rule in technology is KISS amap. ,,Russean(Russ Edwards) is lowtech, Millsian is HI..

    .For Kiwi engineers Russean lotech is easier.

    They just need to change from No.8 wire to Kanthal wire:)

  • Quote

    "I wouldn’t give up on Mills too quickly. "

    Mills' first company to make energy based on his pricinples was started in 1991.

    In the early 2000's, Mills was promising that hydrino power in industrial quantities was two years away. That was about 15 - 20 years ago, depending on how you count. It has remained just around the corner for all that time. By all means, let us not rush to judgement about Mills' credibility!